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masterabbott  +   617d ago
love these sexy costumes! DEAD OR ALIVE is so awesome!
ZacE  +   617d ago
koga88  +   617d ago
Still find it pretty funny that the male costume pack always has double the amount of character costumes compared to the female pack for the same price. They really know their target audience.
chanudjmark  +   617d ago
not bad.....
MrAnderson  +   617d ago
d3nworth1  +   616d ago
Geb Fu actually looks linke Santa Clause
DivineAssault  +   616d ago
These should be free.. Its the same exact costume for everyone & they charge for it? No thanks, i wouldnt fight anyone wearing that anyway
isyourhouseonfire  +   616d ago
Fighting games are lame. But this is good.
Jag-T1000  +   616d ago
They need a DLC to unlock those three super hard to get costumes for Tina, Christi, & Lisa.

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