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OneAboveAll  +   643d ago
Should of had some Kirby.
melindalerma5   643d ago | Spam
RmanX1000  +   643d ago
MegaLagann  +   643d ago
There was going to be a Star Fox minigame, and they scrapped it? *Shakes fist wildly* NINTENDOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
camel_toad  +   643d ago
Yeh Starfox would have fit perfectly in it.
RmanX1000  +   643d ago
guitarded77  +   643d ago
Could have replaced Yoshi's Fruit Cart... it's the low point of Nintendo Land. And Excitebike could have replaced the dancing octopus game.
Kingthrash360  +   643d ago
Well then somebody dropped the ball....seems to be a new trend in the business of gaming, constant ball dropping.
camel_toad  +   643d ago
Ball dropping is at least good for the sperm count.
Hicken  +   643d ago
Excitebike would have had me excited.
camel_toad  +   643d ago
I don't get it... Wait... I get it!
Young_ART  +   643d ago
starhawk > starfox

the gameplay, multiplayer, campaign, and overall visually starhawk is a far better title than starfox. i agree with the author in some points, but the bluray that powers the ps3s graphical abilities really put starhawkon another level.
Allsystemgamer  +   643d ago
Are.... U that dumb.....
BlackWolf  +   642d ago
Shut up.
tweet75  +   643d ago
email nintendo and let them know you want this as DLC i did
Rayko  +   643d ago
Excitebike instead of F-zero would be great!
danitanzo  +   643d ago
It was just replaced by the metroid themed one... so most of them are just games with franchises slapped onto them
R3DRAIN89  +   643d ago
Sounds cool, but i would love to see a new star fox for the wii u with online and offline co-op.
Kennytaur  +   643d ago
Sounds like Nintendo has got to make a sequel.
chillhomie  +   642d ago
Not necessarily, they could add in new attractions via DLC and who knows maybe they could add an online multiplayer component if enough people want it but Nintendo has said they intended for it to have offline multiplayer only because of the different experience it brings and the amount of communication needed for the games, but it would be nice to have and a great way for Nintendo to get the entire family into online gaming. Who knows, a sequel could be coming eventually similar to how wii sports had resort.
3-4-5  +   642d ago
Nintendo has Great idea but decides against it. = 80% of the gaming industry now a days.

All Companies ^

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