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SkullBlade169  +   1156d ago
Well XBL is what, 10 years old... If that's not old news then I don't know what is.
UnholyLight  +   1155d ago

Sony wasn't pushing online play, they were merely enabling it. Dreamcast technically had the most push early on, but they died a horrible death. That said, Sony didn't push online play. Heck, PSN was a piece of shit on release and took it years to merely get the status of being similar. Even today, despite what everyone else says is the same between XBL and PSN, the technology behind PSN is still behind.

You can see this in from the OS down to the network. Example: game updates on Xbox 360 does not require a reboot of console, it's just log-in, logout automatically. Try that on PS3?

Xbox 360 OS takes 32MB fingerprint, PS3s around 48MBs. Achievements on XBL is sync incrementally, on PSN it is slow as molasses as it downloads the entire thropy list (and Sony's servers are slow).

Problems on Xbox Live is automatically reported on different apps/services:

"Also before netflix, sony talked about apps and media services, its one of the reasons it came with a browser for html apps and such."

Talking about something isn't pushing it, and neither is having it as an option. It really has to be, not only available, but have belief in the technology will succeed, continually supported with updates and new products.

Merely releasing it, and hoping it will catch on is NOT PUSHING it.

Sony pushed 3D, they barely push apps (although to Sony I think they think of it more as extension of PSN than apps).

Also, the PS3 browser is still piece of shit. It had support for Youtube, but constantly crashed making it almost useless, let alone apps.

MS pushed XBL and many of those things are now copied on other consoles and some still can't copy all the features. MS is the leader in online console gaming.

I was hoping Nintendo would challenge them and it looked like it would work, but it looks like they are botching their online network, by not supporting many basic online features we come to expect.

EVERYTHING THAT GUY SAID....AND STILL DOWNVOTED?? wtf I created an account just so I can say how stupid you all are. Especially you Sony people. I love all of the consoles, and I've spent lots of time on the PS3 and half of my friends have them but seriously....Get your head out of your ass. Xbox Live is a lot less intrusive and a lot more streamlined than PSN was until pretty much now. Just now is Sony finally starting to get it polished up and with Playstation Plus the value is undeniable. Microsoft were the first people to push a FULLY INTEGRATED SERVICE hence why it was subscription based I would say. I am okay with paying because I believe that all the money that has been funneled to Microsoft through all of the subs is being used to create Xbox Live v3 which will more than likely in my mind consist of an even better model than Sony's free online + Playstation Plus options.
sensor21  +   1155d ago
Down for a month + security Breach = best online oofferings. That sounds Palin's.
xJumpManx  +   1155d ago
LOL, seems like this article has a little Xbox Live envy. When PSN subscriber user base matches Live maybe they can say something, until then its all just sour grapes.
SDF Repellent  +   1155d ago
LOL,another day of slow gaming news and another day of Xbox and Microsoft bashing from the Sony religious cult. Yup, just another day in N4G.
Morgue  +   1155d ago
To sum up this article and comments.

Like the saying goes " You get what you pay for "
palaeomerus  +   1155d ago
I have no particular use for PS+ (a game rental subscription service with discounts for $15 a month? Double Meh.) and I doubt it is beating Xbox Live in any important financial sense.
medman  +   1155d ago
There is little to no chance I will pay an annual subscription fee to Microsoft for Live next gen unless the specs on their next system far exceed those of their competitors. I own a 360 and PS3 this gen, and if Sony continues to offer free online I will go with them exclusively next time around, all other things being equal.
TheBatman_Fanatic  +   1155d ago
This feud is old lol
WiiUsauce  +   1155d ago
this site is full of PlayStation fangirls. Almost every single on fire article is PlayStation related or in favor of Sony.
SDF Repellent  +   1155d ago
"Almost every single on fire article is PlayStation related or in favor of Sony."

Totally agree 100%. Either that or the constant "Xbox has no games" "Xbox live is old news" articles the pop up daily on N4G. How do these people even find these articles?
I didn't even know a site like existed until today. LOL
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Kingthrash360  +   1155d ago
If ps+ is on ps4 with these type of deals.... Can't see why it wouldn't break records in sells. Xbox720 has no choice but to mimic ps+ to some degree or it will be an after thought.
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