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kingmushroom  +   1147d ago
nintendo doesn't need to do anything because its nintendo.
LOL_WUT  +   1147d ago
Good read ;)
PopRocks359  +   1147d ago
Not really.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   1147d ago
Stupid article. Wii U just came out, and we have yet to play any of the awesome games to come.
Tokyo_reject  +   1147d ago
No...they dont....end of story
DarkBlood  +   1147d ago
lol *oh your serious let me do that harder* LOL
jmc8888  +   1147d ago
Why doesn't the author realize that it didn't have the power to compete on the same playing field last gen, yet still sold more consoles than any of the others?

Why is it assumed that the Wii U won't be able to 'compete' with 720 and PS4? Past does not equal the future.

The gap between Wii and 360/PS3 is much more than the gap between the Wii U and the 720/PS4.

What you can easily surmise by reality is that more powerful than 'next gen' consoles hardware is and has been readily available on PC's for years. Even if you have inferior tech, you can still best it because you can run two or three older graphics cards at once.

If you base what is possible in home consoles today that doesn't draw 800 watts (hint 360 RROD at 310 watts), and doesn't cost $1000-2000, and yet also has in costly peripherals...see Kinect 2 and hand manipulator, plus a desire not to sell the console at a loss (or at least not much of one), and yet also to keep it a decent bit lower than the PS3 cost when it came out, in a world where the dollar is worth only 1/3rd of what it was worth, then you realize these other consoles cannot be significantly better than a Wii U. Of course significantly better is a relative term. It's not significant unless it's hundreds of percent faster.

If one format plays games in high, and another one very high, and another one ultra...well then, you would have three similar consoles that compete with each other.

If you want the best graphics, it'll be on PC. If you like a console experience, get a console. If you like Nintendo games get a Wii U. If you like all of them, try to buy them all. But if Nintendo was to try to give this a 1-2 year product life cycle, I would have to think alot of people would then rightly be pissed off.

I think Nintendo has shrewdly done exactly what they need to. They got an affordable, innovative, new console to market first. They don't have the $$$ resources the others have to make a monster console with huge risk, and instead are doing business to their strengths, which leaves MS and Sony to put out more expensive gear, late, maybe less innovative, and not for very much of a graphical difference.

They've boxed MS and Sony in because they will lose market share every day until their next consoles come out. Yet, anything the release isn't going to be massively more powerful. If they want it even moderately more powerful, it will come with all the headaches involved. Higher cost. Higher possibility of hardware failures. Less profit.
Bigkurz85  +   1147d ago go on and on with the "how do we know which system will be best" but then say:

"The gap between Wii and 360/PS3 is much more than the gap between the Wii U and the 720/PS4. "

How the heck do you know that? Wii U is HARDLY more powerful than the ps3 and 360...why would you think the next-gen systems won't blow it out of the water?
axisofweevils  +   1147d ago
LOL. Another Don Reisinger article.
He's almost as bad as Pachter.

For those that don't know, he hates Nintendo - some of his previous articles:

iPhone 5 will officially kill off the Nintendo 3DS.
Is Nintendo the next SEGA?
Hey Nintendo, get out of portables and put Mario on the iPhone
Why Nintendo won't determine gaming's future
Why Nintendo should sell and Sony should buy it
It's official: the Wii U is in deep, deep trouble.
Does anyone really care about a bigger 3DS?
Why you shouldn't preorder the Wii U yet.
deafdani  +   1147d ago
Uh, all of that actually sounds WORSE than Pachter. Lol.
ALLWRONG  +   1147d ago
Funny thing is THAT reality is completely opposite of everything he writes. eVEN Pachter gets some things right sometimes. Some of those headlines are closer to the Vita than they are 3DS.
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byeldell34  +   1147d ago
theres not going to be a ps4 next year im not for sure for the next xbox..and by way some people thank ps4 and 720 going to more power then the wii u..and they are but not by a lot...and not im not a fanboy...for all i know the ps4 may be an add on but anyway we to wait for e3 and see but il put money that we want see a ps4 in 2013. and as for the wii u nintendo is just holding it back for now i don't know why.
BitbyDeath  +   1147d ago
You should read up on the news before you start gambling cause the PS4 dev kits have already gone out.
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byeldell34  +   1147d ago
yeah i knew that.but i sill don't thank it be 2013
oldskool79  +   1147d ago
I haven't read the article and don't need to but this is asinine. I think a lot of you guys are going to be disappointed or say let down when the 720/Orbis comes out. The next gen jump will be similar to 8 bit to 16 bit. I have a Wii U and I think its awesome just need s some games. As being a gamer If Nintendo can pull off The Last of Us type Graphics running at 1080p or 720p 60FPS!!!! That should be enough for mass majority of gamers. Graphics is only going go but so far we need some innovation. As a business owner you cant be operating a loss for a decade ummmm SONY!!!! MS you cant charge people for a mediocre service with no Great Exclusive Content!!! Personally I think the Wii U is a low end to mid-range gaming rig which is fine cause neither 360/PS3 can do either one.
madjedi  +   1146d ago
The ps3/360 weren't even good enough to be considered mid range gaming rigs in 2005-2006, the wii u is marginally better than either system specs wise.

