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INehalemEXI  +   991d ago
I'm slacking on my trophies.
Axecution  +   991d ago
Yeah ive just stopped caring lol. I used to try to get as many trophies as i could but now when i get a new game i don't even look at the trophies. Ive gotten into PC games though, so having achievements and trophies separated might be my problem.

Still attacking that Rock Band 3 platinum every day though haha i'll get it eventually
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WildArmed  +   991d ago
Lol, likewise.
According to the list, I am 0 for 10. >.>
INehalemEXI  +   991d ago
You got to at least plat one of your favs 007 sheesh.
Kalowest  +   991d ago
I didn't buy any of those games; I bought over 10 others. But as far as trophies go, I did plat over 5 games this your, lol.
kratoz1209  +   991d ago
Playstation All Stars Battle Royale :D
onandonandon  +   991d ago
I'm not dedicated enough to click through all those pages!!
VonBraunschweigg  +   991d ago
Annoying Little Fly - Kill a player flying the Vulture jetpack by ramming them with your Hawk.

Not easy, very satisfying, should have made the list. Or at least Mancake!, that never gets old:)
BlaqMagiq24  +   991d ago
I did the mancake one a few times to people online. It was satisfying every time.
P_Bomb  +   991d ago
Most of the trophies listed are just "beat on highest difficulty"...which are interchangeable with a ton of other games not listed.

If that's their lithmus, they coulda and probably shoulda added Max Payne 3's mere bronze for "A New York Minute" and silver for "The Shadows rushed me"...which is New York Minute Hardcore. Platinum basically requires beating the game on a preset difficulty without dying/saving/quitting AND on a speed run. Twice.

Twisted Metal's "TMA" trophy is a tough one too. Complete the story mode without dying OR switching cars in the garage. Easily harder than something like ME3 Insanity which made the list. ME3 has new game plus so you can bring over your maxed out charachter into Insanity and just blow through the game with a black widow, singularity, or even better some invisibility if you're an engineer.
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dennett316   991d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(2)
dennett316  +   991d ago
Really? Reported for bad language when it's censored? Grow up people.

@Wintersun616, terrible argument pal. Merely commenting on something is not the same as giving a crap about the subject being discussed. Try again, that's an argument that 10 year olds use. How are opinions about liking trophies any more valid than ones saying that you dislike them? I'm allowed my say just as you are. Care to answer that chief? As for playing games the "wrong" way...that's just idiocy. How does running down a list of meaningless challenges equate to playing the game right? Playing the game properly is to progress the story to reach the end of the game. Not jump through hoops in an effort to gain a few millimetres in the e-peen measuring contest.
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Wintersun616  +   991d ago
Usually when I see an article I don't give a crap about, I don't even open it. You can dislike trophies all you want, but if you write a rant such as that, then you obviously do care. Wasn't saying you can't comment here and dislike trophies, only that you shouldn't say you don't give a **** when you obviously do. That's called logic. You should try it one day.

Hardly anyone collects trophies like you describe. I know I don't. I play the game and complete it at least once and enjoy the journey just like before trophies. If the game was good enough, only after then I'll check the trophy list and go after some/all trophies on purpose. Most of them come from completing the game and doing stuff that I as a completionist would do anyways. Now tell me again, how am I playing my games wrong?
listenkids  +   991d ago
3/10, i'll never bring myself to finish RE6 let alone Professional. Platinumed ME3 & Sleeping Dogs and have the Unfinished Swan trophy.

A good year.
caseh  +   991d ago
I have 0/10

I guess having a life outside of drilling every game on the highest difficulty setting makes me a failure. *sob*
Enigma_2099  +   991d ago
I don't CARE about trophies! I didn't care about trophies when they were called "Achievement Points."
coolmaster  +   990d ago
Playing for trophies is not the smartest thing to do in my opinion. As for me, I really don't care about getting them, I play all the games just for fun.
FrightfulActions  +   990d ago
Lol... it almost makes Mass Effect 3's insanity trophy sound out to be difficult. Beating that game on insanity is easier than beating a match of multiplayer on gold. Honestly its a bit of a cakewalk with only one real 'challenging' part in the entire storyline.

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