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Godchild1020  +   841d ago
I like the box art, I still hope for a Digital release on May 7th. The game looks great and I can't wait for the release. I really can't wait until we see some information about the MP of this game.

The Video is a continuation/uncensored version of the VGA trailer.
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Nimblest-Assassin  +   841d ago
Totally love the box art... but I am wondering, what exactly they are doing with multiplayer
Riderz1337  +   841d ago
I hope it's like a DayZ type multiplayer with free for all and team modes. I just want to have a huge map to play on where you start off with a pistol and 1 clip and then go on from there by scavenging items and such. Oh, and PLEASE no health regeneration for multiplayer. That would make it so much more intense if you had to find items to get your health back. PLEASE
Ezz2013  +   841d ago
hey guys read this :
"Two special bonus skins for Joel and Ellie which will be unlocked after your complete the single player campaign"

yeah! i just notice that
i will pre order it now
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Godchild1020  +   841d ago
@UP2013, That is if you preorder the survival pack from GameStop.
dontbhatin  +   841d ago

If you want it to be like DayZ so much then go play DayZ.....

why hope for another game to play exactly like another one?

I mean it would be possible (except for the huge map) but not probable.
ABizzel1  +   841d ago
Ugh why Gamestop exclusive Bonuses. Welp. I'm not getting the Pre-Order Bonuses.

I'd rather pre-order at Best Buy and get my $20 gamer club rewards gift card.
sikbeta  +   841d ago
I'm avoiding anything that can spoil this game to me, but damn it's becoming difficult... can't wait for May 7th!!!
thorstein  +   840d ago
From the blog: "Bonus experience points for multiplayer
A multiplayer melee attack booster
Some extra starting in-game cash"

In game cash... makes it seem like there will be stores to purchase weapons? And is that for sp or mp?
Jinkies  +   841d ago
If this has pre order bonuses will it have a Limited or Collectors Edition...come on ND you know for a fine fact people would pay for one over a game like this
CommonSense  +   840d ago
It's not common to see an LE for a new IP. Not impossible, but not likely.
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majiebeast  +   841d ago
They are still tight lipped about the mutiplayer portion of the game, if its even close to as good as uncharted 2's MP i will be very happy.

Loving dat boxart.
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Conzul  +   841d ago
In the image for the survival pack there's a dude with a baton and a quarantine symbol on his armor...

Maybe there will be a quarantine defense mode?

I think it would be cool if there was a mode where that started with many quarantine soldiers and one infected player. It would be the job of the infected player to wander around infecting NPCs, but as their condition worsened they would start showing more signs of infection making it easier for soldiers to spot them.
ab5olut10n  +   841d ago
I think the linearity will be a problem with this game, same as the uncharted series.
Bumpmapping  +   841d ago
Yea it was such a problem hence hundreds of awards and praise the series has gotten.
Army_of_Darkness  +   841d ago
Linear games were never a problem since the NES..
So i don't understand why people are bitching about it now?! RPG's I can understand, but action games are usually expected to be linear and to be honest, I wouldn't want open world everything on ever game cause that will get pretty boring and uncreative..
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neoMAXMLC  +   841d ago
Oh yeah.. Really big problem... That's why the Uncharted games can only get in the 90s on Metacritic...

Edit - ahh got beaten to it.
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Godchild1020  +   841d ago
What was the problem with Uncharted's linearity? Games like Uncharted, Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones don't really need to be Open World or Sandbox, having it like that would take about the soul of those games.
Silly gameAr  +   841d ago
People just started using linearity as a minus for the Uncharted series because they couldn't find anything else to gripe about. I guess they forgot that most games are linear.
Riderz1337  +   841d ago
It won't be as linear as Uncharted. If you actually bothered to look at gameplay videos, you can see there are multiple ways you can go around your enemies and different places you can go to scavenge for items. Naughty Dog has said that you can almost always sneak around your enemies without them even knowing you were there or you can choose to silently take them out one by one. I don't think running in there like a crazy person will do you any good seeing as you will have low ammo and no health regen. But yeah there are multiple approaches you can take.
Ezz2013  +   841d ago | Well said
the game have dynamic AI which mean every time you play it
what ever you go stealth or kill or no kill
the NPC's will react to you differently every time

