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kurochi  +   1077d ago
Wait.... they're still making this????? /s
J86blum  +   1077d ago
Final Fantasy 13 Finally no seriously.
izumo_lee  +   1077d ago
Personally i hope they keep the name cause look guys the title says it all, Final Fantasy VERSUS 13. This game goes against all that FF13 stands for & represents. There is a reason Nomura is calling his game this title cause he from what rumors revealed was unhappy with the direction that FF13 was going. And do you know what yeah we can all relate to his feelings with another sequel on its way.

His game that he has probably worked his butt off is consistently put on the back burner by the higher ups at Squarenix & yeah even though he probably will not come out & say what he feels, we all know that he is & this game is being mistreated.

So yeah keep the title release it on one platform that he originally intended to do in the first place cause that is how Nomura works (what they do after i can care less) & for Nomura's sake collect his last paycheck & bolt a sinking ship.
GraveLord  +   1077d ago
Final Fantasy XV.
Let go of the stupid XIII universe and characters no one cares about.
KrisButtar  +   1077d ago
i see all the hate for 13 and 13-2 but love for verus, what im worried about is if verus is worst than 13 and 13-2, SE track record is not very good as of late
wishingW3L  +   1077d ago
if that happens then nothing will change anyway, Square's fanbase is huge. That's why they keep milking FF13, because they know their fans will buy anything with the "Final Fantasy" name on it and we are talking about 2-3 million games sold by default. And they can keep reusing assets and characters so making these crappy sequels should be pretty cheap for them.

If only Working Designs had dedicated fans like those.... ;__;
silkrevolver  +   1077d ago
There's a lot of hate towards Square Enix lately, and it's not really that uncalled for.


Totally worth the wait.
And that footage is, like, two years old anyway.

It's gonna be so good.
Now they just need to fucking release it.
wishingW3L  +   1077d ago
there's tons of footage with English subs on Youtube if you want to understand what they are saying.

But FF13 trailers looked awesome too... You can never tell how good a game will be based on this stuff. Especially when more than half of the trailer is just one cut-scene after the other with only like 40 seconds of unfinished gameplay. Square are masters of deception.
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NoTheMama  +   1076d ago
What the hell does versus mean in the game's title anyway? Anything? Or just more SE pretentious wank?
I would like to play this one day though, kinda given up hope right now though.
Perhaps SE will surprise us with something clever soon by releasing FFvs13 on the same day GTA V launches lol I wouldn't put it past them
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360ICE  +   1076d ago
Wonder if I'll be alive to see it released.
LKHGFDSA  +   1076d ago
Good. I hope they change it, I don't like seeing XIII in there. Even if it is the same universe or whatever, it's still a very different game.
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