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Run_bare  +   1078d ago
Wow, that title is so illogical. The issue about gaming industry is the lack of experience in gaming journalism.
RELIGHT  +   1078d ago
Stupid article is stupid. Nothing to see here.
Droid Control  +   1078d ago
I think the PS4 will do the best next gen.
The Wii U is current gen and the 720 might continue to screw the hardcore in favour of Kinect 2, lack of multiformats, and Xbox LIVE price hikes.
chukamachine  +   1078d ago
I actually think 720 will do worse then 360.

Wii u will be 40+million sales.

Regardless of sales, I will be getting a PS4.
Mister_G  +   1078d ago
Agreed. Uncharted 4 in Super HD? Yes please!! :)
gobluesamg  +   1078d ago
Article and site voted down!!
BX81  +   1078d ago
I just hope I have more of a reason to turn on my ps4 than I did with my PS3.
Mister_G  +   1078d ago
The F.U.D. has started already? Jeeze! Give Sony a break and give them the benefit of the doubt at least until they've actually announce the next PS and we know the specs.
OmegaWolf  +   1078d ago
I'm starting to resent coming to this site for gaming news. Who the hell allows the people to constantly flood their website with ridiculous flame bait articles? PS4 is already doomed! It hasn't come out yet, but we already know it will! Believe us! Give this site hits! Get your stuff together N4G. Your site is really starting to suck.
kingmushroom  +   1078d ago
Im with you on that one.
iliimaster  +   1078d ago
my buying list goes like this -getting the wii u
(i grew up with zelda and mario) and new xbox for the multiplayer fun n friends, ps4 i can hold off on simply because all their amazing games by then will be 40 or less ive been thru 5 xbox 360's and 3 ps3's and one wii and wait that steam box will take all my 3rd party games aswell i can't wait for that
iliimaster  +   1078d ago
whoever dissagreed show yourself@! lol
Vickistheman  +   1078d ago
The hate has begun for PS4. This reeks fear and desperate propaganda by some xbox fanboy.

If the PS4 launches at $349-$399 around the same time as the xbox 720(within 6 months), with about equal power, free on-line, good luck MS.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   1078d ago
SDF in full defense mode on this one. Funny how there weren't these kinds of articles before this generation started. That's because everyone thought the PS3 was just going to dominate the dojo right out of the gate.

We were told to get second jobs by the big wigs at Sony to afford a game console.

We were told we'd be given 500 bucks, or something to that amount if we could find a PS3 on store shelves during the Christmas season of 06. (look it up young ones.. that is true) And they were everyone to be bought.

Nobody thought the 360 stood a chance. And as this generation ends, boy has MS made a HUGE dent in the game consoles market. North America is dominated by 360 sales now... Year after Year is outsells the competition here. Nobody thought that at the start of this gen. But it has happened. MS made a dent this generation... this is why we are getting these kinds of articles now.

New generation, and new expectations. Welcome to a World where the 360.. with "NO" exclusives, keeps outselling all here in the most important place for game sales.

Edit.. Funny to read people still crying about MS abandoning the hardcore. I forgot, they don't have the best version of COD, the best version of most 3rd party games, and some great exclusives. LOL... the hardcore gamer can't play the superior or hasn't been playing the 95% superior versions of the 3rd party games? I forgot, MS is the ones that get the sloppy seconds of former exclusives years later right? Because the 360 has no games for the hardcore gamer, even though they have more 3rd party games, better 3rd party games, and great exclusives... not to mention some great games only on the xbox arcade.

How's minecraft on the psn coming? Trials? But PSN+ that i pay for to get free games! Wait... PSN is free to play on... and I'm paying for free games. Paying for free games.

Paying money, for "free" games? And boom they're gone when your subscription runs out. Yay!
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JustV  +   1078d ago
@miDnIghtEr20C_SfF :
So what you are saying is that you rather spend 59.99 on every games that comes out, and also pay for Xbox Live rather than paying 49.99 (as an option)for a subscription that last you for a whole year so you can download full games every month? Yes they do expire, but I'm sure you cleared the game by then unless you take over a year to clear a game...
Think about it...Lets say there are about 3 games you like: Street Figher IV, Bioshock 2 and Batman.
You as Xbox go out and buy those 3 + your lovely Xbox Live subscription. How much did you end up paying?

I paid 49.99 for my PSN Plus...WIN....Guess what ? Who has more money in the pocket? I can use the rest of the money and maybe book a stripper while I play some of these games:) Bam..

I hope you don't end up in the financial industry or workfield...
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Withdreday  +   1078d ago
FYI, Xbox live is 60 bucks a year now, so your point is amplified.
sdplisken  +   1078d ago
face it bro this is a completely new generation and your crapbox is destined for 3rd place (ps3 has sold more systems than M$ in less time on the market, despite being MORE EXPENSIVE)

the sad thing is that 360 only has halo/gearz/fable/forza and kinect shovelware for a game library ROFL

99% of those 3rd party games you mentioned run just fine on ps3, now how about the dozens or so MULTIPLATS that require DISC SWAPPING on 360?
PS3 gets the game on 1 DISC which makes it the best version hands down by default (just wait for GTAV on 3 or 4 discs lol)

Next gen Sony is gonna crush M$ with 1st party exclusives, competitive pricing, RELIABLE HARDWARE, free online, cloud gaming, and a subscription service that dosnt rip you off

now what does M$ have cooking for next gen?
1.ANOTHER HALO (Bungies multiplat now, so sad they made the xbox brand)
2. Gearz 5? this is a 3rd party game and with games being so expensive now it could go MULTIPLAT at any time
3. Another Forza (gotta have something to try to counter GT in sales (prolly ms best franchise imo)

Anything else? M$ has NO OTHER DEVS lol maybe i should mention the dozens of devs making kinect shovelware?

