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Mikey Mike  +   957d ago
Strange, Dan Houser recently stated that the current systems still have enough juice!
metroidfusion2  +   957d ago
Since developers can keep finding ways to get something out of the systems I can't wait for the wii u and I just got one yesterday and I will play it and check it out when I get home after college damn I can't wait and the ps4 and 720 wont be that much more powerful then the wii u since all 3 systems are/will be doing native 720 and native 1080p and 60fps and yes as of now that I know of the wii u has 10 native 1080p and 60fps games possibly more I have to continue to do my research which I do twice a day everyday for the past several months and its fumjy how people assume things thinking they know this and that and going off of rumors ha lol but I can't wait for nintendos 2013 e3
PurpHerbison  +   957d ago
Back when I had a fat PS3, there was no lag. (3 Years Ago) Now I have a slim and can't help but feel the system struggle with some games as it's not a smooth experience. Could this be because they are overworking the PS3 for "max performance" now? Even the PS Store struggles. If it wasn't for the value of PSPlus, I'd be long gone from such a dated gen.
kingPoS  +   957d ago
Near the end of it's era wasn't the ps2 pushed to its limit with God of War 2.

1st party Developers like Naughty Dog have had plenty of time to familiarize them selves with ps3's many functions.
3rd parties don't always have that luxury of being able to focus on single system, hence the lack of parity on some titles.
DivineAssault  +   957d ago
Its possible we have seen the best it can do already.. Look at GOW 3, Uncharted 2, MGS4 that released YEARS ago & still remain the best looking games on it.. Tech is different now & devs are shifting from proprietary developing for specific systems to one main style.. Xbox has thinned the lines between consoles n PCs so multiplats will be developed in one specific way & ported across while only 1st party companies "JUICE" the systems to their limits.. I really hope nx gen isnt filled with indie titles that outscore the AAA games.. One year is so close yet so far away
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megamanX2  +   957d ago
not surprising since it was maxed out as soon as it existed........oh well time for ps4
AlphaJunk  +   957d ago
These systems were out of juice 2 years ago - now it's all programming tricks and more efficient use of resources and trades-off that we don't necessarily notice.
annus  +   957d ago
Oh my god, it's the first person on n4g to understand how games work. I love how people think that devs aren't pushing all of the hardware to the limits, if they weren't they would just add in anti-aliasing or something, but they aren't, because they can't. Optimization is the only thing that is making games get better.
R3DRAIN89  +   957d ago
I see lots of great games coming out for the ps3 next year so ill take every bit of drips of juice i can get while ps3 is still in action.
bub16  +   957d ago
they say this every year
OmniSlashPT  +   957d ago
People bitching about console graphics and Uncharted. Give me any game that surpasses the graphics, visuals and technology of UC3's plane sequence/desert sequence. That's just the pinnacle of graphics right there.

How many pc games out there have real time buildings crashing into the ground? or real time ocean waves?

ND is pure talent. They're artists, they're designers, they're programmers, they're engineers. With the creative freedom Sony has gave to them with TLOU, I cannot imagine what they will do with the PS4.
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IWentBrokeForGaming  +   957d ago
PS3 exclusives keep pushing the boundaries, I still believe there is juice to be drank!
TheBatman_Fanatic  +   957d ago
Some developers have been saying that for years yet other developers keep bringing out games that are much greater than the previous ones. Something is not adding up here.
Brownghost  +   957d ago
this is said all the time yet smart developers can make new games look great. Im dont listening to crap like this.
Soldierone  +   957d ago
Don't we hear this EVERY time a new game releases? Yet first parties come back and push the bar forward and third parties go "oh about that, NOW we squeezed every ounce"
black911  +   957d ago
Beyond Two Souls Best looking game.
Sykoticz  +   957d ago
Yes the ps3 is Maxed out.
Yes UC2/3,last of us and GOW Ascension look good and have better AI but thats because they have mastered the coding and engine etc and they play with different styles of well kind of fooling you with art etc.

But what people(i.e Fanboys) dont get is that not every developer wants to do this they just like to use the engine they made and then do the porting not every dev has the time to make a different engine or do extra coding for each console they have other things to do like story,weapons,environments Etc.

I want a new console, i want 1080p @ 60 fps i want to have that feeling when i first got my ps3 and played God of war 3 and went wow again because that was a great feeling.

The ps3 has had a great run but dont hold people who want the ps4 back.
BitbyDeath  +   957d ago
Who is Divinch?
Max-Zorin  +   957d ago
Notice how every time someone says the system is maxed out, Naughty Dog's next game pretty much make them look stupid.
gamern4g  +   957d ago
Ill hope that we shall see 2013 new gaming consoles. But the prices are to high, what to do with the prices?
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