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hazardman  +   1152d ago
I'm sorry but if games are gonna cost more than the $60(US) we pay for them now, Im gonna have to find a new hobby.
MasterD919  +   1152d ago
Have it pre-ordered through NewEgg for $47.99....actually I've had that for about 3-4 months now.
violents  +   1152d ago
They said in the article

"Exchange rates also have a major influence on our pricing structures, should the current exchange rate favour us closer to release, it may then be possible to bring the pricing down,”

Ok I can see that, exchange rates in an unstable economy can make prices fluctuate, what the dont tell you is how much games usually are in these places just that MSRP of this game in this specific area is 92 USD. There are some other factors that need to be considered to figure out if this is way out of line.

This is the problem with gaming journalism, sensationalist headlines and only a couple actual facts with nothing to put them into perspective. Do some homework and then write an article. This sounds like you saw how much it cost in some other country and said wow that's a lot I'm going to write a blog about it and that was it. Give me some more info to back up your story and mabey but It looks like a lot of people are saying in that area and some of EU that prices like this are pretty standard. I'm sorry thats how it works out with multiple countries tax systems involved and exchange rate differences but that sounds like thats just the way the cookie crumbles, not like they just gouging south africans.
marigold  +   1152d ago
Not entirely. You'd have a point if all their games were priced similarly to GTAV. In truth, they're not.
Games usually cost between $40 and $50 in South Africa. Therefore, this is definitely a huge markup, (rather than a function of exchange rates).

Check here for South African game prices:

And then convert using the current exchange rate for your self. The average is between $30 and $40
violents  +   1152d ago
Thats kind of my point tho, the article doesnt site or specify any of that so I really dont know if this is an outrageous price or not.
d4sholil1  +   1152d ago
Any game seems ridiculous to purchase if it is over USD70. I would either not purchase it, or just save up for it using an envelope system of putting away an amount each month until I have enough for purchase. The only way games will get that high or higher in the US is if people purchase them at release in droves. Since my affection is not set on GTAV, I do not have to worry about it....for now.
Tzuno  +   1152d ago
Ahoy there greedy mate.
PCgamer4ever  +   1152d ago
Ιn Greece,we don't pay nothing.
Voyevoda  +   1152d ago
Hey guize c,mon now. Ya know all ya gotta do is just wait 5 whole years and buy the super ultra deluxe full edition for half the price.
TheLastGuardian  +   1152d ago
Damn, I've got it pre-ordered on Newegg for $48.
JasonXS12  +   1152d ago
The Australian dollar is stronger than the US currently yet we pay $80 average for a game which is $84.10 in US right now.
Kingthrash360  +   1152d ago
Lets all not buy it I bet they'd fix that shit quick.
Ill be damned if ui pay 92$ for a game... Fuck gta then that's grand theft ME!
Shane Kim  +   1152d ago
In Sweden we pay around $90 USD for a new game.
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TBONEJF  +   1152d ago
Then why are you so bothered by that it will still be 59$ here in the states & 69$ for the expansion pack. every where else will be more than ours cause its higher than the dollar. Jeezes calm the fck down
gamern4g  +   1151d ago
And then we make our eyes so big when we talk about piracy!
JR_Texx  +   1144d ago £45. Looks normal to me.
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