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aviator189  +   960d ago
Well, this sucks for me...
I'm in college taking my finals this week. :(
Intentions  +   960d ago
Why are people downloading it on multiple accounts????
Tres21  +   960d ago
well i hav multiple xboxes in the house so if its free might as well hav access 2 it on all of them
1nsaint  +   960d ago
Still works xD
th3n00bg4m3r  +   960d ago
A free DLC from Microsoft? That is impossible, I just might be dreaming.
spicelicka  +   960d ago
sick, now the other two packs are only gonna cost me 1600mp. Good thing exams came in the way, or I was about to buy the season pass LOL.
SyluxPT  +   960d ago
MS fixed it.
d0cfunk  +   960d ago
Earlier today I tried this at my friends house and got the dlc for free. It's been over 12 hours and its 4:22 am in California and I tried it again and it worked. Here's how you do it. You turn on your halo 4 and go to War Games. Click on it to search and it tell you that you need to download it. Click on yes take me to xbox live marketplace and right there it should say 0 ms points download. Click confirm purchase and there you go. See ya'll on Halo! Find me at SS LaZy.
Milerliteweight  +   960d ago
Still working: 7:36am central time.

You have to have entered a specialization code at some point for this to work AND you have to go through the Halo 4 main menu marketplace.
Drainage  +   960d ago
you guys are all thieves
JTX  +   960d ago
It's still working. Downloading it now for 0 ms points.
MadMen  +   960d ago
How did you do it? when my friend goes to it it says you do not have enough points?
S_C  +   960d ago
Is that on the US store. looked at the UK store and its 800msp
JTX  +   960d ago
Yea, it's on the u.s. store. @ madmen I believe ou have to have the "free gift" that ms emailed out installed for it to work. When I booted up halo 4 there was a message saying the map pack is available, then it took me to a download screen showing that it's available for 0 points. You have to access it from the game, not the marketplace, or else it won't work.
hano  +   960d ago
It should be free in the first place. But if people want to pay for it, let them do it. They are free to be morons.
IC3_DEMON  +   960d ago
What the point buying the leendary edition when at the end everything is free.
BX81  +   960d ago
I just popped in halo 4 to see how much the new map pack was. It said 0ms points for the purchase so I downloaded it. I couldn't believe it was free. I got on n4g saw this article and went to MS market place from the dash board and it says download it for 800ms points. WTF is going on? Has 343 said anything yet? I would hate to pay $60 for a game then them try to ban me because I downloaded their free content, when some one goes oh yeah we wanted you to pay for it.
Shadonic  +   960d ago
I got the map pass: (
InfamousHero  +   960d ago
still works just downloaded it
FlyGuyHung  +   960d ago
Got it yesterday for Free... thought it was a thank you gift for buying the game within the first two weeks. Wasnt there something about that? Cause MS also emailed me a code which entitled me to something, dont even know what if i'm being honest. lol
3-4-5  +   960d ago
3 maps is weak though.

I could make 3 maps in a week if that was my only job....Like it is for some people at 343.
ItsTrue  +   960d ago
Two days to COMPLETELY finish a map from scratch? You're dreaming bro.
Arctura  +   960d ago
I was able to download it late last night (around midnight EST). Thankful for the free maps, but:

a) The game shipped with too few smaller, slayer oriented maps
b) The new maps aren't really that great or memorable
DarthJay  +   960d ago
I can confirm I too was able to download the map pack this morning after reading this article. I barely even play Halo but free is free.
MasterD919  +   960d ago
All you have to do is click on the Crimson Playlist in War Games and download it there.

The Dashboard is not the way to do it...Start up Halo, go like you are getting into a game and click on the Crimson playlist, download the maps and you'll see it costs absolutely nothing.

It's odd, but very nice of 343 to not worry about fixing it too fast. Downloading mine right now.
sak500  +   960d ago
Damn missed it, it shows as 800MS points.
MasterD919  +   960d ago
You may want to check your e-mail. Word is that the specialization access code they sent out a few weeks back may allow players to access this glitch...I literally downloaded it about 15 minutes ago so I doubt they shut the door on this free download if it has been up for as long as it has already. Keep trying I'd say.

Or just be sure that you went into Halo 4's War Games menu and downloaded it from in-game instead of from Xbox Marketplace on the Dashboard.
sak500  +   960d ago

I did activate the code earlier and just today i started playing after 3 weeks and there was an update. Dont know if the update is what fixed the glitch. Did you get any update today?

EDIT: Ok just went to waypoint and came back to game and from in game menu it showed 0 so started d/l it. NOw went back to xbox live and it shows up 800 points lol. Anyway d/l it free now. THanks
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MasterD919  +   960d ago
Glad it worked for ya. The maps aren't as mind-blowing as some other maps in the series, but it's refreshing to have more maps now, and especially for free. I was going to get them regardless today anyhow.

As far as repercussions...this is a mistake on their part, not an offense they can ban you for since it was an authorized transaction regardless. Worst case scenario they attempt to remove the files from your HD which seems like a lot of excess work on their part. Needless to say...Thanks for the free DLC MS!

Enjoy! Tell your friends =)
mattgdumb  +   951d ago
ye i dl it and was able to play the first night it launched but dl a patch and it wasnt available to play anymore, i literally have an achievement for killing someone while grounded from a man cannon and its like a ghost achievement, i earned it and got points but didnt really earn it
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