and the game is wide linear and allow you to explore
it's more open than uncharted games

from the game's lead designer Jacob Minkoff
"3 News: You mentioned the new AI system earlier, tell me more about that.
Minkoff: We’ve got what we call the balance of power AI system, where AI is aware of what the player’s doing. If the player has a gun, they’ll run away and try to hide, but if the enemy has a gun and sees the player is out of ammo, then they’ll approach.

And Ellie is using the same AI, seeing how she can help out. As we saw in the E3 demo she picked up a brick and held onto it till Joel ran out of ammo, then flanked the enemy and helped Joel out. It’s all about these group dynamics and making people act like real human beings.

3 News: So in the gameplay footage we’ve seen at E3, when the enemy advanced on Joel, that only happened because he ran out of ammo?
Minkoff: Correct. The AI will react to you as the player. In this case the player ran out of ammo, and so the AI approached. So if you hadn’t run out of ammo they would have stayed in hiding, or would have tried to flank you or break off. They’ll split up and one will try to draw your attention while the other is flanking you. If Joel hadn’t made the Molotov in that room and thrown it at that guy it would’ve been a completely different sequence that played out.

That’s another thing we’re doing, is we have scavenging mechanics, where you have to go around the environment looking for ingredients that you can use to make different items. So in the stage demo we chose to make a Molotov out of a binding and some alcohol, but those same ingredients could have been used to make a health kit, so you can play offensively or defensively.

News: How linear is the gameplay?
Minkoff: What we’re calling is wide linear – we’re telling a linear narrative, but between those linear narrative moments we have wide gameplay possibilities. There’s all sorts of different strategies that the player can use at any time they approach a new situation.

For instance, the player could have stealth passed all of those enemies in the stage demo, they didn’t actually have to engage any of them. But you’re making a choice there, you’re saying well I can stealth pass them, and then my risk is lower, but then I won’t get any supplies.

Those guys were opening drawers, finding things, if somebody finds something in a drawer before you do, then the only way to get it is to get it off their body. So maybe you can sneak around them, but then you’re not going to have as many supplies.

So you have to make this choice – am I going to engage, and take on the risk of battle, but potentially get supplies I need to survive, or am I just going to try to avoid them? So that’s the wide linear thing, all these different flanking paths and strategies that you have when you’re engaging with the balance of power AI.

Read more:

and linearity was never a problem for uncharted games
BoNeSaW23  +   841d ago
I hardly ever read comments as long as yours but once I started I couldn't stop because I agreed with every word. Well said guy!
Minato-Namikaze  +   841d ago
linearity isn't the problem, your state of mind is.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   841d ago
Honestly, this confuses me. Since when did "linearity" become this bad word in video games.

A linear game is a much more controled experience than an open one, thus the same level of quality is given to each player

However ND, flat out said TLOU will not be like uncharted, and will be wide linear with multiple paths to take, and story bits to uncover ala Half-Life, Bioshock, Dishonored

Linearity is not a problem... get that out of your head
Hicken  +   841d ago
Sorry, but I'm with everyone else on this one: not seeing where linearity was a problem with the Uncharted games, and not seeing how it could be an issue here.

Care to explain? Is is this sum trolling?
goldwyncq  +   841d ago
There's nothing wrong with being linear as long as it's interesting enough.
Norrison  +   841d ago
The point of linear games is giving you the best focused experience in an 8+ hour campaign, games like Uncharted, half life, Max payne, Alan Wake, Portal, Journey, Bioshock etc. Are made to give you and amazing gameplay experience or story that's why those series are so high rated because they have a focused well written story (thanks to being linear), keep you entertained, give good gameplay, have good graphics vs open world games and have better performance especially on consoles.