" Personally I think the Wii U is a low end to mid-range gaming rig which is fine cause neither 360/PS3 can do either one." Right so 2005-2006 console is supposed to be holding it's own against a system released in 2012. You nintendo guys have very strange logic.

I have looked at midrange graphics cards($200-300), it isn't remotely close to either low or midrange rigs, maybe the cheapest ass end hardware available and that might be the wiiu's graphics.

Seriously the ps3 and 360 are fucking ancient(pc hardware relevancy), surpassing them isn't anything to be beat your chest at to show your pride as a nintendo fan.

Wait till the next gen ms and sony console are released, then you nintendo fans can actually have reasonable competition to compare the wiiu to, instead of boasting how superior the wiiu is to the 7-8 yr old previous gen hardware.

Funny thing i never really hear nintendo fans addressing the ps4 and 720 as the wiiu's direct competition, other than how the wiiu will be more favorable due to lower dev costs.

So why do nintendo fans, think that all 3rd party support for the ps3 and 360 will magically be dropped when the ps4 and 720 release and next gen development costs will be too high.

If that is the case with dev costs, 3rd parties have a 140-160 million install base of potential buyers. If nintendo sells 10 million wiiu's by holiday 2013 they should consider themselves lucky.

But i guess since i am not praising the wii u, i am not a "real gamer/true gamer", which is fine by me since i really don't care what a bunch of elitist asshats think.

Started gaming 27-28 yrs ago, still a gamer regardless of the fact that i don't change my personal opinions or bias to fit with the popular console bandwagon jumping or useless buzzword(innovation) spamming.

I'd rather be an opinionated asshole who plays games, than a "real/true gamer" spouting on about innovation constantly and other meaningless statements.

@article I am not pro nintendo and it's still the stupidest idea i have seen on n4g, change the date to 2016-17 and it would be more appropriate.
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Optical_Matrix  +   1147d ago
Like the first commentar said. This just isn't feasible and Nintendo has indeed made their bed. They must now lay in it and suffer the consequences of releasing a system that, given it's specs relative to the technological transition going on in the industry that will ignite fully with the release of PS4 and Xbox 3, just isn't relevant to the majority of developers.

I'd go so far as to say that the Wii U's USP isn't really relevant to the market at wide either. While I enjoy mine, I can't really see where Nintendo is going with it. Given the half baked specs and so far dreadful at best 3rd party support, I don't really understand where the Wii U will fit in.

Of course, you could argue that one only buys Nintendo consoles for Nintendo games but given the declining sales of Mario games, that evergreen strategy Nintendo has employed by milking the franchise dry with a total of 8 titles between November 2011-November 2012, just can't cut it anymore, and Nintendo needs to react.

The issue is that their own hubris has caused them to constantly beat to the sound of their own drum. They build their consoles for themselves, not for the industry at large. As long as it fits their needs, if you (3rd parties) don't like it, then you can jog on, is the mentality I see from Nintendo's hardware decisions.

With that said, you can't really behave like that in market like this anymore. We'll see how that goes for Nintendo over the course of this generation but I genuinely believe the Wii U's success (or lack thereof) will be an incredibly rude awakening for the big N.

@oldskool79, Wrong. Judging by the general ball park of specs that numerous sources have leaked, the technology jump 720/PS4 will bring to console development will be significant enough to create a barrier negating the Wii U's chances of getting any major 3rd party multiplatform support going forward, as if Nintendo relationships with said 3rd parties wasn't a glaring problem.

