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DomceM  +   992d ago
i think they need to release less, further increase quality (its good now, but it can be amazing), and promote better. Hear me out before you disagree with me.

This would result in more people playing these games. Killzone and resistance should have been the same franchise with twice the budget and development power. It should have been the equivalent of Halo for PS3. Instead we got 2 games good games, instead of 1 amazing game, which split people who like scifi games in half.

Games like infamous need to be further polished. There was a serious lack of mission diversity for the first game. You can perform identical missions only so many times before you get bored. It should have been a GTA game with super powers... Yet it fell far short of its potential. Sony games have great concepts but execution is sometimes lacking.

Some games got it perfect... like God of War for example. That is truly a masterpiece... I would not touch that franchise. Also I doubt uncharted can be improved... Id leave those 2 alone.

But games like starhawk (amazing multiplayer and mediocre campaign), infamous, killzone/resistance, etc... development teams should have been increased and the games better promoted.

These games are released into obscurity and then forgotten as people just move on. Too many gamers split among too many games to have a solid community like Halo on the PS3.

Reduce the quantity, increase the quality, and promote the shit out of it. I want to see a Killzone/Resistance Hybrid commercial Every week on TV. Dont let people forget about these games. Sony isnt building strong brands by not doing this kind of stuff.

Also... Fire your entire marketing team and hire someone else.
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P_Bomb  +   992d ago
I disagree as far as decreasing them, and what constitutes good vs great.

KZ2 has a 91 meta' avg, the same as arguably the best Halo game on the market, Halo Reach. It set the bar for graphics and lighting/fx for a console FPS when Halo 3 was still sub-HD. What more could you ask for in its evolution from PS2 to PS3?

Halo 4 has a meta' avg of 87 which is the exact same as Resistance 2. Resistance 1 is right there too with an 86. Halo 3 ODST has the same 83 avg as Resistance 3.

If anything, you have *two* quality exclusive FPS titles on the PS3 that have matched Halo for quality tit for tat.


The only thing Halo has more of is sales, but that isn't always indicitive of quality. Same way that Gran Turismo is the best selling racing sim this gen' despite Forza being the best reviewed.

I disagree as well that inFamous fell "far short of its potential". According to what? Its closest peers are/were Crackdown and Prototype, and inFamous 1/2 outperformed all 4 titles in those series both critically AND commercially. Gotta give credit where its due.
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DomceM  +   992d ago
Thats fine. I still disagree. Metacritic scores are not what I worry about when I play a game. It takes only a few years for the online community to completely die off for sony exclusives. Im sorry but that really sucks. If you have the best game on the market and 5 people play it... thats just sad. Its bad enough that we are all split across the many different genres of sony exclusives... But we are also split across games in the same genre?

KZ2 may have gotten a good metacritic rating... But many people quit because of laggy controls (I got used to it... but clearly not everyone could). It would have made more sense to have REsistance dev team polishing all of the tiny imperfections so the game wouldnt have been plagued by these problems. Also, killing people is delayed on killzone 2. You know what i am talking about. You shoot someone and you end up dying at the same time as they are. Many maps had problem of spawn raping as well.

I guess when we buy Sony games we should expect a dead MP in a couple of years then? And i know a few people still play (im one of them), but dude... its not something i would call an "Alive" game MP wise at all.

Why does sony need 2 scifi multiplayer games? Whats the point of splitting the consumer base? If you have someone interested in a scifi shooter, and the only one that is available on your platform is KZ2... Guess what. thats what people will buy! They couldve saved development costs, and made a better game.

And who cares that KZ2 has a better metacritic score. Which game has become an icon (HALO) and which one has a better following right now? Sony needs to streamline their games. 1 per genre i say is more than enough.

And regarding infamous... I dont care if it outperformed other games which sucked even worse. Infamous 1 has repetitive boring missions. If you dont agree then I dont know if we both played the same game. Sony will continue to have a console with forgettable characters because they dont understand that more is not better. 2 development teams should be working on a game like infamous. 3 maybe even. Infamous is not even a 1/2 of a GTA game scope wise. IT NEEDS TO BE if sony wants to be successful.
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P_Bomb  +   991d ago
You talk about Halo in godlike terms though. "Icon" and "followings". What about games just being good? I just want to play good games, and two good games is better than one imo. I don't stick with one game for long.

