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Tyre  +   1083d ago
More RAM means future proof...Developers think 10 steps ahead and in way more possibilities than we can make up in here, stop thinking that we know it better. The mentality of gamers these days is just ridiculous. Thank God Developers are asking for is always better to have a surplus and there probably is still a possibility to put it in the next-gen consoles otherwise he wouldn't be saying this....Anyway i still thank EPIC for the push for 512mb RAM this Gen...that move made this Gen and gave Xbox 360 a competitive edge next to the PS3. Give the developers what they want... i'm all for more than 8gb. Hell, i want a beast of a console!!!!
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StreetsofRage  +   1083d ago
8 gigs is more than enough people.
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Are_The_MaDNess  +   1083d ago
really guys?!
of course PC Games don't use more than 1-3GB of RAM on a PC, they where meant for the Consoles in mind.
most Devs. are STILL rocking the 32bit exe-s.
its time for a change, every gamer in 2013 and forth have to be 64bit, and for the consoles in mind, they should follow up on this. even if the developer don't know how to use the RAM then they can use it as Caching.

there is sooooo many games in today's time that would have so many less problems if they use RAM and VRAM of the Hardware and no being tired down by the Engine.

if i look at Far Cry 3 its using almost 700MB of RAM just a little over 1.1Gig of VRAM
Skyrim: 2.8-9GB RAM - and it uses all the VRAM you have (mine at 3gigs) (depends on the Settings and mods

i could check more but i don't care, but the Point is. Im sick of the Consoles Holding us Back, and i seriously hope they got 8gigs or more combined
Neo-Axl  +   1083d ago
I'm not so sure about how hardware works ect.. but as long as next-gen have consoles worth bragging about, and the games are insane, I'll happily spend a good amount of cash on one of them, specifically the "PS4"

After seeing MGS Ground Zeroes, I was first fooled that it was next-gen bound, I was wrong! if the current gen consoles can pull off that, then next gen should be worth waiting for.

2013 E3, I honestly believe that's when we'll be introduced to the next cycle of consoles.
landog  +   1083d ago
4gb or 8gb, doesn't really matter, people put WAY too much stock in ram

the largest determining factor in game performance and possibilities is the gpu, all parts are important, and you need decent specs in all areas, but as someone who builds and works on pc's of all types, for gaming performance, the most important is the gpu, anyone who says otherwise knows nothing!

please ms and sony, do not go cheap on the gpu, we need at least, aT LEAST a gtx 660 ti level gpu, make it 4gb ram to save money, just make it good quality ddr3, small 100 gb hd, who cares, make it available with upgrades to make money on, and the cpu can even be a cheapo AMD (eww) (lol...thats what they'll go with, amd SUCKS at cpus, but its cheap as hell and console makers love that)

but make the damn gpu great, also, the console can be $450-$500 at least, people will buy them if you can get the graphics close to what pc games look like right now (obviously not anywhere near a pc's resolution capabilities and AA, but at least 1080p at 30 frames!)
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Dasteru  +   1082d ago

Your information is wrong on so many levels.

1: The GPU is not always the most important aspect, it depends on the game.

Alot of games these days are CPU intensive and won't gain much of a performance boost from a more powerful GPU.

This is the reason why so many people still complain about WoW running like shit despite having $300+ GPU's in their systems. My system only has a single stock clock GTX 470 and my rig runs WoW at 100+ fps constant.

2: Ram is dirt cheap so there is no reason to stick with only 4Gb if more will help, You can get 8Gb of 1333mhz gaming grade Ram for under $40 on Newegg right now and that is retail cost. Wholesale would be alot cheaper.

3: AMD does not suck, that is a load of crap made up by bias Intel fanboys. Intels are alot more powerful on paper but unless you are doing things like video editing or decryptions which make use of the features like hyper-threading, you will never notice the difference in most cases.

