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ziggurcat  +   989d ago
haha did the white knighters cry over the original image used for this article?
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Dragonfodder  +   989d ago
I love Liara T'Soni and I think she's beautiful but then again I find most Asari's attractive anyway (for the record, I'm a straight woman). :)
Bathyj  +   989d ago
Chloe from Uncharted.

Smoking eyes. Great arse and that Australian accent which is strange cos I'm aussie and hear it all the time but it sounds exotic when everyone around her is speaking american, like the aussie/asian chick in Sarah Connor chronicles.
Pozzle  +   989d ago
I don't know if I'd call Cortana or Ivy "strangely" attractive. They're just regular attractive. I'd call the bubble-head nurses from Silent Hill, the topless ghost from Fatal Frame 3, or Alexia Ashford's monster form from Resident Evil: Code Veronica "strangely" attractive.
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dollison27  +   989d ago
Yeah if the Asari from Mass Effect were real I would definetely go balls deep why not. Also the female Na'vi from Avatar all I would smash if they were real. Don't know how we would have sex but their mouth
None of them look attractive, and people like this really freak me out. Get a girlfriend or something or just look at some has real people in it, naked ones. Stop fapping to computer-rendered polygons. That is beyond pathetic.
MegadethAndy  +   989d ago
How about, Sasha from Infamous. The voice certainly helped.
J86blum  +   984d ago
The only hot females in gaming to me are Ivy, and Lara Croft. I'd take them any day over any other female characters.
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