As such, a longterm online following means nothing to me. I have far too much backlog as is. I beat Halo 3 last year, got my 500gs and haven't touched it since. That it has a bigger online presence 4 years later than Killzone means nothing to me as I'm currently playing FarCry 3 anyways.

You say why have two sci-fi shooters? Killzone and Resistance are different enough under the hood though. COD and Battlefield have far more in common art, weapon and storywise. I don't see EA ditching Battlefield anytime soon though just cuz Activision's cornered the market. If 3rd party studio Insomniac wants to compete with 1st party Guerilla Games in the sci-fi shooter market with Fuse and Resistance, is Sony really gonna say no? They don't own Insomniac.

Comparing everything to GTA isn't fair to games that don't wanna be GTA. Its success is an anomoly, it's lightning in a bottle. MANY games have gone after that open world crime drama market. Does inFamous really need to? We already have Mafia, Saints Row, Sleeping Dogs, True Crime...but none have matched GTA's success. Not even Rockstar's own LA Noire. There's only one Beatles, one Rolling Stones. I'll always love Mario, as per my avatar, but no one will ever recapture that magic. So I've stopped looking. I'm just smelling the roses these days, enjoying the view.
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s45gr32  +   992d ago
The PC and PS3 exclusives lack heavy promotion but are quality games (not all of them) with their respective audience.
chobit_A5HL3Y  +   992d ago
so... essentially, instead of having a next gen of consoles with exclusives, we'll have ms and sony competing to see who can run multiplats better. that's one of the most retarded things that could happen to gaming.
Ezz2013  +   992d ago
every one would get pc and forget about consoles
if that happen
what makes my buy ps3 was exclusives
if they don't have any
then why bother ?!
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Sizzon  +   992d ago
I don't know, nah, but sometimes I do wish Sony would promote and advertise some first party games a little bit better.

Loving the variety in PS3 exclusives tho, everything from LittleBigPlanet to Killzone to Uncharted to Gran Turismo etc. :)
ShaunCameron  +   992d ago
No. I like seeing more games that are native to its platform.
shotgun_ps3  +   992d ago
From a business point of view, yes they should release less exclusives and focus on a few games a year to give them a better marketing budget and increase sales.

BUT, and as you can see this is a very big but (it's so big I'm going to say it again in case you missed it), BUT from a gaming point of view... hell no.

Some of the best games of this generation have been because Sony are fearless in their exclusives. I'm still amazed, and very grateful, to this day that there was a publisher out there that was brave enough to release games like LBP, Heavy Rain and Journey.

It does seem to be working for them though as the Playstation section of Sony is one of the few that is making money, please someone correct me if I'm wrong there, so hopefully they'll keep up the good work.
grassyknoll  +   992d ago
Someone who plays games is asking if there's too many games? WTF.
BitbyDeath  +   992d ago
People seem to play numbers more than games these days.
grassyknoll  +   992d ago
People who love games shouldn't be bothered about the numbers (bar online heavy ones), just the quality of the game itself. Sony needs far more & improved advertising, not less games. Personally I think they should pack in their exclusive titles in bundles.
imdaboss1  +   992d ago
hell no
brian1985FM  +   992d ago
Should Nintendo be "less exclusive?" I say let Sony stand out when it can.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   992d ago
No I DON'T want them to stop releasing LESS Exclusives... leave that to their competition... they've been doing that WELL ENOUGH!

What I like about Sony's Exclusives this gen is that they TRUELY showed Next Gen gaming and PROVED the fact that their Exclusives could TRUELY and ONLY be done on their console!

There is not even a close answer to any of their Exclusive games even available on the 360!
Bathyj  +   992d ago
Other consoles should release more.
banjadude  +   992d ago
This is just getting ridiculous, the first few years of PS3, people were dogging on it for not having enough games and now... they want/suggest less?

