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RedDeadLB  +   872d ago
60 fps will never be the standard, at least not for consoles. Most console users don't know the difference between 30 and 60fps and developers will always choose to squeeze out better graphics @ 30fps than mediocre graphics @ 60fps. 60fps is standard for PCs and for a select few console games.
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Dragonopolis  +   872d ago
I mentioned this before in a thread.... Tomshardware did a hardware build building a gaming rig for $500. They used a Pentium G850 dual core processor with 8GB of memory and a AMD Radeon 7850 with 1GB of Vram.
This only included the computer and internal keyboard or mouse and software was not included so no Windows 8 cost. That means when all is said and done its really a $700-$800 dollar computer when you factor in windows, keyboard & mouse, cables. They didn't do heavy game testing, BattleField 3, Skyrim, F1 2012..... but it was enough to proof a point.

BF3 achieved Ultra settings, 4x msaa, 16x AF, HBAO @ 1920x1080p at 43 FPS.

So if you play with the hardware a bit for instance drop 8GB of memory to 4GB factor in big business deals by Microsoft and Sony and the fact they take a hit its quite possible you might see a similar system build for a console. Remember that PC games are not tailored to a specific GPU or CPU its quite possible there is room to better the FPS through software plus the console giants take a hit on the consoles it is my belief....

That it is quite possible for a next gen console to achieve 1080p WITH some AA, AF, and 60 fps and hit the $400 to $500 dollar price range. If they can ...and they sell for like $450 and can do the above, then I say that consoles are still a factor .... I'll get one at least.
Tzuno  +   872d ago
The next-gen will come out of your screen grabbing you from your hair and screaming at you: "how real is this for you? whroahhhh!!!"
Dragonopolis  +   872d ago
LOL....... but only locked at 30 FPS
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calactyte  +   872d ago
"You can't code a game exclusively for i7's and top GPU's, in the PC market you have to cater to the lowest common denominator so people with an i3 and a GTX 550 can play. Hence, why most games are not optimized, it's just not cost effective."

THIS is 100% correct. I'm sorry to disagree with a majority of you here but PCs have a huge disadvantage in the graphics department due to having to support the lowest common denominator.

PCs are good for a few things, throwing brute force and power at your screen to render high frame rates, high resolution and high anti-aliasing. These things alone don't make up great graphics. Technically PCs will always be capable of crushing any console, the reality is no developer will spend the time or money to do that.

Console games WILL look better, and be more polished than PC games because developers are betting their studios on consoles. So that is where their optimizations will go.

If Killzone 3 were programmed for a PC it would do everything better than PS3 does and with a much smoother frame rate. But that will never happen because there is no money in it. You will see the most advanced A.I routines, Physics and effects will be developed where the money is.
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