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ajax17  +   586d ago
This is pretty dumb...
Mister_G  +   586d ago
I'm getting a PS4.
VTKC  +   586d ago
has either of the two titans released any concrete spec of their next war machines?
Clarence  +   586d ago
I highly doubt it.
BDG  +   586d ago
I think that all this info is saying is that more xbox 360 owners are unhappy with their current console due to lack of anything exciting coming out on it over the next year so are searching xbox 720 in the hope that they can finally get a better console!
PS3 owners however are searching for cool upcoming games such as the last of us or beyond:two souls so aren't in as much hurry for a new console to provide ground breaking games!
Just saying !
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ChiTownDoc  +   586d ago
despite the obvious fanboy/trolling you're doing here, you make some semi-decent points.
BrianC6234  +   586d ago
I bet they predicted the PS3 would crush the 360 too. It's lame to try to predict this stuff. There's too many variables involved. What if a stock supply problem hits one of them and gamers decide to buy the other console since they can't find the one they wanted?
Bar_Brothers  +   586d ago
360 is a sucess
Ps3 a disaster

Next gen might the the other way around.

Will see.
ChiTownDoc  +   586d ago
ps3 is hardly a "disaster" but whatever
jagstatboy  +   586d ago
I bet "Red Ring of Death" is searched more than "Yellow Light of Death" too.
stonekilla23  +   586d ago
Fuck google!
CLOUD1983  +   586d ago
The only case where this can happen is if the PS4 cost 100+ $/€ more than nextbox & even if that happen it will be because it will be very advanced & expensive piece of hardware, so ppl might w8 a little at the start but eventually they will get one for sure, no1 can ignore the more than 15 1st party studios SONY own & all the amazing exclusive games they keep on pumping every year, unless they r blind-xbox fanboys ofc.
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DERKADER  +   586d ago
Fanboys arguing over Google search term popularity. Now I've seen everything. Good thing I play games not platforms.
Kos-Mos  +   586d ago
google is known to cater to the mindless masses. Just sayin`.
ylwzx3  +   586d ago
My PC crushes them both....
ChiTownDoc  +   586d ago
"No one cares about you Mr. PC Gamer," said everyone.
lfclee  +   586d ago
All the fanboys out in force i see, flamebaiting and everyone falls for it, don't take notice just wait and enjoy your games not which console sells the most are you gamers or just fanboys i'm sure this is all bull you know.
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Kingthrash360  +   586d ago
Everybody's a prophet these days.... Even a website apperantly.
level 360  +   586d ago
One thing I would like to know is will the XBox 8 or 720 as a console platform and the games that will come be able to push the boundaries since next year and after we'll also see the battle between OLED versus 4K television screens.

I'm sure Sony has already prepared for this..
ryu_hayabusa   586d ago | Spam
SITH  +   586d ago
Given I am only buying one, it does not matter to me given I won't be making a dime of the sales.

Yes... I am getting the 72o.
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PS4isKing_82  +   586d ago
How? We have no firm release date, price, confirmed specs, launch game lineup, or anything yet and probably won't until the companies reveal at e3. I can't wait for next gen to start but putting an article like this is kinda dumb when we haven't even seen either console yet.
2pacalypsenow  +   586d ago
when google calls it xbox 720 (which is not even the official name) it looses all credibility
finite  +   586d ago
Do not much care for the next console .. Ill take a PC over a console any day
Cueil  +   586d ago
Relax people... it's alright... it's just based on search results... (insert your console of choice) hasn't come out and lost the console war yet.
Xenomorph  +   586d ago
Yeah worldwide domination. I guess thats why the PS2 sold more than the 360 half the time in japan.
TheKayle  +   586d ago
dont worry guys...after becoming 3 this gen on 3....u can just grow up :D
MasterCratosKong66  +   586d ago
If their predictions are as crappy as Google Translate, then this will be pretty far off. Probably is anyway but I will have both so no matter to me.
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