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Deku-Johnny  +   1148d ago
I think most people are ready. It's definitely not happening though.
iliimaster  +   1148d ago
my buying order will be the wii u~!!!! i gotta have my mario n zelda HD!@@!!@ and imagine the 3rd party discounts at steam?!?! man this is a REAL good time to be a GAMER
Master of Unlocking  +   1148d ago
I won't be getting the PS4 day 1, that's for sure.

I loved my original 60 GB sku PS3, but it's now waiting in pieces to be sold or trashed because it just wasn't as reliable as I thought. I have 650€ worth of hardware (500€ second-hand console+150€ repair fee) that's pretty much a pile of useless junk now. To think the Xbox360 had a failure rate even worse than that of the PS3 60 gig sku, wow, and some of you people are talking about trusting MS again and buying the nextbox day 1??? Sweet Jesus.

If I were man enough I would tell Sony to kiss my ass goodbye, but I'm unfortunately dead certain I'll want to play the new Uncharted , Killzone, LittleBigPlanet, Resistance games that will come out at some point on the PS4. So... I suspect I won't be able to refrain from buying the PS4 eventually, but that'll be a good 2-3 years into its lifespan. If ever.

I'm growing old unfortunately, and sometimes I also have the feeling the PS3 could very well be my last console. Yes, I just went there, I could very well be done with videogames! I mean, I would keep playing the games I own, but not purchase any new hardware or software. Gaming does eat up a lot of time after all and I need to attend to other things in my life. Plus there's all that talk of releasing systems that block used copies so as to kill the second-hand market, or the price of games being even higher (80€ ?) than it is now, and don't get me started on that hypothesis of a digital-only new era. That would at least "seal the deal" for me, so to speak... and without any regrets.

But like I said, even if I were to get the PS4 anyway, it certainly wouldn't be until it was 2x to 3x cheaper and at least 10x as reliable as the launch model. I did just that for the PS2 back then, I waited only a year, and it did wonders, never had a problem with it, unlike with the PS1 and the PS3.

In the meantime I have a crazy backlog of games to catch up with, it's awful, I can't buy them all! The PS3 will at least keep me occupied for a very long time still. Well, for as long as my 320GB GT5 sku can hold, that is... :p
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1146d ago
I completely sympathize :-/. Also, I love your screen name.
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