The system is riddled with oversight after oversight. With that said, some of the exclusives it has lined up in 2013 such as Rayman Legends, Monster Hunter, Pikmin and Bayonetta are enough for me to be excited for it's immediate future, as short lived as that may turn out to be.
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InTheLab  +   1147d ago
Just think what would have happened if the Wii would have launched in 2004 a year ahead of the 360. It would be the exact same thing as what they've done with the WiiU. It's a baby step or beginners guide to HD consoles.
Adolph Fitler  +   1147d ago
The friggin Wii launched well after 360, & a short time after PS3, & it was a non-hd, repackaged Gamecube as far as power is concerned, it barely had online functionality & really was an all round rip-off, underpowered, under featured, over priced, dog of a machine with shovelware & mediocrity littered around a few staple Nintendo-esque games (I mean, even Mario was not the mind blowing experience that Mario64 was), yet the masses of sheep lapped it up, because of a ridiculous gimmicky controller that was so bodgy & innacurate that it needed an extra attachment to add 5% to it's 20% accuracy (& thats being generous).
People loved the idea of shaking themselves around like epileptic fit sufferers, even though not one game had decent implementation of the function, to the point that not only could it all be handled on a normal controller, but was also a MUCH better, more accurate & easy way of doing it through said traditional controller methods.
Yet, it was mass consumed & smashed both the much more powerful, functional, capable & better quality game stable riddled PS3 & 360.

I doubted that Wii would sell, at the start & thought it would be a flash in the pan....I mean it really was a flash in the pan, but it lasted a LOT longer than I ever imagined it would. I mean, we all know that any gamer worth there salt, if they had a Wii, it was only a freakshow, sideact that was brought out to amuse friends for a short burst, & the main gig was where it was at with either PS3 or 360, or both. We all know that all those kids that demanded a Wii off Santa for Xmas, (because they had seen masses of ads in between Ben 10, & all there friends were getting one), in those early, naive days, we know that a month, 3 months, or so into the new year, they went around a mates place & saw Gears Of War, COD4, Unchartered 2, Batman:AA, & the like, & then demanded to mommy & daddy that they "needed" a PS3 or 360. We know, like fools like myself, men in there late 20's-late 30's (sadly I'm there), & even late 40's, went out & bought there kids a Wii, on the sole basis of nostalgia & that whole Nintendo = kids idea.......the only problem was & still is, our kids don't hardly ever want to play that damn Wii, instead they wanna play dads PS3 & 360.

Nintendo are greedy, caniving, ruthless, busines 1st & only, & quite frankly they are geniuses in what they do & how they manipulate. And the Wii-U & it's Pop Culture tablet-esque controller is testament to this. The Wii-U will again sell like hotcakes thanks to an even stronger, probably even more useless gimmick than the Nunchucks for Wii. Even this daddy has invested in one for "the kids" off Santa, & I have asked my boss (wife) if Santa can bring me one too, with Zombi-U.....Again, I have always loved everything Zombie & the Nintendo knew that all the pop-culture followers were all Zombie crazy, until the next trend over takes......So, the smart, evil basterds got the tech envious tablet lovers with the Wii-U controller, then they rounded up an even bigger following with an awesome looking Zombie game.
Pillsbury1  +   1147d ago
Haters gon hate
hkgamer  +   1147d ago
nintendo released the wii and it was outdated tech on the day it was released.

this article is plain rubbish
Rockefellow  +   1147d ago
I'm not reading the article. I'm not reading the comments. I don't even support Nintendo like I used to all those years ago...

