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csreynolds  +   1078d ago
Oh, Google "said it". Must be true then.

Run along, fanboy...
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5eriously  +   1078d ago
I never made any choice of purchase on what others say or just because something is popular in my life so Google's "predictions" will never sway me! The fact that I decided to buy a PS3 instead of a Xbox based on what the technology offered was proof of that and now that decission seems well vindicated.
hadouken007  +   1078d ago
Anything for hits.
TheKayle  +   1078d ago
ppl just need to realize that nowdays MS and Sony moving on different areas...while sony is still trying to make happy their hardcore gamers base (is a very low % compared to all the gamers types) Ms is trying to do the bingo ...there r girls that i know the kind of girls that go in disco with 12cm high heels and miniskirt that ask me "u need to come and play with kinect is awesome!" this could be a stupid example but in me ..isnt im a 35 years old gamer and less some very rare case i never seen girls interested in a console like this gen they did with the kinect for x360 ..
While i think hardcore gamers (and i think to be one of them) will N E V E really happy about the current gen and always will have something bad to say about a company or a game all the others r more easy to satisfy
Hardcore gamers ..r divided and play on different tech ..most of us prefeer pc for the high end gaming (yeah put it in your head like this) and play console games just to have fun in the spare time....
i got ps3 and x360 but i can admit that i spent more hours on league of legends and..guild wars 2 than all the hours that i spent on xbox and ps3 together
yeah is true some games r unique..look uncharted....or halo
but what im seeing is that there r 3rd party games that dont have nothing to envy on exclusive games...look at the new tomb raider or mgs zero ...mgs rising dead redemption ( i could say other 30 titles)
exclusivity is going to be a sort of pure fanboyism
and i can say without any shame that my life as a gamer would be totally the same without playing a god of war game...or gear of war game (also if i played both)
next xbox get more interest coz is rumored to give more than just GAMES...and to more ppl than just hardcore gamers
In half of ur comments im reading who sell more...but the questiona nd the answer is very easy....they could sell on no look i wanna do better...let imagine sony sold more ps3 than xbox and all the charts r wrong the answer is....Ms get x10 times more money than sony selling less console......why? boh i dont know i have my idea of how it work here in italy and in most of europe
i think ps3 sold this much in europe coz of the ps3 software that have low piracy...if u go to check r the place where xbox sold more....coincidence? i dont know...but i can say that all my friend that got a ps3 have it with a custom firmware on it...

If is true that the x720 will be what rumors r saying well i think we have already the king of the next gen...but...but hardcore gamers like me....or probably like u ....will buy both system and upgrade their pcs too

This gen is pretty end...and still ppl fight like dogs on who win ...on who is the top seller....when the answer is there ...who get more money is the winner in this game guys...and good or bad ...for Nintendo>Ms>>>> Sony
I putted all of that ">" coz sony is the only one with big financial problem and also if u could say..."oh but that problems come from tv market not the gaming one".....i could answer that sony did more mistakes than good hit in the gaming area too ..look at the vita fail...loook at the price of the ps3 look at psn hack.....look at the cfw hack look at the ps eye and move fail
now all of this is hard to understand? no i think no...
we all love games and i can admit that ps3 gave to me great games ....i LOVED uncharted
but one thing MUST be clear coz numbers talk for itself sony end 3rd this gen
and if someone still thinkin that they can get up from this situation at some months from next consoles announce is blind or stupid or is just a fanboy that is worst than the first two
now go with all the dislike but give me a good reason to change my mind on this and probably ill do it
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ajax17  +   1078d ago
Just write a few sentences... We don't need your life story :p
wishingW3L  +   1078d ago
But Gaming Bolt say that according to Google PS4 was the 6th most searched electronic of 2012 while the X720 didn't even make Top 10 so... What is going on? Is someone lying?
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hardcorehippiez  +   1077d ago
its all a pr game . by the time these systems release you will be well dizzy. get ready for the shit to be flung and a load of fud to be spread. people these days try to make themselves look good by ripping down other people /things rather than trying to better themselves. its really kinda sad . i know who has supported me the best for games this gen so i know where ill be going next gen. simples
abzdine  +   1078d ago
if it's the same games they are releasing (halo and gears) and the same broken Kinect things there is no risk this could happen.
People who want variety choose Nintendo or Sony.
lyliade  +   1078d ago
xbox is the best console nothing to say more! i have both ps3 and xbox 360.
RealtorMDandDC  +   1078d ago
Are you serious, Xbox 360 is the best console if you want a set up box to pay a subscription to watch and use apps that can be used for free. If you're looking to play quality need to look elsewhere.
iamnsuperman  +   1078d ago
Has no one really thought why this has happened. The "leaks" coming out about the nextxbox seem far more credible than anything coming out about the PS4. Of course something will be searched more than the other if the leak is far more credible. This "result" the article has claimed to have found means nothing especially when you look into the factors

Also google hasn't predicited anything. The author has assumed based on secondary data he/she has collected. Seriously sometimes i loose faith in us wih the stupid stuff that keeps happening. If your going to do your own research at least title it correctly
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strigoi814  +   1078d ago
So google is related to Nostradamus??? Wth?
chukamachine  +   1078d ago
If the PS4 has GT6, Uncharted 4 at launch. With a good price.

