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Neonridr  +   837d ago
1400 is more than enough to find a game. Numbers will continue to grow as the userbase climbs.
Muffins1223  +   837d ago
compared to the 100,000's on xbox...
Neonridr  +   837d ago
yeah, and out of those 100,000 like 95% of them are hyperactive 12 year old wanna be gangsters who swear like it's going out of fashion..
donman1  +   836d ago
And how long the Xbox360 has been on the market??? Yet another silly comment from a gamer. The Wii U just release.
jaymart2k  +   836d ago
7 years vs 3 weeks
jadenkorri  +   836d ago
I love the fact people are comparing total online people with a Wii U which prob has under a 5 mill user base compared to the 360/ps3 which number in above 50 million units.
GraveLord  +   836d ago
No, it's not. That number is spread out across different modes.(mostly Team Deathmatch)

So what if you want to play something like Domination? You'll be playing with the same people over and over again, that's if there are even enough people playing the mode. Where it gets frustrating is you want to play with different people but you can't....forget about rage quitting since once you go back in you'll join the same match..
TranceXTheory  +   836d ago
played socom on psp 5 yrs ago with 500 people, it was a better community online easier to organize clans and battles and people knew you it was great
Monolith  +   836d ago
Fire team bravo was the best. Played that game everyday. That snow level, awesome and the train one. I forget The names now. Its been so long. Wish that community came back
ozzywazzy  +   836d ago
Signs of things to come. Wii U is sinking and fast!
ElectricKaibutsu  +   836d ago
I think that was sarcasm? It's hard to tell on the Internet.
RXL  +   836d ago
i really wish someone would invent a sarcasm font..
Skate-AK  +   836d ago
It wasn't sarcasm. He's probably trollin with his one bubble.
millzy102  +   836d ago
yeah because we can tell how well a console will be after a few weeks based on cod, i think not.
Seraphemz  +   836d ago
I think that it shows more the type of people that are buying the console.

The WII U hasnt shattered sales numbers but from what I saw it sold around 750k, and only about 1400 people playing COD....thats a small number.

I just dont see hardcore gamers using the Wii U for FPS
jmc8888  +   836d ago
Again though people forget of that 750k, hundreds of thousands may be sitting there unopened for xmas.

I'm saving my pre-orders for xmas. I setup the console a week or so ago, since I didn't want to deal with that on xmas and allowed myself to play Nintendoland. But the games I bought, I'm saving for xmas.

Also you have to remember that's 1400 playing right then, not total played. If you think most people play 1-2 hours, and not even every day, then you have to multiply that number by 20-30 and that's the amount of players playing at any given time, if they play fairly regularly. Of course that is a really rough and inaccurate way of doing it, but I'm sure you understand why I'm saying it like that.

Obviously it's not going to reach anywhere near the 360 numbers, but it wouldn't surprise me to see it around 5-10k after xmas.
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STK026  +   836d ago
Are we going to have these "news" every week? So yeah, there's not a whole lot of people on Black Ops 2 on a platform that came out weeks ago; so what? News flash, when the next xbox or playstation console comes out, Call of Duty will still sell better on current gen consoles on the first year.
sdozzo  +   836d ago
Naw. You put out a new PS4 or 720 and people will buy them out as well as a call of duty. All because is the latest and greatest (hardware).
jmc8888  +   836d ago
More people will buy it, BUT what the guy above said will be true. Most people won't buy the new system, because either they can't afford it just then or if they could they can't get a hold of one.

Think about it, even if they sold 1.5 million xbox 720's by the end of launch year, that means at most they could sell would be 1.5 million units and that's if EVERYBODY bought one, which of course wouldn't be the case.

People forget when the 360 launched, just like the Wii U, it could only push out a few hundred thousand units. I think the Wii U will even have more units out than the 360 or PS3 did when they launched. If memory serves correct there were only 250k available at launch, and might have only been about 500k by the end of the year....and how many of the RROD lol, mine did.

Of course more people on average will buy the console and get that version of CoD versus Wii U owners, but no way in hell will the 720 even be close to the 360 version in terms of sales or players. Probably like 10-20:1 margin for 360 over 720.

I'd say even the 2nd year it would probably be about even. By the 3rd year, I'd say it would definitely be ahead.

