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Zieben  +   1147d ago
So your telling me Jack the Ripper and Charles Manson were gamers?
-Gespenst-  +   1147d ago
Regarding point 1: How can you hold someone accountable who didn't have a choice? Who lost their mind? You can't really offload all responsibility onto them, that's pretty insensitive and intolerant. Even depression can mess with your head- trap you in a pathological feedback loop that drives you a little bit (or very) crazy.

Regarding point 2: I agree that the news is a source of violence, but the news never tries to dress up that violence as "cool". Whenever I see violence on the news, it disturbs me and it depresses me. Violence in video games and other entertainment media is a whole different kettle of fish. Violence is fetishized in those things, made to look awesome and to somehow satisfy the viewer or player. This, in the long run, is not good for a culture's understanding of violence. People need to not forget the awful reality of violence, because there's really nothing good about it despite what your movies and videogames might say.

Now, I'm not saying videogames cause violence, but in the mentally unstable and perhaps more impressionable, the illusion of videogames can be hard to snap out of. It's a gradual process I'd imagine. One doesn't just play a violent videogame and say, "oh that was easy and fun and didn't have any real consequences, I think I'll go out and kill people now." The mentally unstable (or whatever you want to call them) become immersed in this escapist fantasy and can be mesmerized by the illusion- mesmerized by the violence which is portrayed as fun and without consequence. Most violent videogames fetishize violence in this way.

Not only this, but reinforcing the illusion, is the tactile experience of a videogame. There can be no doubt that their is an illusion of actually DOING the things you see on screen. You press the button, the virtual gun fires, the guy dies. Now obviously it's not real, but I'd imagine for some, the line between the illusion and the reality is blurred. The representation comes to be the reality. Firing the gun with your controller and seeing a visual representation of the consequences comes to represent quite closely what happens in real life. It is of course completely different, but some can't see that. Now I don't mean to say that these people hallucinate a realism in videogames (the graphics of which are obviously computer generated, and they know this) but they could still kind of take basic structural ideas from the game that they incorporate into their understanding of humanity and reality, not to mention subliminal cues (and I don't mean subliminal in the sense that the game is flashing images of Jesus at you are something, I mean it in a more mundane sense) that strongly suggest realism or mimic reality quite convincingly.

Videogames / films etc therefore act as a VERY potent catalyst if you ask me, and they can't really be ignored.

Also, I know people have been killing children throughout history, but those were in different contexts. What causes a person to massacre children in a relatively secure civilized society? What catalyzes them? There are always different catalysts for these things. Many which existed before no longer exist today.
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