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Batzi  +   1073d ago
This article is pointless. The same could have been said about the Wii when we find out how much more powerful the PS3 and 360 were and yet the Wii outsold both consoles. It's not about the graphics. Gameplay > Graphics anytime.
landog  +   1073d ago
I think it is far too soon to judge the wii u!

People have short memories, remember what games looked like in 2005 for the 360 at launch? Here's one;

yes, thats a 360 launch title, not much better than ps2 games, and truthfully god of war 2 on ps2 looks better

the wii u, has 4x the ram of ps3/360 and a better gpu, I imagine given time, we will see games on it that far surpass ps3/360 games

that being said i would be lying if i said i was not somewhat disappointed with the look of most wii u games, but i truly believe that within the year we will see some AMAZING games on it

also, ps4 and nextbox will come out in less than a year, and they will be more powerful than the wii u, but not by a ton, if you are totally serious about having the best cutting edge visuals, it may be time to look into a gaming pc!
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KrisButtar  +   1073d ago
"the wii u, has 4x the ram of ps3/360 and a better gpu, I imagine given time, we will see games on it that far surpass ps3/360 games"

i agree with that 100%, the thing that worries me about the wii u is if its not the lead platform for the next gen games it will keep getting crappy ports like it is now with last gen games
RGB  +   1073d ago
Way to many people defending the Wii U! I'll buy one eventually, when decent games are released but the console is a complete joke. As us English would say, "A complete shower."

Watch this genuine review by famous YouTuber Ashens;

The system is slow, loading takes longer than 6 year old tech and online services are really primitive. :/

Nintendo fans will smashed this comment with disagrees but you can't be ignorant to objective facts! Watch the review! Several times in the video the system completely bogs down to countable frames. Exclusives games do nothing special, do nothing to advert the console as next gen. Games like; Nintendo Land and SMBU could of been done on Wii (minus resolution) and the Wii is simply an over-clocked Gamecube. After seeing ZombiU being played, the game isn't a looker at all and even worse is the 6th generation style animations that would barely pass for PSN/XBLA games today.

Ashens at one point had to update the YouTube app which had taken over 4 minutes to download. The PS3 app is only 22MB and the Vita even less. They didn't take 4 minutes for me to download and my broadband could be classed as ghetto broadband. When he finally downloaded the app, it took over 20 seconds to launch and was embarrassing compared to others versions on other consoles.

Closing games and apps just shows how terrible Nintendo has designed/manufactured this system. The PS3 takes 5-10 seconds to close games and most apps, some apps take seconds. The Vita takes literally a second on everything, just one swipe and you close anything on the device. The Wii U clocked in an average of 25 seconds per game/app closure. That's ridiculous considering the Wii U has 4 times the RAM of the PS3 and 2.5 times the RAM of the Vita. The PS3 is 6 years older and operates quicker with less memory on every essential task.

Nintendo have totally dropped the ball technically and the original Wii should have focused more with online services. It looked just as primitive and as bare as the PSN at PS3 launch and this is 2012 people, nearly 2013! Wii U is going to be even further behind online wise next year when Microsoft and Sony release their next systems.

Disagree all you want; I own a SNES, N64 and NGC. I only gamed on Nintendo until the mid 2000s and *then I realised what I wanted was* new game experiences. The family owns a Wii but it's never played. It's got about 15 hours out of Wii. 1 RPG has got about 20x that on PS3. Approximately 297 hours of gaming time!

*-* indicate edit.
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MasterCratosKong66  +   1073d ago
so what games did you play on it?
brother_zero  +   1073d ago
Nintendo will release a new console in 2017. At that point the PS4 and Xbox 3 will be 4 years old and nowhere near replacement, so Nintendo will actually get to have the "best graphics" machine finally for a few years. Until then their fortunes rest entirely on the Wii U for better or worse.
Orionsangel  +   1073d ago
This article is pretty ridiculous. All Nintendo has to is release an impressive Super Mario, Zelda and Metroid game on the Wii U and it'll sell like hot cakes. It's what Nintendo does with every console. Mario and Zelda are their bread and butter.
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Deku-Johnny  +   1073d ago
Nintendo must launch a new console in 2014 because some idiots still seem to think power means everything. The Wii U will easily last until 2017.
SIANSLOW  +   1073d ago
Can't believe people get paid to write crap like this, i can't wait for sony to release another extremely expensive console because it will be their last
Picnic  +   1073d ago
The problem with the WiiU is that they didn't call it the Wii2. A lot of people may rightly wonder why Nintendo have, consciously or unconsciously , given the impression of hedging their bets with this name which would technically allow them to announce the Wii2 tomorrow leaving WiiU owners stranded with a dead console overnight.