...but this is easily the stupidest thing I have ever seen on this site, and that says a lot. Could you be more desperate for hits?
Adolph Fitler  +   1147d ago
@ Optical Matrix,
I wasn't aware Mario games were on the decline in sales....I will say I am not surprised, as Mario64 has never been bettered by another Mario, or in fact Nintendo game. Mario Galaxy 1&2 were pretty good games, but truly were over scored in reviews, to the point of laughability for mine, in fact, I much preferred Ratchet & Clank: TOD & ACIT, far more than both those Mario's, and in fact I really was dissapointed with Mario Galaxy after reading these unbelievable reviews & scores, then firing up the game & seeing pretty ordinary, barely above the gen befores graphics, as well as gameplay that was nowhere near as mindblowing as said reviews stated......I mean, I found the Ratchets to be, not only better from 1st sight, due to such beautiful visuals, but also from a gameplay point of view as the pacing, varied gameplay & awesome sense of humour & weapons just blew Mario Galaxy out of the ball park.
And, I would say, given Mario Sunshine being VERY mediocre, & now this mindboggling, unexplainable shift back to 1984 in these new 2D Mario's, that Miyamota is pretty unmotivated & bored with Mario's....I mean the poor guy has been making these damn things for over 30yrs, in comparison, Bungie were exhausted with Halo after 10 or so, hell, not even that, as the Halo's lost it after Halo 2 & even Halo 2 was really only stellar for the multiplayer, whereas Halo 1's gift was the campaign.

Nintendo should give Mario to another team, & let Miyamota & his team loose on a NEW ORIGINAL IP, in any genre of his choosing, with any type of rating he wants....he is obviously past these kiddy friendly games, as he has been the Godfather of them for 30+yrs, so give the poor bloke a hall pass to move on from the red, gay, greek plumber. The guy virtually cracked his neck to get to the Watch Dogs booth at one of the recent game shows, so imagine Miyamota with the creative freedom to make a mature themed, open world, sandbox type game of GTA, Watch Dogs ilk. I would love to see that, & that sh!t would move Wii-U consoles, I guarantee it.
Bigkurz85  +   1147d ago
Super Mario Galaxy 2 surely "bettered" Mario 64. I think you're looking back at Mario 64 with nostalgia-colored glasses. It was a great game, for sure, but I don't know why you're underrating SMG2. It was phenomenal.
bignaz  +   1147d ago
The fanboys do know that RSX is based off the Nvidia 7 Series right? And not only is the custom E6670 in the Wii U way faster it also supports much more advanced feature. This is all fact sorry fan boys. Now were com pairing games on a system that's been out for how long com paired to a less then month old systems launch games most are ports and take no advantage of the new technology the GPU can do. It must suck being a fan boy living in that bubble but if I was a fan boy I would to dread the day the GPU gets full use. Also remember some big wigs at SCEA said the next systems graphics might not be as powerfully as the PS3. Looks like your world of folding in on its self's. But keep the fanboy faith alive
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knifefight  +   1147d ago
Is it April 1st already?
sandman224  +   1147d ago
I hope the wii u is nintendos last console ever. They do deserve a spot in the race against Sony and Microsoft.
millzy102  +   1146d ago
a race that Nintendo started, also Nintendo is the richest game hardware manufacturer on the planet, they've only posted one year's loss of profits since they began business because they had to write off Wii u loss on last quarter of this year so come April it will be a clean slate. even if the wii u failed they will sit it out like the GameCube, make money of 3ds and still release a new handheld and home console by 2018. they have far less to worry about than Sony and that's the truth, however I wish every console manufacturer the best if luck as we need all of them to keep the industry moving.
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H4all  +   1147d ago
if 2014 nitendo launch another console..
wii u buyer feel like they have been trolling...
i don't think nitendo do that..
Adolph Fitler  +   1147d ago
I'm not saying Mario Galaxy 2 is garbage & I'm not looking through nostalgia goggles, as I was a far greater fan of Tomb Raiders awesome new style of play with it's awesome mix of excellent 3D exploration, puzzle solving, gun play, unrivalled beautiful vistas/locales, (that apart from Far Cry 1 & Far Cry 3, & Halo 1's beach scenario as well as all 3 Unchartered's, that wouldn't even be, without the 1st TR), exotic animals to shoot, awesome Indiana Jones inspired storytelling... I was peeved & thought it another game media rip-off & Nintendo favour-ment that Mario64 won all the awards, while Tomb Raider was pretty much shunned, even though it was the far more revolutionary game for the time.
Now, I'm not a Mario hater, & I certainly also enjoyed Mario64.......But, there were games of that era that deserved FAR more credit than they got, & were of an equal quality in terms of gameplay, level design & such as Mario64, & in some areas, betters Mario64 in a huge way.....some eg's would be storyline, level design, artstyle & also seemless gameplay style transitions. Some direct name drops would be Medievil, Syphon Filter, Driver, Wipeout2097, & the list goes on, & even though I'm mentioning games outside of Mario's genre, I am simply mentioning these for overall quality & like Mario64, being the highest in quality for there respective genres.
The fact is, Mario64 stood atop of the heap, & there was plenty of competition within the platformer genre in the PS, Saturn N64 era.
Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, whilst great, is not groundbreaking like Mario64 was for the time.....I couldn't stand to look at Mario64 these days, as it would be uglier than seeing my mother-in-law, laying naked in MY bed, with her thunderous thighs parted, exposing her wild jungle-esque, untamed pubes at me, along with her cave like entance, with her meaty flaps doing gliding movements like a manta ray, & her signalling at me with her pube & mother in-law mickey juice cover index finger to come hether. Ok, maybe Mario64 wouldn't be quite that horrible, but you get the point.
I have learnt that only Galaga, Frogger & Pacman hold up to nostalgia, so Mario64, not even being anywhere near the top of my faves for that gen, holds no favoratism for me.....In fact, I wish Mario Galaxy was as revolutionary as either Mario64, Tomb Raider, Syphon Filter, MGS, Wipeout, Driver & many more were for there time......but fact is, they were nowhere near that level.....and not just because of everyones 1st impression of these games & any, in the visuals, but just in the whole production & package.
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1146d ago
LOL (for real), that comparison was ridiculous :).

