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dubal-e  +   1149d ago
The truth is EA released a half-bred version of Madden this year in hopes of just getting a quick buck. Next years madden will be nice and as a Madden fan I'll buy it. I didnt buy this one because they admitted they did a quick port. I'm sure alot of other people that read up on games before they buy them did the same thing.
Rhaigun  +   1149d ago
I love how Nintendo fans make the exact same arguments every time. Wait until Zelda. Wait until Mario. Wait until...

They always tell us to wait and see, but nothing ever happens. Nintendo failed to cater to the core players last gen, and payed dearly for it.

Anyone who had one (that isn't jaded) sold theirs long ago. Mine collected dust for months before I called it quits. I've owned every Nintendo since the NES, and I'm done with them. I don't want a new controller. There's nothing wrong with the ones we already have.

The devs have been calling for more powerful hardware for a year now. They have been saying how imperative it is to create the new experiences they have in store for us. So why would Nintendo release a machine that's basically on par with what we already have? Two answers: quick cash grab before holiday season with minimal competition, and they really don't care what devs and core players want.

More proof? It only took them five years to admit HD and online is important to gamers. Really? Like we hadn't been screaming it at them the whole time. Also, we know how much the PS Move, Kinect and WiiMote Plus failed, so way make another gimmick controller to hamper devs with? They don't want it, and frankly, neither do gamers.

Nintendo is out of touch.
younghavok  +   1149d ago
The collected dust thing huh? You mustve chose to ignore alot of good games. Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Prime Collection, Other M, Brawl, Shattered Memories, Goldeneye, Fire Emblem, Battalion Wars 2, Tenchu, Arc Rise, Xenoblade, Last Story, DK Returns? Just a few. And Kinect sold well beyond 10 million at over 100 dollars a pop. Motion+ the same. How were those failures? And developers calling for more power? Who, Epic? EA? Im sure more power wouldve saved Eurocom. Developers are closing left and right due to these high development costs. If you think current gen is going to cease anytime soon ur mistaken. PS3/360 will still be getting the major multiplats, probably designed around them, and the Wii will be the middle ground.
Rhaigun  +   1148d ago
Yes, Kinect sold a lot of units. I'm not talking about commercial failure. I'm talking about quality third party support. Where is it? Same with WiiMote Plus.

Other than the two Mario Galaxy games, none of those you listed were actually great commercial successes. Prime collection is just that. A collection of old games. That's like trying to say Sly Cooper collection is a system seller for PS3. Fire Emblem and Battalion Wars are too niche. Not enough people are craving Strategy games. Goldeneye is an ok reboot, but just that...ok. Tenchu hasn't been good since the PSOne era. And, Xenoblade and Last Story came out too late for anyone to have stuck around for them.

Like I said, collecting dust. You have that many quality games releasing in one holiday period on 360 or PS3. You don't have to wait a year in between quality releases.

The people calling for more power include Ubisoft, Crytek and CDProjectRed. Not just Epic and EA. The articles with devs have been aplenty here on N4G.
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Playstation4LyFe  +   1149d ago
i hate sports games GOOD!!!!
A7XEric  +   1149d ago
So people are worried that not many people are playing a port of a game that came out nearly half a year ago on a system that just launched and has a low install base? Yea makes total sense.

A lot of the early adopters for this machine also probably aren't the brotastic morons that just play CoD and Madden each year.
donman1  +   1149d ago
Soooo as a Wii U owner, I should buy a crappy port because I need to do so... so the same lazy developer will feel better and create more games for the Wii U. I dont think so. COD Black OP2 is a great example of developers making the effort and they did get my money. I have never played that franchise before and I am doing so now.
Ulf  +   1149d ago
The Wii U is selling very poorly, I'm sorry to say. Even the early adopter rush is already over. This is hardly a surprise -- bad branding, bad pricing, bad placement. Nintendo screwed up this time -- good thing the 3DS is still goin' strong.

I am VERY much looking to pick up a golden collector's Wii U with the next Zelda, however. Now Nintendo just needs to get on that.
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Ck1x  +   1149d ago
Lol @ the WiiU selling poorly! Make sure you remember those words when it and the 3ds stay on top of the sales charts even after the holidays are over...
ajax17  +   1149d ago
The Wii U is a Mario-Machine; not a Madden-Machine. End of story.
lilbroRx  +   1149d ago
Will you people please stop responding to Mika? Mika is a troll. A trolls goal is to insight as many problems as possible.

Mika does not care what you say and all of those responses reaffirm his success for him.

Don't feed the troll. Ignore is and it will go away. It wants nothing more than for you to argue against it endlessly. When you argue against it you make you give credence to its statements.
Main_Street_Saint  +   1149d ago
Hmmm people still play Madden? And they say recycling doesn't pay off! :)
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1149d ago
Trolling for hits bullshit.

