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landog  +   1154d ago
I think sony, with the GIANT amount of amazing first party titles they have created this gen, are in a position to take the gaming world by storm with the ps4,

imagine a lineup of stunning, 1080p, 60 frames per second releases of uncharted 4, killzone 4, heavy rain 2, ratchet and clank, twisted metal, resistance 4, lbp 3, Starhawk 2, warhawk 2, socom 5, motorstorm ect....ect....ect....

could you imagine a launch lineup like that, shiiiiiiiiit, i'd pay $700 for a system that offered that....

bring it sony!
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urwifeminder  +   1154d ago
I think they should make twice as many more keep spending that cash.
10V3N0M01  +   1154d ago
Looking at the comments as well the ratings/voters encouraging them I find this very sad, really.
I am a PC gamer, and I love it but I am 100% for consoles before you make unjustified judgements. Now the worse part about this is exclusives. Why do they exist? To Make profit? What does this mean for me? All these "great"(which I'm sure they are) games are games I will never pay. Having a PC has its own benifits, as does consoles. For me, having a powerful PC is expensive but a two sided plus for me. I program and need a good computer and once I spend a bit more I get a gaming PC. So before you say I should rather go console, it's just not a logical option. I pray for the day when our platform doesn't dictate who have these "great" games. PS3 has its own, 360 has its own, PC has plenty too but because of exclusives it has become a situation where if you don't have that platform then, well, it's just too bad hey? Exclusives are sometimes great just because of resources for less platforms but you know the real reason is that the profit is much larger. I guess games are not just games/entertainment anymore. Business is business but greed is stronger, and we're all literally paying for it.
madjedi  +   1154d ago
"If variety is the spice of life, then the PlayStation 3 is a particularly posh brand of pepper. Arguably more than any other platform holder over the past five years, Sony has provided its system with a stream of high quality content."

Right so, the problem is what exactly. There are still plenty of sequels to ps1 and ps2 games, i am waiting for sony to announce. Like dark cloud 3, legend of the dragoon sequel ect. I would kill for a champions of norrath hd collection.

I guess to some people, too much variety is a bad thing.

This is the reward for gamers who buy consoles at launch, then wait patiently for the less than stellar launch lineup to expand/mature into a ton of kickass game choices.
unicronic  +   1154d ago
I'd only support less exclusives if it allowed better marketing of the ones that are left.

For games like StarHawk to sell poor enough to result in layoffs is a complete joke.
wishingW3L  +   1154d ago
true that. Starhawk is one of the most underrated games of this generation. And it's ironic since people these days only care about the online multiplayer and Starhawk is one of the best at that. But the lack of hype, inflated scores and advertising killed it.... =/
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ChloeMoore22   1154d ago | Spam
iNathan  +   1154d ago
Ps3 has amazing exclusives
but some are just launched to flop...

Starhwak. LBP Karting, Royale, Twisted Metal and more...
bozebo  +   1154d ago
No. They need them to keep profits up.
MS make it from XBL, Sony needed it from first party titles due to less 3rd party sales this gen.

Next gen, it's going to be even harsher. They will have to keep up the same tactic, which is bringing us brilliant games so that's good. Once they take a look at 3rd party sales on the PS4, they would make less exclusives if that meant more profit (doubtful).
Rhythmattic  +   1154d ago

Tzuno  +   1154d ago
Sony should learn from PS2 time.
rulakir  +   1154d ago
Exclusives define a system, and Sony has been doing well with their first party studios since PS1. Exclusives just have to be released in a timely manner that way new games don't get overshadowed by other new exclusives.
Tibbers  +   1154d ago
Just no. I want exclusives optimised for the PS3 and not shitty ports of multi-console titles.
Fakdafakinfakerz  +   1154d ago
Only 1 or 2 "shitty ports" per year... Plus some multiplat games are better on PS3 but hey... who cares?
FITgamer  +   1154d ago
The only logical answer to this question is...HELL-TO-THE-NO!
lionxkami  +   1154d ago
stupid post
Enigma_2099  +   1154d ago
I dunno... should Microsoft do the same?
kingPoS  +   1154d ago
@ landog You forgot Gran Turismo & Infamous (heh heh)

I don't mind the sequels so long as they're at least as good or better than it's predecessor. Like the jump from Infamous to Infamous 2.

I also don't want a back to back 'Madden' amount of sequels either. I like Ratchet & Clank alot, but there's like a ton of them out atm.
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J86blum  +   1149d ago
Should they release Less Exclusive games, No. They are doing fine with releasing their exclusive titles in a good manner. This is a 360fanboy just mad. Yes Sony releases more because they have more exclusives and ip's. Microsoft well you guys have Gears which cliffy B left. Halo which bungie bounced from. and Forza..which well Horizon was junk.

This is just them slinging dry mud at this point. Tell you what keep it up while I enjoy The Last of Us when it comes out, and Beyond:Two Souls.

360 May of come out first swinging but its coming down to the finish line and they have run out of steam. just releasing sequels (the new gears is a prequel I believe.) and when a prequel game comes out we all know its a sign of no more fresh ideas. And while 360 releases these last weak sequels Sony is going strong with two more new ip's both of which look amazing.

Sony won this war when it comes to originality, customer support, better overall console (we have the yellow ring yes, but the red-ring-of-death more then doubled the yellow ring.) and ALSO led to more 360's being sold which fanboys seem to leave out of arguments.
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