Also, the people saying that releasing less exclusives will yield "better quality" titles.. that's REALLY subjective, and I hate how you people (not you Bathyj) are stating that as if it's fact.
Scholla  +   992d ago
NO NO and did I mention NO!
arbitor365  +   992d ago
im generally happy with sony's smaller exclusives. it good to have diversity. we dont want an industry desaturated into only a few AAA franchises that get pumped out every year.
Belking  +   992d ago
or maybe the fanboys should buy more instead of just talking about them. Talk doesn't help sales.
Silly gameAr  +   992d ago
It's tough to buy them all when there's a lot to chose from, you know? Oh, nevermind. You wouldn't know. Sorry.
s45gr32  +   992d ago
Do you have the digital catalogue and import sales. Do you have new vs used sales charts or shipped vs bought data... If you do great talk about sales if not dont talk about this subject. Vg chartz,NPD,etc. only cover retail sales. To imply PS3 exclusives are not selling due to low retail sales (25% success/failure rate) is beyond moronic in this day and age
Belking  +   992d ago
"To imply PS3 exclusives are not selling due to low retail sales (25% success/failure rate) is beyond moronic in this day and age"

Its also moronic to think that a game will sell well just because it's published by a certain company. The truth is that all of sony's exclusives don't sell very well. Only certain ones. MS puts out less but they make much more money with theirs. Fact. Son'y biggest exclusive this gen is money loss. That is exclusive to only them because the other two are raking in the profits while sony is busy shuffling around CEOs to try to stop the bleeding.
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Kingthrash360  +   992d ago
"wow" I said reading this article title...."I'd rather read the 234th phantom pain article than to read an article about a stupid question."
nerdkiller  +   992d ago
Wow, just when I thought an article couldn't get any dumber. A new king takes its place
RELIGHT  +   992d ago
Of course not, the more exclusive games, the more appealing the console. It's the reason you own multiple consoles IMO
YodaCracker  +   992d ago
I'd rather have a smaller number of outstanding exclusives than a large number of mediocre exclusives. This year I played Halo 4, Forza Horizon, Fez, Mark of the Ninja, Dust: An Elysian Tail, and Trials Evolution as exclusives on my 360. All wonderful, highly-rated titles. The only exclusive I played this year on the PS3 was the Journey: Collector's Edition which I rented from GameFly. It was a great experience, but it was pretty much my only PS3 experience this year.

I don't care how many exclusives there are if they are the likes of Twisted Metal, LBP Karting, Starhawk, and All-Stars. This was simply a poor year for exclusives on the PS3. Next year looks much more promising with The Last of Us, Beyond, and GOW: Ascension. A console can have 10 times more exclusives than its competitor, but if none of them stand out as high quality then I don't care one bit.
P_Bomb  +   992d ago
That's you though. You say you don't care about Twisted Metal, Starhawk and PS All Stars...but other people do. Such as myself, and I bought them all this year along with Trials Evolution, Deadlight, Forza Horizons and oldie but goody Metro2033, on the 360.

No need to do away with any of them just because they aren't one person's cup of tea. I didn't buy Halo 4. Doesn't mean they should scrap it. Choice is good, because taste is subjective. I can't stress that enough.
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silkrevolver  +   992d ago
They just need to space them out better.
jalen247  +   992d ago
I think they should continue to do what they are doing but spend more money on promoting their games.
mayberry  +   992d ago
The article's title made me think in terms like... " SHOULD FERRARI BUILD SLOWER CARS? " So absolutely against what gamers want, its almost a truly asanine question !
s45gr32  +   992d ago
uggghhh while the PS3 exclusives may not sell well at retail it still have a 75 % chance to succeed via digital catalogue and import distribution channels. Two it gives the PS3 a reason to buy. Finally each exclusive game has an audience.
ghostrider32  +   992d ago
No. Their competition is already doing that. What they need to do is advertise more often.
taijutsu363  +   992d ago
YES THEY SHOULD!........... MS can catch up. lol
CommonSense  +   992d ago
The word is "fewer" not "less."

Who are these retard journalists? It's painful to come to N4G anymore.

@taijutsu363: You're not funny...just a troll.
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Mathew9R   992d ago | Spam
majiebeast  +   992d ago
Author wants less games *mind is blown*
black911  +   992d ago
Sony just need to promote there games. I watch TV all the Time and for example the only time I saw a commercial for playstion allstars was the VGA Awards Really. An event with gamers and nerds who already know about every single game.
jaggernaut25  +   992d ago
I refuse to read this. No pageview for you.
talisker  +   992d ago
How can a game be less exclusive? Can you be less pregnant?

Anyway, there weren't so many exclusives on PS3 this year. A clear sign PS4 is sucking the funds.
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ziggurcat  +   992d ago
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