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masterabbott  +   994d ago
Seems like its a great improvement from the other far cry's. Will probably pick this one up for sure.
Rupee  +   994d ago
It really IS as good as everyone's saying. For the most part they give you so many ways to approach enemies. I used sick time I didn't have to get a 3-day weekend. Try it out! I highly doubt you won't enjoy it.
masterabbott  +   994d ago
honestly it is !! go get it!
Chuk5  +   994d ago
It's probably the most enjoyable sandbox this gen from a pure mechanics standpoint.
techrave  +   994d ago
I'll be playing this during the CHristmas break for sure.
RuperttheBear  +   994d ago
Best game I've played all year.
LinkageAX  +   994d ago
Better than Shitrim.
coaidant  +   993d ago
Is it as good as everyone's saying it is?

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