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Detoxx  +   1148d ago
End Game is going to be epic, and will keep me busy untill BF4 launches!
deadpoole  +   1148d ago
I haven't bought any of the map packs ... other than B2K ... because of previously known issue of input lag on PS3 ... but as everybody knows that latest patch 1.07 has fixed it for everyone. So I'm probably gonna get this one for sure ... :D

Btw fellas any news you were able to dig about Dino Mode for BF3 ... cuz I'm 100% sure that it's gonna sell like fresh buns out of oven on release day.
Rob Hornecker  +   1148d ago
I have BF3 for both the PS3 and Xbox 360 and have NO issues with lag in either.Both are the "premium" editions . If you enjoy the stock and B2K maps ,then you are doing yourself a great injustice in not getting the rest of the map packs. I feel they are truly worthy of the $$$.
ZeroX9876  +   1148d ago
for the input lag, yes, it did correct it!
I saw two of my roomates play together and He lent me his controller because he said the game was way more responsive. At the second I tried it, I could see the difference.
RAYMEISTER  +   1148d ago
Yeah. With premium all the expansions are well worth it. Makes the game very fun and diverse.
Detoxx  +   1148d ago
Get all the DLC packs, they're worth it
Hellsvacancy  +   1148d ago
I have NO problems playing BF3 on my PS3, this "input lag" is just an excuse gamers use because they suck on the Battlefield

I dont suck, and I get no lag........coincidence?

If you dont believe me send me a PSN friend request, ill game with ya
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Lockon  +   1148d ago
KyRo  +   1148d ago
With dinosaurs :D
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1148d ago
"With dinosaurs :D"

This will be the final transition to kill BF series and turn it into a console experience for all! Nice.

It will just be a console game on pc.

I would expect bf vs cod to really be dino vs zombies.
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venom06  +   1148d ago
NO ONE WANT FREAKIN DINOSAURS!! just like DICE thought "Close Quarters" would have all the CoD kiddies flockin to it, it didn't.. and just like they think they CoD kiddies will come flocking for Dinosaurs, they won't ... leave they stupid gimmicky stuff in CoD.. those resources can be used for more maps and more weapons.... this game is still awesome after a year.
ardivt  +   1148d ago
Bf3 is easily one of my Top 3 Games this Gen
eliteslaya13  +   1148d ago
It really is. Just got back into it the other day and bought Premium. Aftermath and Armored Kill are great, even Close Quarters was nice. I also like how DICE keeps the game fresh with new weapons with each map pack.
yaz288  +   1148d ago
Close Quarters was so good!
Pixel_Enemy  +   1148d ago
Dice adds map packs with new weapons as expansions on their game. Activision calls them full releases and COD users pay full retail price for each "expansion" to the COD4 engine.
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momthemeatloaf  +   1148d ago
Not a good name for DLC. You never want to say your game is ending.
Rob Hornecker  +   1148d ago
Alas it is the end of the line for the BF3 DLC and I feel that it is a fitting name for this content. Having been a HUGE fan of and spending countless amount of hours playing BF3,it will be sad to see it end! Although BF4 will be here next fall and the preorder $$$ are already to go the day it gets posted.
lyliade  +   1148d ago
end of the world also :-)
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1148d ago
Really hoping ze DLC vill include the M2 Carl Gustav und M136 AT4. Alzo hoping a patch iz releazed to tranzform ze Scan Bolt propertiez zimilar to ze tracer gun.
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yoyo12121  +   1143d ago
English please
snipab8t  +   1148d ago
Battlefield 3 is a horrible game made by game devs who sold out. I don't know how they went from the best shooter on xbox 360, bad company 2, to this stinking piece of junk.
FragMnTagM  +   1148d ago
You're joking right?

BF3 is friggin awesome. While I enjoyed Bad Company 2, it had only what like 5 or 6 maps?

The graphics weren't the greatest, there weren't that many weapons and not too many vehicles. It didn't have jets, and so on.

Battlefield 3 is a lot better than nearly every shooter released this gen. To call it a piece of junk is really silly.
da_2pacalypse  +   1148d ago
You would be incorrect about the number of maps on BC2. To be honest with you, I'd probably prefer BC2 to BF3. it was much more team oriented. BF3 feels a lot like a combination of cod and BF...

Technically though, BF3 accomplished a lot of great things. BC2 just had more destructibility than BF3, that's the one thing I was kind of disappointed with. They promised Frostbite 2 had more deconstruction, but BF3 didn't :/
snipab8t  +   1148d ago
The game is just full of campers, the graphics are actually not that great really, there is hardly any physics compared to badcompany 2, no destruction (really), lag is horrible too
BertlSenix  +   1148d ago
BF3 is just the best shooter in the last 10 years

Bad Company 2 is Battlefield for crap consoles

Battlefield 3 is a 64 Multiplayer festival with the best graphics and biggest MP Maps available MADE FOR PC
Of course the console version is going to suck - What do you think little kiddo?

Get a PC and get the full experience.
Stop buying PS360 garbage(except PS3 Exclusives) and force them to release new consoles so you can get nice stuff too.
yoyo12121  +   1143d ago
Go play COD and fuck urself snipab8t
Bf3 is the bast fps to date and will be played for years to come
ginsunuva  +   1148d ago
But aftermath hasn't even come out for most of us yet
Hufandpuf  +   1148d ago
It's just a tralier. End Game is releasing next year.
Rob Hornecker  +   1148d ago
It should be out today ( tuesday ) for all owners of the game.
Hufandpuf  +   1148d ago
I am really anxious to see what kind of maps they release. B2K and AM have "sweet spot" maps and I only hope End Game follows suit.
Plagasx  +   1148d ago
But.....we'll all be dead on the 21st...
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PygmelionHunter  +   1148d ago
Just invest some money into a cryogenic chamber to freeze yourself, just don't forget to set the alarm!
Rob Hornecker  +   1148d ago
DeadlyFire  +   1148d ago
Waking up in 2142 couldn't be so bad could it?
supraking951  +   1148d ago
they addressed Dino mode a couple times, I KNOW it will be in BF4.

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