If those games were open world they would lose what makes people love them.
Ryo-Hazuki  +   841d ago
The game is not linear like Uncharted. Why don't you try watching game play footage of the developer showing you the multiple routes that you can take. Or why don't you actually read up on the game...
ILive  +   841d ago
I don't even understand why people talk about linearity all the time. Aren't all games linear? The games that are considered to be non-linear are only possible through illusion. Anyway, I think this game will be amazing, though it is showing the age of the PS3 (I don not mean this in a negative way, just saying that this, God of War, and Beyond is possibly the best we will ever see out of the PS3).

Did anyone notice that Joel could possibly turn into one of those infected beings at the end of the trailer? The possibilities of what they can do with the story and how it could influence gameplay makes me very excited.
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floetry101  +   841d ago
It does proceed E3, perhaps avoiding a potential clash in revealing a new console?
Riderz1337  +   841d ago
Finally I can constantly watch the trailer in 720p. I had this game pre-ordered a loooong time ago. Wouldn't even care if you get nothing for pre-ordering, I just want the game! Naughty Dog I love you.
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miyamoto  +   841d ago
Honestly, I am a sucker at developers who push game design forward and are not afraid to try new stuff to top their latest work.

And I am glad the PS3 as a gaming platform have them in abundance.

If you follow ND games from Sonic's Ass Crash Bandicoot to The Last of Us its the same story driven platforming formula that has gone a progressive evolution.
Uncharted's story telling , graphics, sound, character development and chemistry, and game play are the pinnacle.

Now they go for the uncharted AI Design territory to top Uncharted.

TLOU is easily one of the few games I look forward too in the future.
BanBrother  +   841d ago

Naughty Dog have been constantly evolving. While other developers just 'adapt', Naughty Dog seem to be always setting standards. They are getting more and more mature with their games, and I have no doubt that The Last Of Us will quite possibly be the best game nexy year.

And yes, I am very excited for the AI. Hopefully it succeeds and other develoeprs can take note.
DarkBlood  +   841d ago
i wonder what the special edition or limited edition is if there is any
BanBrother  +   841d ago
Uncharted 3 got a statue of Nathan Drake, so I'd love it if this one did as too. I could then compare the two together.

I wouldn't mind a statue with Joel and Ellie on it, sorta like with Ellie a bit behind him (some back against the wall type of situation)
DarkBlood  +   841d ago
prehaps an infected head statue? lol
akaakaaka  +   841d ago
I'm amaze and really want to play this.
BanBrother  +   841d ago
Every single video I see of it gives me shivers.

The game just screams "all your goty's are belong to us".
NavydAd  +   841d ago
I preordered this along time ago. There are some developers I need not think twice about when buying a game such as Rockstar and ND.
PS4isKing_82  +   841d ago
What an amazing send off for ps3 if this is indeed the last big game before we move on to ps4. Wow talk about going out with a bang. Can't wait to see what Sony has in store for ps4. Starting to get really excited now.
MizTv  +   841d ago
Will this be the last big game for the ps3?
Godchild1020  +   841d ago
No, this will be one of the last big games for the PS3. You are forgetting but not limited to Ni No Kuni, Beyond: Two Souls, God Of War, Sly Cooper.
goldwyncq  +   841d ago
Ni No Kuni isn't an exclusive though.
Sevir  +   841d ago
Yes it is exclusive
The Ni-no No Kimi on PS3 is totally different from the one on the DS.
goldwyncq  +   841d ago
Oh sorry about that. Wasn't too informed about the game and thought it was just a port.
miyamoto  +   841d ago
Naughty Dog has done it again.
Excellent cover art.
Well done and different.
Like you are following them as the sun sets telling a story into the night

In the game, he art direction is like a maestro painter would color the whole thing. The colors are rich and nicely saturated yet you can still feel the survival horror premise.

The faces are very detailed yet stylized in a way that looks far more better than Final Fantasy XIII, or the flat-ish LA Noire.

As a Japanese games lover my self, I have to hand it to Naughty Dog when it comes to characters. Elle looks far moar pretty than Lightning given the imperfections wich makes her look more convincing & real. But Japan rarely goes for realism as they prefer graphic style, anyways.

ambient lighting is well done too.

