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masterabbott  +   987d ago
awesome interview, this is one game im going to pick on day one, looks like THQ are on a winner with this game.
LinkageAX  +   987d ago
It sounds really good technically. :D
mewhy32  +   987d ago
Well I didn't really find that interview very technical at all. What i got out of it was, it sings, it's decorative, it's amazing, etc. Lots of marketing hype. I wanted more of what type of anti aliasing, poly counts, physics, etc. Oh well. I'm sure it'll look and play awesome.
ZacE  +   987d ago
Graphically it looks amazing!
Ryder49  +   987d ago
Cool to see a devloper's view on things in the entire process. Great interview.
coaidant  +   983d ago
Most improved squeal!

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