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jjank11  +   1075d ago
I don't know how many copies of Madden WiiU have been sold, but it can't be that much. Maybe 5 to 10K. Most people buying the WiiU are most likely not big madden players. They have already purchased a PS3 or Xbox360 for their madden fix. Also, the numbers he is quoting would relate to 1.8% of madden people online for the xbox360.

Also, not that this means all that much but the WiiU sales are also about 1.8% of the Xbox360 at this point.
Phil32  +   1075d ago
Video game journalism, ladies and gentlemen.
dok22  +   1075d ago
Like I said before on another post before my comment magically disappeared ...Stop getting bent out of shape about these big third party developers who only care about money and politics ...the WiiU will shine with a huge library of second and Indie developers Making games for the system.. everybody seems to forget the deal that Nintendo made with UNITY. The same tools that these by developers have are easily becoming Available for young, talented, hungry indindies. The strong hold that these big developers have on the industry will become weaker as more tools become available. It happened so far in all other media industries.. the gaming industry is not exempt.
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a_adji  +   1075d ago
Clearly you cant please everyone. Launch with few games people moan, give them a wide choice people moan. It's a new system with loads of games cha! lol

It's not a COD console and now it's not a sports console, what next? it's not a platforming console???
Ck1x  +   1075d ago
Why am I remotely surprised that an article like this has over 100 comments in it! How come the article where the guy from 4A games comes out and admits that his views on the WiiU were based on very early Devkits and not final hardware? Now that's worthy news to post if any, not how many copies of Madden sold on a brand new console. Now if people here brought up how many copies of AC sold on the Vita, it would be a war of fandom defending how the sales are great and it just needs a chance... What a bunch of hypocrites I tell you!
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Schawk  +   1075d ago
Vita what is that?
Yodagamer  +   1075d ago
Of course no one bought it. It was a paired back version of a game that will be outdated in half a year. You figured ea would have learned from the 3ds version that cut most of the features out as well.
dani25pr  +   1075d ago
what vayase al carajo entendistes
mamotte  +   1075d ago
Because Madden is the reason a lot of people bought the WiiU.

Can we assume that it is new console, and there were A LOT of more interesting games in the store that were not Madden? Common sene? Hello?
Nevers0ft  +   1074d ago
The article is dumb to the point that I think it causes brain cells to atrophy. How does anybody expect a brand new console with a tiny userbase to have the same number of people online as a well established console?

I'd be more interested to see overall percentages... What percentage of 360 and Wii U owners are currently playing Madden? I suspect the result would be a hell of a lot different.
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