I hope the game plays as great as it looks.
j-blaze  +   841d ago
dood are you serious comparing a 12 years old Ellen Page ripoff gangster to Lightning? oh please....whenever there is an article about this game or ND there is always drama and stupidity in it, i mean ppl here try way to hard to show their fake excitement for this game, just pathetic

also, ND said that they will "OWN" the action survival genre and that they will change the freaking industry, after watching all the trailers i can say they are nowhere near what these arrogant devs said...the new trailer made the game look even more generic imo

plus, i hope they put some good scientific reasons/explanation for the outbreak like in RE games but i doubt it
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mike32UK  +   841d ago
Dood (*dude) are you serious? ND are some of the most down to earth developers in the industry, far from arrogant. They have confidence in their game making abilities granted, but is this any surprise when they have been responsible for one of the most reputable franchises this generation! As for the scientific reason/explination, you clearly havent been following this game from the beginning. The very first teaser trailer for this game was in relation to a real life fungi that affects some animals, the premise of this game being that the fungi has mutated to thrive off of the human species. Please stop hating

Related video
DigitalRaptor  +   840d ago
You are deluded beyond belief. This goes beyond opinion to a place that is either trolling or plain stupidity. How can your character rip off an actress and then look or sound like neither? And "gangster"? I'm sorry... what? Try living the first 14 years of your life in an orphanage in a secluded part of a city that is under quarantine from a global pandemic. Sorry but you're not gonna end up looking or behaving like Lightning.

And your your hate for Naughty Dog knows no bounds, does it? It's pretty damn obvious how deluded you are by your belief that people are showing their "fake excitement". You've actually convinced yourself that people are faking being excited for The Last of Us. Wow... Man.... i'm sure you have issues.

The creative director Neil Druckmann said that they "want" and "aim" to change the industry. He never said "will" change the industry. Then in another quote said "we're going to own survival action".

But in terms of survival action, what else is there to stand toe to toe with The Last of Us? I Am Alive? Resident Evil 6? Ha! Forget that. TLoU looks to trump them all in terms of pure survival gameplay.

So. is it arrogant to say? Maybe. is it true? Probably.

And last but not least, the cherry to place on the top of your ignorance. You clearly know nothing about cordyceps fungus and the premise of the outbreak, which was shown in the VERY FIRST teaser trailer, so there we go. I'll link you so you can pick up the pieces of your fail.
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BigStef71  +   841d ago
Ok so games next year Im gonna:
-Fuse- I'll always support Insomniac even tho EA's publishing
-Bioshock Infinite Collectors edition
-God Of War Ascension Collectors Edition
-Gta V- this is a given already got this preordered. It'll be interesting if we get a collectors edition
- Finally this game The Last Of Us- I'm definitely going to preorder it now. Hopefully theres a collectors edition.

Last collectors edition I got was balls of steel ediiton for DNF. That was totally wort it lol. But this year was a down year for me in games. The only games I bought that came out this year were Twisted Metal ,Starhawk , Mass Effect 3 , PSASBR ,and recently on Black Friday I got Max Payne 3 and Doom 3 BFG for $20 and battlefield 3 premium edition for $30. I guess Im sick of buying games day one that aren't groundbreaking and then they'll be released 6 months later with all the dlc. The only games I really wanted were borderlands 2(which I know will get a GOTY edition) AC3 Dishonored and Far Cry 3 so hopefully those will get complete editions
DeletedAcc  +   841d ago
Boxart looks so beautiful!

If the surivival edition is the most expensive one i will get it! (ps3 theme & avatar's look cool, too imo)
& i cant wait for the soundtrack!!!
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I pre-ordered it. Can't Wait!!!
bronxsta  +   841d ago
Love the box art, although I prefer the minimalist style of the placeholder art.
Torn between preordering this or GTA V, neither R* or ND has let me down before and I'm only getting one 60 dollar game in the 2013 first half

Though leaning more towards TLoU. I love GTA but I love the zombie genre and the gritty bleak post-apocalyptic genre even more. That VGA trailer hints at such a well acted, mature, bleak story and I'd take that over GTA any day
Y_5150  +   841d ago
I was reading through the comments before reading and I kept seeing the word "multiplayer". I was thinking "what are they talking about!"

