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jay2  +   1153d ago
Qrphe  +   1153d ago
I really hope they do implement that optional trackball controller. C'mon valve, create the best controller!!!
metroidfusion2  +   1153d ago
VonBraunschweigg  +   1153d ago
wishingW3L  +   1153d ago
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jocomat9  +   1153d ago

first to reference gets a bubble
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1153d ago
abc1233  +   1153d ago
hazardman  +   1153d ago
God willing, I'm hoping to get Xbox since its probably coming out 1st, then PS4 whenever that comes out. I'm getting a Wii U for kids. But if Nintendo somehow can get Eternal Darkness and a new Zelda game, Id buy the Deluxe! And I'm assuming that if Valve is making Steambox that Half Life 3 will be exclusive to SBox/PC so if that happens I will probably buy that as well.
Lou Ferrigno  +   1153d ago
BRING IT ON!.. As a techophile i'm ready to take on the Next wave of console systems and new generation of Gaming..Another words i Welcome change :)-
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BaconBits  +   1153d ago
I have all systems and since I have been leaning towards FPS the last few years I have mainly gamed on the xbox. Now that I am starting to get bored of those I am looking forward to the ps3 games like The Last of Us. The Wii U disappointed me for BLOPs 2 but my kids will enjoy the future first party games. I think I will get which ever system has more games I want and hold off buying the other until the price drops. I find it hard to resist new tech but I don't THINK the next from Sony or MS is going to be as huge of a leap as the last time.
Getowned  +   1153d ago
PS4 and Gaming PC(with steam on it.. at the end of the day what ever console has the most Co-op Games :P
josephayal  +   1153d ago
My Wii u is ready
Yodagamer  +   1153d ago
I know for sure I'm getting ouya as an impulse buy. I mean it's only $99, cheap to develop for so it will definitely have indie developers like current phones, which it basicly is.
gabeybabey  +   1153d ago
its just going to be all kinect focused on casual gamers etc.

Its all about the money
vega275  +   1153d ago
I'll get the next xbox day one when it releases i just hope it has B/C so i don't have to keep my 360 if i don't have too.

I'll get the steambox if i can carry my account and games i already own on my pc over to it as well if they will allow mods which would be a plus.

ouya I'm not certain but i won't rule it out. kind of on the fence about it.

ps4- nah I'm not looking to re-buy games i already have for it because they don't want to do B/C and i wasn't impress with the games they provided this gen. so no I'll pass
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Sgt_Slaughter  +   1153d ago
I want to get all 3 (I don't count the Steam Box since it's basically a PC) so I don't miss out on any of the exclusives the Big 3 will come out with in the coming years.
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Yangus  +   1153d ago
Ready for next-gen AAA quality GAMES.

I'm a video gamer, not brand fanboy.
Max-Zorin  +   1153d ago
I'm getting both the PS4 and the next Xbox.
Eyesoftheraven  +   1153d ago
Ready to ignore them for a little while while I use my perfectly capable gaming/video editing rig.
gabeybabey  +   1153d ago
Mark my words, next gen will be the downfall of console gaming. Im preparing to buy a gaming pc. After owning both xbox and ps3 at different times, it just dosent crack it. I'm playing sub-par game, some have even been dumbed down, Microsoft is focused on Kinect/$$, DLC is overpriced and complete BS. Ive seen some of those steam season sales and MY GOD. Abseloutly unreal, not to mention some awesome pc exclusives like Guild wars 2, starcraft, civ5, and the new planetside 2 and hawken!! You'd have to be crazy to miss out on these awesome titles!

I've had a vision, PC gaming will become mainstream and next gen will appeal to casual "living-room, family" gamers.
abc1233  +   1153d ago
Sub-par games? I'd list all of the awesome exclusive games on both 360 and PS3 but I'd rather not be here for the next week or so. There are some great PC exclusives but most of them don't need a gaming PC to run them, certainly not most of the ones you've listed. There are some great savings to be made on steam, but even with that I find it hard to justify spending an extra £500 or so on a gaming PC to get slightly better graphics.
Zoron007  +   1153d ago
Im tired of everyone assuming the next consoles are coming out in 2013. They haven't even been announced and will most likely only be announced at E3. That's like 5 months from announcement to release which is dumb. They would come out fall of 2014 at the earliest.
That-Guy  +   1153d ago
What on Earth with this "Ouya" thing? I don't understand how you can compare that to the other consoles. It's aiming at a mobile market.
AKS  +   1153d ago
I've already built a very nice gaming PC, so I don't need a Steambox. I am hoping some of my friends buy a Steambox, however. I'd like to play some co-op games and whatnot through Steam with them. Most of the friends I'm talking about aren't terribly technically inclined and avoid PC gaming because they are weary of assembling hardware or finding drivers. The Steambox should take care of that issue.

I'm probably going to buy a PS4 considering Sony is home to Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, and the like. I've been very impressed with the PS3's the first- and second-party stuff and hope that continues with the PS4. I am pretty curious to see the final specs of the hardware, though.