It's all good.
RealtorMDandDC  +   1078d ago
I find it interesting that people talk about 360 beating PS3 is sales...blah..blah. But what people fail to realize is that of those 70+ million sales how many are attributed to the replacement of console due to RROD, malfunction to the DVD tray, and etc. I can't pay no mind to Xbox 360 sales figured cause it's seriously flawed. I would cut the numbers in half....Because everyone I know that owns a 360 are on their 2nd 360 at the minimum..I know people dumb enough to be on their 4th.

How many people seriously still have their original Xbox 360 from day 1. I would say that percentage is extremely slim..I still have my Fat PS3 and a Slim...
Toman85  +   1078d ago
Microsoft screwed over for me with X360 with promises and babbling over Kinect for hardcore, they have the best and most exclusives and so much more, why bother with X720? I hate to been lied at.
Yes I have X360, so I know what they been lied about.

Nahh I will stick with my Wii U, coming PS4 and a coming next-gen PC and maybe X720 if they dont lie to me again and get some new IP's that's not involve Kinect or XBLA.
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NewsWithFriends  +   1078d ago
it's interesting to note that in 2012 Google searches under Consumer Electronics results were Playstation at #6 with no Xbox in site.... how else can we change up search results to fan the flames of the fan boy wars?

Just play the games :-)
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Gamerita  +   1078d ago
Halo console cannot crush the multi flavoured PS4. :)
DC1980  +   1078d ago
The PS4 will still have better exclusives
Warj  +   1078d ago
Even though there are a lot a variables Google can't take into account, it is still interesting how it came up with its figures.
TBONEJF  +   1078d ago
Wait a minute isn't SONY one of their Android partners? N how do they know when the new systems aren't even out yet
sdplisken  +   1078d ago
"Playstation" is the 6th most searched for electronic device in the world for 2012 according to google as well

dont see "xbox" anywhere in that list
Raoh  +   1078d ago
It's a bit tricky to use this data.

For instance, head over to neogaf. There have been more rumors about xbox 720 since early 2012 and maybe end of 2011 and the ps4 rumors didn't actually start to land until sometime just after the 2012 fall season.
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Vickistheman  +   1078d ago
So the doom articles for psOmni/Orbis begins.
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gamern4g  +   1078d ago
Google has predicted a lot of things and you know what - its not like that.
ipe  +   1078d ago
Irrelevant in japan,asia, developing countries. xbox check
2 years and 300euros advantage in europe wasnt enough for xbox. Trailing by 5+million today. xbox check
each npd difference s smaller in xbox favour.

psn ll be same or better next gen than live with free online play, optional ps+, support for mmos, small studios.

xbox ll be more expensive(same or better tech, blu ray licence,kinect out of box).
speaking of kinect is that fad relevant anymore??

yup its seems like sure bet.
ZeroX9876  +   1078d ago
steam's console could change those predictions. having a console at home with all the sales that are on steam?
plus the lower prices for most games on steam compared to PS3 and 360, the 4 pack bundles you can buy for some games (buy it with 3 other friends).

all of this with cloud save support and free online, why would I go with an Xbox? for the exclusives?

Halo, Gears and forza won't do it for me next gen, I need something new. BUT we can't say much until it comes out, maybe Microsoft got a hidden cards in their hands (New IPs).

Sony, as a company not the playstation brand, is not going too well lately. New IP and first party studio are not a problem for Sony.

Plus, maybe could gaming will become more popular.

Lots of questions for so little information.
Ryo-Hazuki  +   1078d ago
What a joke
Treian  +   1078d ago
I just lost all respect for Google...
ChipChipperson  +   1078d ago
Google also made Google+ to crush Facebook, look how that turned out.
EffectO  +   1078d ago
Interesting considering quite a few PS4 leaks for the past few months.There is even some accurate(but old) PS4 target specs sheet on the internet.
Bumpmapping  +   1078d ago
I predict 720 will have more exclusives than the PS4 LOL!Gotta love Patcherdamus affect lulz!
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