Then after I read the article; "OMG multiplayer! I'm glad I pre-ordered fro Gamestop two days ago!"
Y_5150  +   841d ago
I was reading through the comments before reading and I kept seeing the word "multiplayer". I was thinking "what are they talking about!"

Then after I read the article; "OMG multiplayer! I'm glad I pre-ordered from Gamestop two days ago!"
Y_5150  +   841d ago
Whoops! I posted the same comment twice. I hope you guys enjoy it because I can't edit it to something else.
PS4 2013.
GraveLord  +   841d ago
So there's multi-player huh......well the main focus seems to be single-player so I'm not too worried. Multi-player is a must these days anyway.
ILive  +   841d ago
I believe that developers just add multiplayer to provide the game with longevity, granted multiplayer portions of certain games aren't compelling enough. As long as developers focus on the single player aspect of a game, then i don't see the problem. First person shooters tend to be the ones to focus primarily on the multiplayer. Uncharted 2 is an example of great multiplayer and amazing single player.
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Sizzon  +   841d ago
The boxart looks really cool :)

May 7th can't come soon enough!
TwistedMetal  +   841d ago
Call of duty is super linear and is basically the same old crap when it comes to multiplayer. can you tell me why You guys keep buying the same cod game over and over again that sells 10 million? Even uncharted sereis is more open then cod with actual stuff to do do and figure out instead of shoot shoot walk forward shoot and walk forward. Does call of duty even have a cover system, A.I, climbing and jumping mechanics, awesome graphics, co-op npcs's that actually do stuff? Im tired or hypocrits trying to dog on one game and then go out and buy a worse game just because they sheeps and not a wolf: Training Day Nikkas.
EeJLP-  +   841d ago
Why do people bring up 'cover systems'. Just stand, crouch, or lay down behind something. Cover systems work perfectly fine in some games like Uncharted, but that doesn't mean they're necessary in every game; especially in more run & gun (and 1st person) shooters where it would just slow everything down.
Sarobi  +   841d ago
Naughty Dog has taken stories in video games to the next level.. I love the Uncharted series because the games have this strong appeal to the story.. its like you become attached to the characters so quickly its unbelievable.. they truly know what they're doing when it comes to making good games
Darth Stewie  +   841d ago
Anything Naughty Dog is an instant Day 1 for me. Awesome Boxart too. Sony better advertise this game.
Platinum_k  +   841d ago
...most super duper definitely PRE-ORDER >=)
ufo8mycat  +   841d ago
Will there be a lot of climbing in this game? If so, hopefully it is much improved over Uncharted. Uncharted is a great series don't get me wrong, but the climbing is VERY basic. You can only climb pretty much the correct way.
Ezz2013  +   841d ago
i think we have a masterpiece on our hand
th3n00bg4m3r  +   841d ago
I love the box-art [this is how it is done Irrational games].
I am really excited to know about the multi-player. For now, this is the perfect game for me.
bronxsta  +   841d ago
The voice acting is so good. I love the scene in the trailer with Joel and Tess, the delivery is so intense. If this was a movie, I'd want to see it opening day...but it's even better than a movie since we get to immerse ourselves in the experience

I seriously can not wait. I'm more hyped for this than GTA V and I never thought any game could make me say that
DeletedAcc  +   841d ago
Joel is left handed? :D
ziggurcat  +   841d ago
ZOMG no PS4 announcement?!?!?!? bu-bu-but i thought they were going to announce it because some random internet blogger said that that's what this last of us announcement was about!

th3n00bg4m3r  +   841d ago
E3 2013 is not today, brother.
WeskerChildReborned  +   841d ago
We need MP info, i wanna see if it will be awesome.
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