Benchmark after benchmark have proven that the best Intels only provide an average 2-3fps boost over the best AMD's in gaming related applications. Just get a CPU that is powerful enough to not bottleneck whatever GPU you are using. Which brings me to #4.

4: Getting a cheap ass CPU and overspending on a GPU is on of the most common mistakes made by amateur PC builders, All the data from the GPU has to pass through the CPU then to the motherboard before anything is shown on screen.

If the bandwith of the GPU is too much higher than the bandwith of the CPU, the CPU bottlenecks and all that extra money spent on the GPU ends up being for nothing. A GTX 690 won't give an ounce better performance than an old ass 7800GT if the CPU is an ancient PoS that only just barely has the bandwith to support the 7800GT.

5: 1080p@30fps, assuming equiv of medium PC settings, 2-4x AA and V-sync off (Which should never be on regardless) isn't very difficult for a console, and doesn't require nearly as much power as you may think.

Console games have the benefit of being optimized for a static set of hardware, while PC games are designed for maximum compatability with potentially hundred of different combinations.

A Radeon HD 7750 or GTX 650 with 8Gb of Ram and an AMD FX-4170 equivolent CPU would be more than enough to keep up with 95% of modern PC games for a while to come. At wholesale costs, the cost to Sony or MS for that would probably be under $200.
JoelJD14  +   1083d ago
that would be pretty awesome. Crysis 3 on at its highest settings recommends 8gb of ram.

Imagine what could be done with that in a closed setting.
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koston3647  +   1083d ago
XDR 2 Ram plzzzzzz
TemplarDante  +   1083d ago
The rumors say the dev kits have 8GB of ram. Realistically, we will see 4GB of ram..
Heres to hoping we get 8GB.
BrianC6234  +   1083d ago
I say at least put in 4GB. The 2GB Nintendo put in the Wii U is just too little. If you want great and fast graphics at high resolution you need lots of RAM.
gamern4g  +   1082d ago
I reccomend it to be 16 GB.
ziratul  +   1082d ago
8 GB is too much. PS3 and XBOX360 have 100's of dumb games with beautiful graphics and 0 quality gameplay.

This is the reason why I want to buy Wii U GAMEPLAY!
lfclee  +   1082d ago
For a future console to last how about 12 that should be aright.
Bordel_1900  +   1082d ago
These days consoles are becoming second rate gaming machines. In the early days with Amiga, Atari, Commodore, Nintendo, PS1, PS2, 3DO, Saturn, etc. games on these console looked better than PC games of the same time, PC's were even lagging behind the consoles.

Today a good gaming PC-rig just annihilates today's consoles. Where consoles deliver upscaled sub 720p graphics at unstable sub 30 fps, a gaming pc delivers 1080p++ graphics at rock-steady 60fps and higher. Also, the pc rendered graphics are of much higher quality.

It's just a huge difference comparing my PS3 to my gaming-PC. My point is, in 1992 I could turn on my Super Nintendo, shove in a cartridge and I was gaming in seconds with graphics much better than a PC at the time could deliver. Today it takes 3-4 minutes before the console is turned on and the game has loaded. By comparison my PC is up and running in 15 seconds, and another 15 seconds to start a game.

Consoles are becoming second rate, if consoles are to compete with PC's they need to make them cutting edge.
Dasteru  +   1082d ago
Up until the PS1, console games were about on par with PC.

They were never superior and by the time the PS2 released PC's were already far ahead.

That is from 1999, 1 year before the PS2 released
It is playing 60fps at 1440x900.
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tisoyboy2  +   1081d ago
Since we're talking about gaming consoles, all that matters to me is how much of it will be dedicated memory towards gaming. Microsoft has followed Sony in turning the XBox into a video streaming, internet browsing and social media hub with lots of unnecessary eye candy. Because I had 6GB of RAM in a PC that couldn't run a game until I added a GPU with dedicated VRAM. So although big numbers have been thrown out there, what is important is how much of it is considered usable for the true intent of a gaming console. So in the end, they have said a whole bunch of nothing!
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