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TesMgsFan  +   961d ago
The PS4 and the XBOX 720 will be a succes the steambox will be great for take place like ps4 xbox 720 and steambox but what is a OUYA ?
ApolloTheBoss  +   961d ago
Definitely getting a PS4 but not at launch, maybe a month later, when I'll know if there are some major issues like a new YLOD.
THC CELL  +   961d ago
Steam box n ps4 for me Xbox will be doomed in my opinion
Goodfella78  +   961d ago
Il`l be one of the smart ones that will wait a couple of years till the next gen machines are tryed and tested for gremlins and malfunctions first,and by then they will have a decent library of games also.....
ApolloTheBoss  +   961d ago
I agree to an extent, and maybe a couple of MONTHS. But years? Come on, man some risks are worth taking.
Goodfella78  +   960d ago
Lol yeah maybe 2 years does sound a little hasty,personally for me no less then one year till i take the plunge,i got the ps2 and ps3 on launch and was left broke and scratching my head wondering where the games were lol.....
AngelicIceDiamond  +   961d ago
720 for me. I have a healthy gaming career on 360. PS4 if the price is right.
Achievevanator67  +   961d ago
There isn't any confirmed besides rumours that I ain't buying into , nothing t'ill late 2014 coming !!!
Relientk77  +   961d ago
Yes I am done with this generation, give me the PS4, or w/e Sony will call it
stage88  +   961d ago
Will obviously look at all consoles and find our all specs but of course PS4 is definitely bought straight away.
RGB  +   961d ago
Console I will get;

PlayStation 4.

Console I may get (depending on exclusives);

Wii U.

Consoles I couldn't care for;

Steam Box - Why? I have a PC that's supports Steam which has big picture.
3rd Xbox - Why? Microsoft doesn't entertainment me one iota. Shooter console, say no more.
Ouya - Why? Niche produce that won't offer game experiences I want.

My favourite genres are;

1st. Action/Adventure
2nd. Stealth
3rd. Western-RPG
4th. Sandbox games
5th. Racing/Sports
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tigertron  +   961d ago
My body is ready for next-gen.
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MuhammadJA  +   961d ago
Nope. Sick of consoles. PC all the way!
3/4 consoles will have free multi player. World is getting better!

between psn + gaiaki and steam xbl has some trouble.

If you add pc then 4/5 platforms have free multi player!
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Pandamobile  +   961d ago
I didn't really realize just how old these consoles were until I thought back to when they came out.

I was in the 8th grade when Xbox 360 came out.

I'll be a few months short of graduating university if the next gen consoles release this time next year...
cervantes99  +   961d ago
I was in the 8th grade when SNES came out! I feel really old now :)
TheNocturnus  +   961d ago
I was 11 when the SNES came out, I feel old.
Armyntt  +   961d ago
Whatever box has the best NFL football game is where im going. Sports games has been my biggest factor going back to the SEGA Genesis days. I bought the SEGA first then a few years the SNES and so on.
NoobJobz  +   961d ago
Don't they all have the same NFL games? (Madden). I don't understand how you can use that as a deciding factor since they all have the same NFL game?
Armyntt  +   961d ago
Best football game is more than just a title. For instance IMO i play Madden on 360 more than the PS3. Its just smoother to me and the controls to me just feel better. I used to game my football on the genesis back in the day because it too was just smoother for sports than the SNES was to me. The sole reason i never got around to building a high end PC is because Madden is no longer available on PC.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   961d ago
ill stick with PS4 and 720
Dr_Saucy  +   961d ago
Will stay with my xbox 360 and see how the 720 shapes up. Doubt I'll be shelling out over £400 on a newly released console as soon as it comes out. Saying that, if Playstation ups it's online service then the PS4 would sound tempting as free online. Only thing with Playstation is their controller. If they change it this time round then we'll see. Coming from a gamer that owns both consoles.
3-4-5  +   961d ago
I love my Xbox 360, 3DS, & PSP.

I will continue to play those still, simply for the fact of the amount of quality games on each system.

I am ready for the 720 though. I will get it and it will be a quality system.

Even when I buy the 720. I'm still going to play the 360 from time to time, depending on which game I'm feeling.

The 720 won't have a ton of good games until maybe 2015-2016, so we have time to still enjoy what we already own.

And for PS fans, same applies to the PS4. It will bet a solid system as well.
MeNoRasta  +   961d ago
I'm not looking forward to the prices that's about it lol.
DJ  +   961d ago
Screw Ouya. Free-to-play games tend to suck. And Nintendo dropped the ball with Wii U.

Sony, Microsoft and Valve will dominate.
cervantes99  +   961d ago
PS4 for sure for me. Microsoft will have to bring some NEW IPs for me to consider them again. Kinect focus the last couple of years has soured my opinion of them.

We shall see in 4-6 months what is in store for gamers. Very interesting times!
bozebo  +   961d ago
If they launch in 2013 they will be obsolete so much faster than this gen was, 2014 maybe.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   961d ago
I'll pass on Steam console, only cause I have a good gaming PC and I can always hook it up to the TV.
Npugz7  +   961d ago
New Xbox for me and a PS4 later on! Ouya can suck my sack!!
NoobJobz  +   961d ago
I will probably try them all. Don't know if I will buy them but definitely going to play them. Probably buy PS4 and 720. Slight chance of Steambox. We shall see though.
level 360  +   961d ago
Looking forward to all the next-gen consoles, but more so the good/bad points of each console and then the comments/rants from all gaming persuasion.
PS4isKing_82  +   961d ago
I will probably be trading my wiiu and ps3 towards a ps4 next year. And buy 3 or 4 of the best games on launch. Haven't cared for xbox since the original xbox. But im very curious about this steam box thing. It could launch with a half life HD set of hl1 and hl2 and then have half life 3 possibly a year later or even better, launch HL3 with the steam box. That would be a killer launch.
SDF Repellent  +   961d ago
Xbox 720 all the way. Now let me see the disagreements.
sdplisken  +   961d ago
the next gen starts when sony says so
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neogeo  +   961d ago
I will buy the system/systems that have the best library of games according to my interests. Nuff said
scissor_runner  +   960d ago
Man we could use a new neo geo though!
Beat em ups
Space shooters
Side scrOolers!
neogeo  +   960d ago
I was thinking we it would be nice to have a crazy expensive system again like Neogeo. make it $5500

make it in limited supply and just to drive people crazy that can't afford it. Neogeo was the rich mans systems back in the day and it being so much money made me want it more. No PC or anything could beat it in the graphics.

I would not afford it but it would be fun just knowing a true beast system was out that was not just a PC at that power level.
RuleofOne343  +   961d ago
I will buy the two I know & care for(P/X) the other two can FO.
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