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level 360  +   1035d ago
Expect a price drop on XBox 8 and PS4 for sure once Valve publishes a releases date on their console..

In the end it's us gamers' who really win!
chukamachine  +   1035d ago
Don't give a shit about steam, valve,portal,halflife, all old boring news.

Same old overhyped pc games, and i'm a pc gamer, so noobs on here still play crysis, rofl. Get a new game. There are many.

Not WOW either, that's alot of crap. as well

Don't want a steambox. gabe shove it up your fat arse.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1035d ago
I really hope Valve can up their graphics quality finally Next Gen and Especially the depth of their games needs some work...

I really LOVED L4D but it left soooooo much to be desired... and that was even right out of the box!
Holeran  +   1035d ago
Who wants to bet the next Half Life will be an exclusive?
isyourhouseonfire  +   1035d ago
Valve vs Microsoft? I'd bet on Microsoft in that fight, easily.
jalen247  +   1035d ago
Good points. I agree with some of the writer's points. I believe this will affect Microsoft the most.
WeAreLegion  +   1035d ago
Sony can survive with their first party titles, alone. Microsoft depends on relationships with third parties. Even then, they have TONS of money they could just throw at the Xbox division, if it is needed. They'll be fine, too.

Nintendo should be ok, as well. They know how to differentiate themselves.

I will buy anything Valve touches, however...
baldulf  +   1035d ago
The combo PS4 and "GabeCube" would be a great one for me.

One for exclusives and the other for multiplat.
ThatsGaming  +   1035d ago
Honestly, I don't see how Valve comes up with a better and cheaper console than Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.

I acknowledge that Valve has online expertise second to none. But a console is about video, music, pictures, and casual experiences through things like Move, Kinect, and WiiMote/Nunchuk. Valve has very little experience in these realms and would have to license a lot to make an offering that equals the big three.

Also, Valve simply doesn't have the billions of dollars of resources it takes to R&D a console and launch it at a cheap enough price to compel people to buy it.

Valve is doing this to maintain steam revenues not really grow. Tablets like iPad and Android are eating at steam revenues because people aren't buying as many PCs. Xbox is moving towards eating PC sales because they now have SkyDrive and Internet Explorer support (And soon I predict MS Office Support). Valve has to do something to keep Steam revenues solid and the best way to do that is through getting into the same channels as the big three.
JOHN_DOH  +   1035d ago
I think Microsoft is more worried about iPad and Android than Valve is. They are eating away at ms market share since tablets and smartphone are basically mini pcs with operating systems. Windows is much more important to Microsoft than XBOX is. (I think they have like 1 or 2 percent of the smartphones,android has like 70% of the smartphones and iPhone 20% in 2012)Of course pcs will not go away and Microsoft still has plenty of tech patents but remember before windows pcs it was IBM PC and now you don't even see any IBM consumer products.

If Valve gets all the multiplats than that's like 95% of the xbox game library (excluding kinect) MS has Halo, Forza, and Gears. Valve has Halflife, counterstrike, TF, dota, l4d, and offer free mp.
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sdplisken  +   1035d ago
whos gonna buy this machine tho?

xbox gamers arnt gonna leave halo/gearz/ xbl buddies,achievments

playstation gamers arnt gonna leave the sony game library/bluray, psn friends, trophies

nintendo fans arnt gonna anywhere that much i guarantee
(if theyve been with ninty this long then god bless em)

and finally pc fans who champion the pc across the vast interwebs on every game trailer are gonna abandon their custom built $2000 rigs? ROFL,LMAO

nobodys gonna buy this unless it has EXCLUSIVE GAMES not found ANYWHERE ELSE
Bolts  +   1035d ago
I would think that gamers would buy the best platform instead staying attached to their trophy or achievements collection for an inferior product lol.

But I do agree that out of all the new consoles the Steam Box are the most likely to fail. The problem is that the PC gamers that Vavle depend on might not buy into it.
lfclee  +   1035d ago
No,no i don't see it i'd much prefer going buying my games.
WitWolfy  +   1035d ago
Well if the Valve console is powerful enough I'll get one... Its hard to ignore all those PC games at the tip of your finger tips at those bargain prices!
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PurpHerbison  +   1035d ago
I wish Valve would hire all of you. Such experts!
Sanhlami  +   1035d ago
Standardized 'steambox' hardware upgrades, controller only/mouse+key only/mix servers, low price for base steambox, digital only w/ frequent sales plz.
Ezetta  +   1035d ago
I hope Valve succeeds with this
Pathosverdes3  +   1035d ago
People already own and play the Steam games on their pcs. If they want, the pc is plugged to the tv. Why would they buy another box to do the same: play steam games on steambox, which is probably just another pc?
Erdrick  +   1035d ago
you can never have too many computers
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