Just like the Wii U's version will probably be over 10k the first day or so next year, since by then there will be 5-10 million consoles in the wild, opened, and people ready to play it.
cleft5  +   836d ago
Having a smaller community is not always a bad thing. Smaller communities just mean you get to know people for real. It's hard to know or even care about a 100,000 plus people, but you kind of make the effort to get to know folks when you see the same people over and over.
josephayal  +   836d ago
Only 1,408??
Black Ops 2 or Call of Duty 1?
Bradicas  +   836d ago
I been playing black ops 2 on ps when I rented the game on my U I thought I would be like Michael Phelps in the kiddie pool I couldn't be more wrong I get owned left and right my k/d is way off I don't know it's the pad or the community is just better.
Yodagamer  +   836d ago
I'd assume the people who play it on wii u are the same people who played with the wii remote on the wii. I used to try to play it with a classic controller and you'd get owned all the time. The wii remote really does help accuracy for me and alot of other people, even if the learning curve was a pain.
TKCMuzzer  +   836d ago
I think the point their trying to make is that Nintendo are not hitting the market they were hoping to. Nintendo stressed they wanted more hardcore gamers to be attracted to the WiiU. What this unscientific study shows that it is more likely Nintendo fans who are purchasing the console and not hardcore FPS gamers.
I like a good FPS but its going to take more than a tablet to make me shell out £300 to play the same games I can get on my PS3, just in a slightly higher resolution.
What Nintendo need to understand is that the Hardcore gamer as they see it are not easily sucked in and these gamers are more than willing to wait 12 to 15 months for what will be more than likely be better games consoles.
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Theyellowflash30  +   836d ago
Its been on the market for a couple weeks. Its hard to come to that conclusion based on Call of Duty online numbers.
TKCMuzzer  +   834d ago
Not really. Call of Duty is the best selling FPS on consoles. It's by far the best example to use as it clearly shows how many FPS fans are picking up the console.
FPS fans always want to play the best versions of their favourite game and its obvious the WiiU version just doesn't convince them. Do you really think the next gen PS and xbox versions will look like current COD?
I repeat , hardcore gamers are not stupid, if a so called next gen consoles games are being compared to current gen console versions then that sends out the wrong message. Nintendo want to attract the hardcore gamer which is nice but then release a console which says the complete opposite.
The tablet controller should have been an extra accessory and they should have knocked £80 of the price. The controller is a main focus which is not really what a 'hardcore' gamer cares about.
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sdozzo  +   836d ago
Bubble up for you sir.
felidae  +   836d ago
Wii U has other advantages
TKCMuzzer  +   834d ago
That may be true but those 'other advantages' are not what a hardcore gamer cares about and that's the market Nintendo want to penetrate so they are failing in their objectives.
Nintendo wont shout it out but they are relying heavily on their Nintendo fans to buy the console.
sdozzo  +   836d ago
There is no market for Wii u. Just make software and leave hardware for the big two.
felidae  +   836d ago
yeah, if you want to play mindless grey shooters and Fifa then PS3 and 360 are enough, that's right!
TheTimeDoctor  +   833d ago
I agree. I grew up with the news. I wish I could play Zelda or Mario on something that appeals to me. I hope Nintendo fails and becomes sega. it won't happen, but I can hope.
RickHiggity  +   836d ago
Hopefully Nintendo can manage the community. Can't imagine racial slurs being thrown around on a Nintendo console.
dazzrazz  +   836d ago
So this is gonna be like a regular weekly news on here now ? Every week we gonna be approving how many people play this garbage on wii u ?
Bradicas  +   836d ago
Hey serious question....does this website have a disagree bot set to random?
CanadianTurtle  +   836d ago
There are about 200 people playing Resistance Fall of Man each night. If I can find a match online for that game, BO2 on the Wii U is no problem
Apollo1  +   836d ago
The console is still new so give it time.
DivineAssault  +   836d ago
It needs more time indeed but i seriously doubt it will become even half as successful as wii.. If the system doesnt start moving 3rd party games within a year or two, it will stop receiving them as much.. Buy up them ports ppl
Indo  +   836d ago
Okay we get it, Black Ops 2 -1,400 ppl online okay cool story for the Wii U which just released. Not suprised
felidae  +   836d ago
playing BO2 on Wii U feels good.

all the gamers in Miiverse are helpful and friendly and there's no bullshit talk.

it's all about gaming on Wii U.
Adolph Fitler  +   836d ago
Yeh, arghh, who would buy a Wii-U to play COD? That would be stupid, as there are no advantages playing it on Wii-U, over 360 or PS3.

Wii-U needs more originals like Zombi-U, as that is the reason I will get one, not for an ageing fps that is available on every other console, handheld & cell=phone pn the planet. Mario Wii-U, Zelda, Mario Kart, Paper Mario, will sell machines. But the more hardcore gamers will have no reason to buy a Wii-U, until it's starts getting some original IP's.

The PS3/360 hand-me-downs that have no noticeable worthwhile features, advantages are not gonna cut it.
nintendoland  +   836d ago
worms armageddon pc has less than 100 players online evey day so if i can find game in that i think i can find one on wii u
BlitzAK  +   835d ago
It has a hardcore community, besides smaller communities, people get to know one another better, more fierce competition.
stage88  +   834d ago
Still pretty poor number for 3 weeks of being on the market. I would have expected around 10,000.

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