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Sugreev2001  +   889d ago
It's no secret that Japanese have very clear likes and dislikes.They are often into very "Japanese" games,not ones that commonly populate the Xbox library.And any visitor to Japan will tell you that they are extremely Xenophobic.No wonder it's still one of the most Homogenous societies on the planet.
jonli76  +   889d ago
is simple xbox is made american product japan will never support american products. Look how they want to sell their cars here but they like american cars been sold in japan. and what about a few years back japan was mad at apple cause no mac products werent using no japanese hardware what kind of crap is that.
lfclee  +   889d ago
North america is the same xbox sells well there over the japenese consoles.
Max-Zorin  +   889d ago
Because they don't like the Xbox brand. Next gen MS should just give up hope and pull out Japan. It's been clear that if it's not Playstation or Nintendo no f*cks will be given.
Erudito87  +   889d ago
maybe its because ms hasnt delivered any good first party games
Jag-T1000  +   889d ago
It's pointless trying to sell something in Japan. If the Japanese didn't make it, they won't buy it. Simple as that!
PirateThom  +   889d ago
Are people still going for the complete nonsense that is the "Japan hates American products" bit?
Jag-T1000  +   889d ago
Open your eyes, it's not rocket science!
landog  +   888d ago
its all about who has the software and style that appeals to japans sensibilities, it is the same all over the world, ps3,ps2 and psp speak well to the japanesse people, xbox does not

simple really
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UnholyLight  +   888d ago
I strongly encourage everyone to read this article. It's a great read and very informative. I just can't believe that the Japanese hate the games we have here. I guess a Japanese person can make the same statement about my Canadian-ness but I just don't see how they enjoy half the games they play...
J86blum  +   888d ago
They(have a asian friend and he explained it to me.) Don't dig the wash and repeat of the same series BIG three, Gears of War, Forza, and Halo. they dont change or bring anything new and despite the weapons and such gears is basically KillSwitch 2.0 its run to cover, fire, and repeat. FORZA was big until 3 or 4 and then the new on went way out there in goofy.

Halo I dunno what the deal is there he simply said they dont like it. (shurggs) I find it weird they dont dig them despite they LOVELOVELOVE the DynastyWarrior type games of button smasher. but its whatever i suppose. If I like a series then im not hearing it when people bash it. and I seem to be the Andy Worhol of my friends since games that dont seem to rate high I love for example. any of the Suda51/grasshopper games, Juiced 2, Earth Defense Force. Don't get me wrong I like the AAA games, but even when people bash them like RE5-6 I simply whistle,wiggle my toes and play away.
pedroyamato  +   888d ago
Japanese ppl are just to loyal to their brands.

They have Nintendo and Sony as main videogame developers so they really dont need to buy from a "new" foreign company.

Microsoft actually did all they could to attract japanese customers attention, one example, Blue Dragon was a tradicional japanese rpg with characters designed by Akira Toriyama, should it be on the wii or ps3 and BOOM, 2 million copies best-seller hit, but the japanese were just skeptical about it on a different platform.

Games for xbox here in Japan are cheaper than the ps3, the xbox360 hardware itself is cheaper than the wii, but it still can outsell them.

I really dont believe that any new xbox would suceedd here. Japanese ppl are just not opened to it.
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UnholyLight  +   888d ago
Yeah. It's just surprising because Microsoft really was serious for a while about getting some of the market share in Japan and they just got snubbed because they were "Too American" almost it seems. It just really surprises me. But like you said it just kinda comes down to what they are familiar with. I actually never started out a Microsoft fan, when I was little it was Sega Genesis then Nintendo N64-Gamecube. Now I am a hardcore Xbox 360 guy.
Irish_Fella  +   888d ago
Exactly, it's down to loyalty to their homegrown brands. Nothing wrong with that.
Kos-Mos  +   888d ago
I said this a trillion times and I'll say it again: Japanese people want games with depth. You can't argue with this. And those who will are nationalists.
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fourthpersonview  +   888d ago
It failed because Rapelay wasn't released on it. LOL
VTKC  +   888d ago
Japanese like to stick to their own inventions.
DonFreezer  +   886d ago
I'm sorry but is there anyone now who doesn't realize that n4g is a pro-sony site?By reading the article you can clearly see that Sony paid huge amounts of money to developers so that they would not release games to the Xbox.How can a game developer say to someone who they just had a meeting that he didn't knew him?Was he so afraid that the Sony executive next to him would refer them to Sony?Why when someone on here mentions the imaginary paychecks that Microsoft is giving to the developers everyone storms them with egress and bubbles and when someone clearly mentions the same for Sony(with facts this time since he was the one witnessing all this) everyone makes fun of the Xbox and Microsoft.I am not trolling at all but the pro-sony anti-microsoft phenomenon has grown so much in here.
DonFreezer  +   886d ago
It's that simple but people just keep on refusing the truth.Microsoft has enough money to pay developers to makes Final Fantasy, Metal Gear and whatever game you would like exclusive.But from the article it is confirmed that Microsoft cares about cooperating with companies that want to work on the console and not the ones who demand money for doing so.It's as simple as that.Most companies were afraid losing the Nintendo and Sony paychecks and that's why games were never released to the Xbox 360.Add to that all the other American hatred you've just read and you know why Xbox will never win Japan.
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