It could be the first console in console history to jettison a load of potential sales (I reckoned it could have made 60-70 million) with just the choice of name.
It'll still sell more than the Dreamcast of course, it'll probably still sell more than the Gamecube and even the N64 but did they shoot themselves in the foot a bit with a mere name?
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Yangus  +   1073d ago
This huge BS.

PsVita more powerful 3DS.

Uncharted Golden Abyss best visuals and best selling game the Vita.
Look sales:
Uncharted Golden Abyss.
Super Mario 3D Land
7 million.

Little difference. Power not everything! Ps3 best selling exklusive GT5. Ps4=GT6.
End of story.
megamanX2  +   1073d ago
actually resident evil revelations is the best.
megamanX2  +   1073d ago
"Gaming is supposed to be an enjoyable hobby but it seems like people would rather bitch and moan all day long instead. Constantly saying things like 'Vita is doomed, the Wii U sucks, Microsoft are evil, Call of Duty gamers are noobs.'"

umm call of duty gamers are noobs lol that's wht the game is made for dude. If u want a real fps that isn't $60 dlc get a pc.

"Soon as Sony, Microsoft, and Valve launch their consoles the Wii U will be the weakest and games will look like they do now while the real next gen systems move games into the future."

lol you really thing so the games that the wii u has are all ports, and when we wont till the start making games from the ground up for the wiiu.....when they do then you can talk.
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a_adji  +   1073d ago
Here we go again.

The title alone was stupid and I for one am sick of bedroom journalists acting like they know what's what.

This convo has come up ever since the Cube flopped and now every time a machine is released that has Nintendo on it it is seen as doom. Lets not forget that they lead the current gen by a big margin even now.

I own all the machines but as a company they clearly did not get to where they are by being idiots.

Frankly I know and hope they do well just like the other companies.
mamotte  +   1073d ago
Basic story:

The underpowered PS1 sold like hotcakes.
The underpowered PS2 sold like hotcakes.
The underpowered Wii sold like hotcakes.
The underpowered DS sold like hotcakes.

so... what's your point again?
Tzuno  +   1073d ago
not gonna happen.
Fel08  +   1073d ago
Dumbest tip ever.
Raoh  +   1073d ago
I almost bought a Wii U yesterday, I have some gamestop credit so it wouldnt be much of a hit.

But I'm not a nintendo games fan. I don't care for Nintendo's core line up of mario games.

I dont care for singing.

I have a PS3 and a PC for gaming so I don't want/need ports.

That leaves me with only Zombi U......

Then what?

As for the people defending the lack of games and playing the "wait and see" game. Did you feel the same way about the PS VITA?
djslimzz  +   1073d ago
...I disagree completely. Nintendo Should NOT release anything before 2015. 2015 they should have a new handheld though...not a console
peterthomas6  +   1073d ago
It's amusing to read the differences between the comments between what's here (a bit more diverse) and what's actually on the article (all Nintendo supporters).

I'd like to preface the next comment with the fact that I love Nintendo, I love their IPs, and I love what they stand for. However I will tell you that I didn't buy a Wii U. Here's why:

As the article states, the Wii U has brought features into their system stating them as new. While yes, some of the hardware is state of the art, the Wii U has only just now caught up to speed with the PS3 and 360. If Sony and Microsoft don't launch another console and stick with these systems, I think Nintendo will be fine, but if a PS4/720 see the light of day, I'm pretty sure that won't mean good news for Nintendo. Not because they'll go under, or because anything bad will happen, but because it MAY force them to reconsider a revision of their console, which will frustrate consumers.

For those who are saying "Hey they should aim for the people who got the Wii!" Yes, the Wii was one of the hottest selling consoles in a while, but you know what? It's going to be a fool me once scenario. How many owners of the Wii are parents or older, bought it because they saw it as a novelty, and now it sits there collecting dust on their shelves. Do you really think they are going to pick up a Wii U when they saw how little use their Wii got? Even for me, after the titles that I wanted were picked up, my library of Wii games are not games I'd imagine small children or adults/grandparents to play, and the majority of the use of my Wii is done through the Virtual Console (which I have verified that most Wii owners don't even know exists, or how to access).

I don't like Microsoft and Sony any more than anyone else. I think that this 'console war' is too business oriented, and less about us as gamers, and there is too much technology forced down our throats (I'm looking at you, Sony). In a perfect world, I want all of the consoles to make it out okay because each of them are advantageous in their own ways. Do I think Nintendo has to be worried? No. Not at all. They've made it through worse times. Do I think they maybe should have thought things through a little more? With a controller that they brag can play games instead of the TV, but has to be in close proximity of the console and only lasts about 2 hours off the charger, I'd say absolutely. I love Nintendo for the innovation, creativity and desire to stay away from where gaming is ultimately heading, but stop giving me stuff I don't need, and start giving me what I want: a gaming console.
LtFaku  +   1073d ago
I don't like it, but I think that the Wii U is going to sell very good, but in the following years, when a new Zelda or a Metroid game come out. The lauching line up was lame, thats all, at least, thats the way I see it.
JadedXGamer  +   1073d ago
Wii U, what a failure of a console. With arguably the worst launch of any ever:

- 1GB day one firmware update via slow servers.
- Individual updates for every single game so they can access Miiverse.
- Slow, laggy operating system menus.
- Almost if not every 360/PS3 port has inferior visuals and/or performance to their current gen counterparts.
- GamePad and pro controllers unusable for character control in NSMBU multiplayer.
- Crashes/freezes.
- User accidentally accesses debug version of main menu.
- Another user accidentally access admin control of Miiverse, reading messages from one of the Miiverse creators/programmers.
- Nintendo IDs tied to systems, no option to transfer yet.
- Audio/video tied to HDMI or component, no option for one on either.
- TV remote control does not work with receivers. Therefore if you wish to use surround sound via HDMI, you have no TV GamePad control.

Most unbelievably mangled console launch in history.
Smokingunz  +   1073d ago
What a dumb article! Really!. Fire this A-hole of a writer
LAWSON72  +   1073d ago
Man, console fanboys make my day. They go on about pc hardware like they know what their talking about.
TruthbeTold  +   1073d ago
What is with these idiotic, garbage articles, and why do they continue to be approved, and become the top story here at N4G? (Rhetorical question of course, but think about it)

Crap needs to end.
wiiulee  +   1073d ago
clowns have idea what they are talking about..wiiu is here to last 5 years plus because no other systems will go beyond 1080p...and wiiu games will look great....should sony have release the playstation2 2 years after releasing ps1 since it was the weaker system...or the playstation 3 two years after ps2.....gaming is about innovation and games and the wiiu delivers that in spades...haters and clowns keep hating.
arbitor365  +   1073d ago
its a little late for that. its not really a realistic option. i dont think that will happen.

Once again, nintendo and their fans are just going to have to deal with an underpowered gimmick console, bereft of third party multiplat support for the next generation. simple as that.

sony, microsoft, and valve dont even see the wii u as competition. they act like it doesnt exist. and so do third party devs, which is why pretty much none of them want to develop for it.

the only people still laboring under the delusion that the wii u is a true next gen console are the die-hard, fanatic nintendo fanboys. thats it. the wii u is a joke. and it becomes more apparent every day.
TruthbeTold  +   1072d ago

The people who see the Wii U as a next Generation console are people who deal in reality. The reality that Consoles do not lead the way when it comes to graphics, physics, etc, but do lead the way in unique, in depth gaming experiences.

The people who don't are immature fanboys who could never see themselves buying a console that isn't from their favorite brand, console gamers who can't afford to buy top of the line gaming PC's but still want to act as though they are 'graphics elitists', people too poor to afford all gaming platforms who then feel the need to belittle that which they don't get because it isn't their top choice, and finally, those who take it upon themselves to try and drum up business for their favorite gaming company and dissuade others from buying other products (as if their pathetic, half a drop in a single bucket of water attempts are anything but annoying, disrespectful, and meaningless).
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arbitor365  +   1072d ago
prepare yourself for 6 years of disappointment, bitterness, and indignation, waiting for that "next gen" wii u experience.

hell, I bet it will be 2 or 3 years before the wii u gets anything that even looks as good as uncharted 3 or gears 3.

i find this whole debacle quite humorous. people ask me

"are you looking forward to next gen?"

and, as a joke, I tell them with a serious face

"its already here. its called the wii u"

and they laugh, every time. the wii u is a joke.
slixshot  +   1072d ago
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH *catches breath* HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH Man, some gaming websites have the worst opinions and articles.
Phil32  +   1072d ago
Articles like this are why Nintendo has basically stopped giving a damn about the Western press and have gone over their heads via Nintendo Direct presentations.
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khowat  +   1072d ago
Okay, for everyone who believes that graphics are what makes a console great and that a weak console is "rubbish"; take out your smartphone if you have one. Did you buy it for the graphics? Of course, graphics help us make more powerful applications and help us do get more done but they are not the main reason for buying a phone. Sure a console with better graphics can handle better games and we can do more interesting things with it including social media aspects and user generated content, but the main reason for buying a console is for the games. When people debated over the PS3 and the 360 it wasn't about graphics it was about other things. Yes, graphics are nice but a good game is still a good game no matter what it looks like. It sounds like you all think that the WII U looks like Pong and the future 720 and PS4 look like a gaming rig running an intel core i7 black edition and a nvidia quadro 6000. The difference between the wii u and the PS4, Steambox, 720 whatever will be noticeable but not ground breaking. We buy consoles for the games guys, for the gmes
Jag-T1000  +   1072d ago
Who do you think they are? Apple?
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