Maybe it is nostalgia but Mario 64 was an amazing, groundbreaking game. It showed everyone how 3D should be done. The other games you mentioned were also great but I certainly didn't put as much time into beating them again and again like I did Mario 64. Those games still got plenty of recognition though, as seen from the many sequels most of them had. Tomb Raider even got two Hollywood movies made when Mario just got the one, I say slightly tongue in cheek.
wiiulee  +   1147d ago
why would nintendo need a new system....pretty and shinier pixels is not what matters to them, its about innovation and interaction for them they are all set to usher in the next generation...haters dnt understand that concept so they come up with silly articles like these....
andreborges73  +   1147d ago
I don't have the consele,but i wiss that at least is possibel to play better games, like call of duty, assassin creed, etc.
With wii u is a better consele to compite with xbox and ps3 than wii 1. wii 1 was a good mobile consele, but has lack of graphics and doesn't has a good network sistem, and because of this things nintendo lost repotation, and many new games doesn't come out on wii and for a gamer is a lost of money
Yodagamer  +   1147d ago
I was watching youtube videos of rayman legends, the difference between origins and that game is way big. It looks far better with more lighting effects, texture resolution, etc. The wii u is rendering this twice and looks better than what i consider the prettiest game of this generation. The wii u has alot of power in it. Nintendo did a good job making it efficient like they have done since the gamecube.
mshope10  +   1147d ago
I can't wait for the next PlayStation and Xbox so yinz can see even with better hardware there game will only look a little better then what's out know.

only the most hardcore will notice so Wii U will be fine.

that's why the next Xbox and PlayStation will both have some kind of gimmick.not saying its a bad thing.but sense the only things getting better will be AI and bigger game world's nintendo can relax.the target for Sony and Microsoft is to run games 1080p 60 frames a second for there next machines. so if you think it's going to be a huge difference good for you.
danitanzo  +   1146d ago
If they did that I wouldn't buy another game console ever... from any company because I wouldn't want something like that to happen again
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rapidturtle  +   1146d ago
Wii U sold out? I can get it in every store that I have been in the last 2 weeks. Best Buy had stacks of them, and Walmart also had quite a few. This was on a Saturday afternoon.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1146d ago
In 5 years Nintendo will probably drop a new System- If PS4 and 720 go 8 to 10 years THEN, Nintendo gains a slight advantage.

BUT I am pretty sure Nintendo does not really care about releasing a Graphics-Beast.

Truth is:
I'll be wherever Samus and Link are, even if the Next Nintendo System is 8 bit. (Does not mean I won't buy a used 720 though ;P)
strigoi814  +   1146d ago
i think they would have a hard time to do and introduce a new console..coz they already did spend some money on production of wii-mini and the wii-u..and wii u is not that attractive to 3rd party developers so making a new one would just make developers pissed..

.and i really do believe the wii-mini was really set to release this year to attract more parents but they stopped the production and focus on wii-u..and release the wii-mini Canada exclusive coz they want to sell it out and get rid of it this boxing day..
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