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artdafoo  +   930d ago
Yea yea heard it all before, put up or shut up.
smokinskull  +   930d ago
Not 100% sure but didn't they say that about crysis 2?
imt558  +   930d ago
If Crysis 3 repair cons of Crysis 2 on consoles : unstable frame rate, screen tearing, pop-ups, sub HD resolution than it will be the most advanced graphics game on PS3/X360. KZ2 or KZ3 is still the best looking FPS on consoles.
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estillz96  +   930d ago
Every time a high end game comes out they always say it has maxed out consoles, then a sequel comes out, and it's maxed out even more... Uncharted, Killzone, Crysis, I've heard it all a thousand times, the truth? They'll always find ways to better compress files to make more things fit in, requiring less data. Really looking forward to Crysis 3. Most people hated 2, I LOVED it.
SITH  +   930d ago
Lock ups and glitches may be significant.
DERKADER  +   930d ago
The term "maxed out" it pointless. You can max out a high end PC with pong if you wanted to.
Kennytaur  +   930d ago
Why can't they claim something like "The story in Crysis 3 pushes the boundaries for storytelling in games." or "Crysis 3 is the evolution of first person shooter gameplay."? It's always and only about the graphics with these guys.

"Top-secret Tesselated Toad Tech" still cracks me up though.
-Gespenst-  +   930d ago
Yeah I sort of regret buying Crysis 2. I mean it was an impressive game, and generally pretty fun, but I felt pretty short-changed buying the Ps3 version. I just can't deal with 720p anymore, and it really hurt the presentation of the game.

Plus the story was just a snoozefest.

I have to say the setting of this game looks super awesome, but I'm just not gonna buy it if it's totally sub-par on the Ps3, which I suspect it will be.
chukamachine  +   930d ago

Don't compare uncharted to gears2, UC1 pisses on all gears games. Stupid chunky men with an awful animation system.

For those pictures you posted of Crysis3, They are PC BULLSHOTS taken at ultra high rez and scaled down, they all do it. The same thing with gears, only looks decent in bullshots.

TLOU isn't crisis, and crisis main character does not show on the screen like TLOU/uncharted. Crysis2 was linear, and so is crysis3. Crysis 1 was slightly linear, you still had to do an objective, it's linear.

The best openworld game is FARCRY 3.

Crysis are stating they have maxed out consoles to sell a product.
bloodcell  +   930d ago
crysis 2 left me so angry! they had the opportunity to have a great MP experience and a large community waiting for them to tend to them and everyone was ignored, ive never seen anything like it before in gaming. they just completely ignored the online community forums and didnt even give people answers about their questions.

i honestly really wished they would have fixed the MP errors & glitches, they really had something on their hands there with it.
bloodcell  +   930d ago
also... black ops 2 multiplayers reminds me alot of a perfected crysis 2 MP experience.
ApexHell  +   930d ago
every year i hear this trash, then a new engine is built that pushes it even further. naughty dog are wizards in optimiziation last of us looks phenominal I was looking at the gameplay trailer saying how do they pull this off on a going on 7 year console lol.
Yodagamer  +   930d ago
Wish they would focus on the framerate instead of improve it from the look department, crysis 2 already looked good enough.
microgenius  +   930d ago
the last of us says hi mr yerli
BrianC6234  +   930d ago
I haven't played this game but I really doubt it maxes out the PS3. Is Crytek using an engine designed specifically for the PS3? If it's generic and designed to make their games look the same on all consoles it really isn't doing much.
TemplarDante  +   930d ago
Im sure Mr Yerli already has the following statements prepared :

Crysis 4 is pushing PS4/Xbox 8 hard.
Crysis 5 is pushing PS4/Xbox 8 to its limit.
Crysis 6 is pushing PS5/Xbox Infinity to its limit.

////years later////

Crysis 17 is pushing The Matrix to the limit, Neo doesnt even have 1% left anymore.

Crysis 20 pushes Alien technology to the limit.
Their not having fun playing Crysis games either.
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DeletedAcc  +   930d ago
And why it doesnt look as good as the last of us?
ratcop22  +   930d ago
Lol. Cryteck don't make me laugh you said you maxed out consoles with Crysis 2. Yet Killzone 3 came out looking better and playing better than it and was in hd. Games that really push consoles to there limits are TLOU,Gears of war judgement. And Phantom pian.
Desmios  +   930d ago

running of the Uncharted 2/3, God of War 3 and Killzone 3
BIGBOSS08  +   930d ago
current gen showstoppers gears of war and halo?? really?
ratcop22  +   930d ago
Cryteck is just a bunch of liars. I can name games that surpass crysis 2 on consoles that are for consoles!
MasterD919  +   930d ago
I say go as far as we can go this generation in regards to pushing the boundaries. We've seen games attempt to do it flawlessly and still end up coming up short.

I have faith that Crytek can do it, but that will only raise the bar higher for future games this generation. Luckily, they've been able to drastically improve engines and tech each year to a new level.
black911  +   930d ago
Consoles AKA (360)
NoFanboyRequired  +   930d ago
lol the game will most likely run better on the 360 just as the 2nd did.
mshope10  +   930d ago
man I love how many people on here say it's not about graphics lol! wow there are so many hypocrites on this site.

its never about graphics if it's you favorite system with the weakest graphics!
Master of Unlocking  +   930d ago
Crysis 2 was an amazing game with some of the most impressive visuals ever seen in a FPS. I'm a PS3-only owner, and even I have to say that game really pushed the envelope. Well, especially on the Xbox360, on the PS3 it had to face juggernauts like Killzone 2 & 3, which were several notches higher than even Crysis 2.

So I dunno... why all the hate for Crytek's games on this site? Is it because it's a european dev? Or because PC owners lost their precious exclusive Crysis 1 which also got a release on consoles? Or because the PS3 version of Crysis 2 had a slight edge over the Xbox version? Or even because they won't be releasing a CE as big and in your face as the Nano Edition?

What is it guys? And please don't tell me they overpromised and underdelivered, Crysis 2 wouldn't ve been like that if it wasn't for Crytek's Tech! Gears and Halo can put down their guns and play tic-tac-toe compared to that.
metroidfusion2  +   930d ago
Wow incredible quote an instead of people assuming things shouldn't all of you wait lol people make mistakes or what others think are mistakes no matter how much work is put into something now I haven't played crysis or crysis 2 but the games look really good period and the crytek people probably learned from there mistakes so I will wait and see and when it comes out and people play it for a long time and then talk about it I will read the comments and see what's up and its the same with the wii u people are saying all of this and that about the system based off of reviews and what other people say and go off of old youtube videos andd old info and rumors why don't those people do their research and or try out thr system for themselves but those people really meed to know their GAME HISTORY no console will be perfect out of the box there will always be improvements that can be made and that's all I'm going to say ha
kingPoS  +   930d ago
After you max out, all that's left to do refine.
TurboGamer  +   930d ago
while(true) {

There, I just maxed out the consoles and even top en pc's.

There is no such thing as 'maxed out'. Art style and optimization is what counts.
crackforgangstas  +   930d ago
Always with the "maxing out consoles"
Rageanitus  +   930d ago
NOT surprised most consoles games have a hard time reach high rez textures at 1080p.

Most developers use all the power of a console, depends on the efficiency on how they use the available resources... but you can only do so much because the consoles are bottle necked.

Why do you think most games cannot get above 60 fps
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