This sort of internent pollution is hurting the industry.
lovecipher7  +   1149d ago
Ok I see all the arguments in here and a lot of them make since. However i own all of these systems, yes even a WII but the vita is not a very good system and the only reason I say that is because it's not really gettingthe support it should. The Vita should have more muliti-player games and it doesn't thats what hurting it in my opinion. With the Wii U it just needs time a lot of people out there actually think the wii u is a handheld gaming system once Nintendo clears that up it will be fine. Casual gamers don't care about the best graphics they care about price and let's be honest gimmicks. As for the 720 and the PS4 they will destroy everything but still may come in second to Nintendo again. It's what the people want not the gamers they get into this business to make money and nothing else .
H4all  +   1149d ago
wow... what a nice story... good job wii u..
lazyboyblue  +   1149d ago
IMO most Wii-u consoles are still sat beneath xmas trees for the time being.
kakashishinoda  +   1149d ago
Sins when is this a sport ?
Thepcz  +   1149d ago
lol the console only launched in the last month
how can you judge its sports line up at this early point?

this isnt journalism, or even logical, its simply shit.
younghavok  +   1149d ago
Best launch line up of a console imo. I currently own Blops 2, AC3, ZombiU. All 3rd party, all great titles. And there are still more that I want. Nintendo is off to a great start software wise, and 2013 is still looking damn good. Monster Hunter, Rayman, Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, Pikmin 3, Aliens, Lego City Undercover? Pretty much all by spring. Not bad at all if you ask me. Already looking better than the 360 exclusive wise for the whole year. Hate on while I and over a million others enjoy gaming.
CaptainN  +   1149d ago
So a game that was released months ago on platforms that have over 70 million users is being compared to a systems that's been out less than a month with less than 1 miilion users as well as the fact the game is missing key features found in the other console versions and its supposed to be a shock that no one is playing online?

Here's advice to 3rd party developers to be succesfull on a Nintendo platform:

Step 1. Release your games at the same time as the other versions, not weeks or months later!

Step 2. Do not under any circumstance gimp the Nintendo versions, as Nintendo players find this to be an insult and won't purchase your product

Step 3. Actually include extra features in the Nintendo version to entice gamers to switch over and give the Nintendo version a try.

Step 4. Try actually marketing your games with commercials that actually show Wii-U gameplay/features and highlight the fact that's its on Wii-U.

Step 5. Make it known the online is FREE.
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Shnazzyone  +   1149d ago
Of course, Wii U is Nintendo's hardcore gaming console and Sports games like madden are for casual gamers. Weather sports fans would like to hear that or not.
axisofweevils  +   1149d ago
All this proves is that Nintendo owners have more taste.
They don't want to waste money on sloppy EA ports, when they can buy decent games for the same price.
Mikito11  +   1149d ago
Someone with sense! Am I dreaming? lol

You are right!!
stage88  +   1149d ago
Wow, absolutely terrible. I know the Wii U is just starting out but 42!?

Something really needs to change if this thing is going to be successful in the long run.
Mikito11  +   1149d ago
Wii u owners have taste.. Who wants to play yearly released sports games? So dull IMO... I'll stick to playing Zombi U and trine 2 and other great titles
dani25pr  +   1149d ago
I what one is that the wii or it is a better console that ps3 and xbox360 in these moment the graphs since for example black ups 2 one sees to level of computer have it and brutal this one. It is necessary to have the wii or to be able to think about her at least to my me sorprended already when it should go out ps4 and xbox 720 we will see to seeing with that they come. I am a gamer hardcore always and played more to her ps3 and say to them that royal this brutal mind
younghavok  +   1148d ago
umm... what?
wiiulee  +   1149d ago
man these haters...its as if wiiu sold 60 million console right out the gate..people are just now purchasing the systems, some of which are not even unwrap....yet all these nonsense articles and its funny that the same websites that hated and gave madden wiiu a low score now are confuse over why more people are not playing silly is that..
fredrikpedersen  +   1149d ago
Consoles are just tools that allow you to play games. They all have their advantages and disadvantages-
Legend_Killer  +   1149d ago
If peeps wanted to play Madden or any other of those multiplats, they wouldn't have bought a WiiU because PS3 and X360 are even currently cheaper than the WiiU

And PLEASE!!! don't say 3rd party games aren't selling on WiiU. Just look at ZombiU, u can even check ur wara wara plaza. So it's these multiplats we dont care about
Tzuno  +   1149d ago
Nintendo is so childish these days with tons of ideas but please we only need games and take a look back at the Supernintendo library of games. That kind of games we need now, i am stuffed by 3d-shooters and racing games.
LOL_WUT  +   1148d ago
Thats pretty bad regardless if it's a new console or not.
Schawk  +   1148d ago
New console folks just released read below

NEW CONSOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

Mika go play and complete uncharted for the 40th time or go play little big planet or something on your vita

Wii u is great fun im loving mine its the only console out of the 3 i actually enjoy lifting the control of now , o yea and the gamepad is amazing totally love it its confortable as hell its the best control out there and if u havent got a wiiU then dont even comment back to me on this, who cares about madden not me i hate american football
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PurpHerbison  +   1148d ago
My favorite type of comment section. Hold on let me grab my pen and pad so I can take down some notes. So many experts!
nintendoland  +   1148d ago
well only americans play american football game soo... I don't give a s*it
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