Hey now you enjoy your Kinectbox 2.0, im sure it will still be hardcore with (halo/gearz/fable/forza spamming, cod mappacks and kinect shovelware

PS4's 1st party exclusive machine alone will crush the next crapbox
happy gaming!
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TBONEJF  +   1078d ago
Great another site that i hate the most BGR is over rated. I don't even read or go on their site. how the hell can they say this when no one doesn't know what the hardware looks like or what it can do? This is getting out of hand and stupid
PCgamer4ever  +   1078d ago
Gabe Newell says hi.
AutoCad  +   1078d ago
360 day one for me,im tired of sony forcing game developers like zipper and slant 6 to make a game like call of duty.PS died for me when they fucked over the socom series.
JustV  +   1078d ago
I'm very sick of hearing about this....I own both consoles.. at the end of the day. I choose the Ps3 for a reason.
More bang for the bucks! I'm sorry but there are so many reasons why PS3 is a better value.

For almost the same price I get: A Blu-Ray player, PSN that's free. Not to mention that Xbox charges you to even run Netflix....when you already paid nextflix...Lots of awesome AAA games...Games that need probably 2 DVD's in order to play on Xbox. (LOL) . Who the hell uses Battery on controllers anymore anyway? The list goes on and on....
The facts are there...I'm not going to pay for Xbox Live...Forget it...I rather use that money to pay 49.99 for a PS Plus and get good full games every month...
Dr_Saucy  +   1078d ago
I won't lie. PS3 has been a bit of a let down in this generation. Sure, it's got some fantastic games, would probably say it has a better library than xbox when it comes to exclusives but this generation been all about online and after buying an xbox 360, going back to play my PS3 just doesn't feel the same when it comes to online e.g slower downloads, less content and variety and of course cross-game chat which for me is it's killer feature. That I believe makes all the difference when it comes to gaming and thats what i bought my xbox for.To play games.
Withdreday  +   1078d ago
Anyone else getting sick of the whole "I love all game consoles equally" statement in fanboy bait articles? It's getting rather irritating.
MeNoRasta  +   1078d ago
Next gen im only sticking to one console and that's gonna be the ps4 or the xbox 720 most likely the cheapest out the two.
5eriously  +   1078d ago
Rather the best off the two. My concern is Microsoft does not inspire confidence that they will release many new IP's and as many games as Sony will.
5eriously  +   1078d ago
[" multi-platform games on the console consistently end up being buggier and uglier than on the Xbox 360 in many cases. Cases in point: Skyrim, Mass Effect 3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops II."]

That is a problem that could be laid squarely at the door of the developers. Funny that the Sony AA titles have no huge issues.

I presume all these articles have to come out NOW as soon there will be no more chance to state that the PS3 is behind the Xbox360. I want to make a bet that lifetime sales for the PS3 will still give the Wii totals a go.

Let the PS4 arrive in good time and when Sony as well as the PS4 is ready, we are ready and patience will prevail. The advantage is that the hardware may still be improved if required. The PS3 showed that even with a year lag and higher price they still beat the xbox360 in sales since its release and definitely will also be the winner with lifetime sales. Even a full year head start for the Xbox360 made no difference.

Just some more info!

['the PlayStation corporation also claimed there are now 3,590 games available for PS3"]

["PS3 hits 70m to go neck-and-neck with Xbox 360
Sony announces milestone less than a month after Microsoft"]
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level 360  +   1078d ago
Nothing against MS/XBox 360 but do hate it with a vengeance for not having the practicality of swapping to a much larger-spaced hard drive like the Sony PS3.

This is the " big crux " of Microsoft and I'm sure it's going to be the same with the XBox 8/720.
Ridiick  +   1078d ago
OMG, this reflection has been done by an ignorant.

In asian cultures the 4 is bad luck, it would be similar to call the next console PS13, for that reason the rumors told about Orbis and thebes the two codenames used in the news.

It's a pity that some pseudo-journalists prefer follow their personal taste instead inform people with the truth.
mattgdumb  +   1073d ago
PS3and4_HAS_GAMES  +   1075d ago
its funny how i have not been on this site in months and i come on just to see whats new and these same lame articles are still hot topics lol....nothing changes
mattgdumb  +   1073d ago
ALL I SEE in these comments is playstation fanboys all im gonna say is i have both ps3 and 360 as well as a decent pc gaming rig, all you guys do is bitch and complain about what is better yet if you enjoyed your damn gaystation so much you would be busy playing it, you guys are fags all the 360 gamers are too busy playing awesome games than complaining about there playstations cause they cant play shit on it and there is no gaemez im gonna watch a blu ray now on my dusty ps3 cause thats all its good for
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