I'm not sure about the next Xbox yet. I got sick of paying for LIVE and cancelled it. I usually payed for LIVE only after a Gears game was released and then stopped playing when I moved on to other games. As with the PS4, I'm very interested in seeing the final specs of the hardware.

I'm not likely to get into OUYA personally, but I'm curious about it nonetheless. I'm going to keep an eye on it and see how people react to it.

I think this is the first time I'm probably not going to buy Nintendo's console. I'm just not convinced that the hardware is worth the price (not in the sense that I can't afford it; rather, I don't like being overcharged) from what I've seen so far. I could still eventually be lured back by killer first-party titles. We'll see.
slampunk  +   1153d ago
i can only hope that people don't just state "i'm getting a PS4 day 1" without considering other possibilities?

i used to be a PS fanboy until this gen....i have a 360, PS3 and a gaming PC.

PC is certainly where it's at currently......Microsoft have certainly won this (console) gen IMO and the playstation whilst being a decent system has certainly had to play catch up with things after launching so late in the piece....

i hope PS come out with a comparable system to MS so games are easy to develop for both systems.....then the companies will need to focus on other services they provide which will only benefit us, the consumers...
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cedaridge  +   1153d ago
I utter your same words. I was a ps fanboy as well but it took a good LED tv & surround sound to make me see the difference. I spoke of this before when it comes to framerate & audio xbox 360 (multiplat) shine. I had to face the fact that just because you throw bluray, 1080p, and DTS on the box doesn't mean NOTHING unless it's made for the ps3. NOW i don't like paying for online but for the most xbox support my HT system the BEST but i built my HT with the ps3 in mind. Now i know the disagrees are coming but my question to you is "Do You Have Both console's and are they hooked to some sort of 5.1 system?" And please NO stupid fanboy crap comment just facts. psn: cedar4Thunder / xbl: cedar4Thunder
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AKS  +   1152d ago
I won't buy anything without knowing some details about it first, but I do know that I'll probably want to play more games from Naughty Dog in the future just as I knew I'd want to play games from Naughty Dog and Insomniac before I bought a PS3. I anticipate the PS4 will probably be decent enough that it will merit buying it for games I know I like. But if not, yeah, I would consider the other options instead. I don't think I'm going to buy all of them the way I did this generation. I spent much more time with my PS3 and PC than the other platforms.
TheKayle  +   1153d ago
i sold my ps3 with psmove/eye this friday i kept my 360 for cubovision and mediaset premium apps yeah im def ready for a new console....this gen is being already boring seen that most of the game that i play right now r on pc......

too much graphics gap between pc and console right now...

play guild wars 2 on high setting then jump on the best openworld for console and then ..u will feel like u playing something very very OLD...

this gen is end

they putted out all of what they could from that machines...look at the last of us...yeah is cool ..very cool look nothing compared to a pc game but for a console is ok...but if u compare that to uncharted 3...boh ok some better use of the light...better use of the AA..different palette of colors..but is pretty the same graphic....

so yeah pls tech ....go ahead

and to all the aficionados fanboys that will disagree...i seen u already drool on samaritan tech demo or mgs zero demo or square enix pls dont do the stupids.....
gameplay is too important
but graphics r too important too
and we seen a game like god of nothing more than a golden axe from the ' a PRO GRAPHICS version....admit that graphics r too important :) see yaa
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SicilianGunner  +   1153d ago
im going with the steambox both my ps3 and my xbox 360 broke on me.....i really not into really good graphics I prefer average graphics with really good gameplay and i think the steam box could deliver on that
saimcheeda  +   1153d ago
Ps4 for me
But ill buy it later on, ive never bought any consoles at launch time!
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1153d ago
I have a TON of PS3 games that still need playing. And there are games that are coming out that I'll definitely pick up. Also I just got a Wii U so I have to play through the games coming out for that (Pikmin, Rayman). I live and work away from my home country so a console being region free is very important to me. That was a huge positive for the PS3 and I'll be getting a PS4 for sure if it's also region free. If it's not... well I'll have to compare it to the 720 before I make a decision...
kevnb  +   1153d ago
steambox isnt a console, but im interested in it
Roccetarius  +   1153d ago
You must mean two consoles and two PC's in 2013.
Newsman  +   1153d ago
"Are You Ready For 4 New Consoles in 2013" Are you ready for another poor title article based on no fact. Should be forum 4 gamers or
Parasyte  +   1153d ago
Honestly, I'm getting a new gaming PC in the spring, so I'll have that to tide me over for a while until the next gen starts. I have a soft spot in my colon for consoles so I will probably always own at least one.

I was a Nintendo/Playstation gamer back in the day, but Halo convinced me to switch to the Xbox. Here lately the Xbox has been losing, not "loosing", its appeal to me. I have played several games on my PS3 this year that I absolutely love, and it seems to me that the PS3 has the better games with a better variety.

If that trend continues, I'll be getting the PS4 because if Microsoft are only coming to the table with Gears, Forza, and Halo, plus a metric crap-ton of Kinect shovelware; they can keep it.
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Fakdafakinfakerz  +   1153d ago
PS4 + Steam Box = Best Combo ever
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