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urwifeminder  +   1080d ago
Straight up ballsy move to risk the company on a wild plan goodluck i say ,i got a new pc so im not buying.
Are_The_MaDNess  +   1080d ago
will get it if it preforms well,
maybe they can Stream a Video/Audio feed from you Real Rig some way. kinda like OnLive but on your LAN, you will prob. just loose 5ms or something with that kinda setup.
TemplarDante  +   1080d ago
Umm.. ok.
Im not a pc gamer, I do however have a mid range gaming pc. The only game I play there lately is Planetside 2 (until hackers ruined that)
When I sat down to find a pc exclusive game that interested me.. I really couldnt find any..
So how would this box work? Is it running pc games straight up? Im not sure how many mainstream people would be interested in this.
Ive said it before, I'll say it again. Next gen its down to 1st Party exclusives to differentiate what you buy. Most 3rd party games are going to be multiplat.
So,. what exclusives will this machine have? why should I buy this box rather than throw my 6770 away and buy an 8000's gpu and play it better on my pc?
Wikki  +   1080d ago
Love this... big fan of valve and an even bigger pc gamer. if i can get more integration with the big screen i'm all for it.
ElementX  +   1080d ago
What do you mean by more integration with a TV? Just hook up any PC with HDMI.
Roccetarius  +   1080d ago
It'll probably be a more closed system, and digital only. Being digital only means no purchase, nuff said.
Platinum_k  +   1080d ago
This will be VERY interesting due to the change and impact of Next Gen Gaming Consoles.


Who will be on TOP???
Kennytaur  +   1080d ago
SITH  +   1080d ago
Alienware has a PC/console. Probably valves only true soon to be competitor.
Insane087  +   1080d ago
the back catalogue on steam and support with non steam pc games not mention the deals they do would make it difficult for other companies to compete also having keyboard and mouse would make alot of people happy bunnies its all about how they execute this
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black911  +   1080d ago
OnLive says Hi Gabe.
Kos-Mos  +   1080d ago
Will this mean that I can play even more shooters in the living room?
mananimal  +   1080d ago
Its not a PC/Console, its a Set Top Box, big deal, nothing new, & no suprise, as the INDUSTRY continues its slippery slide towards total DRM-gaming, by merging the PC/Console gaming experience. Simple.
TwistedMetal  +   1080d ago
As far as the valve box goes I think its gonna be a perfectly designed pc like box that runs next gen games at the perfect quality. I think it will also have slots for upgrades that valve will specifically tell you exactly what upgrade will work best so you wont be like, do i need this ram or that ram, this card or that card, this cpu or this gpu crap that every pc gamer seems to always have split opinions on.
The split opinions and people not knowing exactly what you need to run all the pc games at good settings is the hardest part of getting into pc games and pc gamers and companys do not understand this for some reason or another. People want to know exactly what they need and they dont need a bunch of different people telling them different things on the forums. There should be one best anwser

I am amazed at how smart valve is compared to every other company in pc. This is why valve and gabe are filthy rich.
What I hate is even the companys that make gaming specific pc's and laptops have them overpriced like crazy.

I got people telling me you can build a gaming pc for 600. Then i got a company selling already made gaming pc's that are weaker then what people say you can do with custom made pc for 1000.

If Valve does this right they can bring pc gaming back full force and take out Microsoft as well because to tell you the truth theres no reason to get a x720 if a pc box comes out as the only thing that M$ has is halo. everything else is on other platforms. ps4,wii u, and pc all have drasticallly more and better unique exclusive library of games and free online. im telling you sheep to be wolves and dont follow your friends to the x720 and thats some Training Day stuff right there.
Zha1tan  +   1080d ago
I doubt even half of console gamers even know who Valve are.

Im talking about the I only play fifa/madden and COD crowd.

Its going to need some mega marketing...but if they pull it off and people get wind that they can upgrade their gaming machine to advance in graphics easily then Valve could really be on to something.
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Bordel_1900  +   1080d ago
I already have my Valve Console-PC.

Alienware laptop, running Steam Big Screen with a PS3 controller. :)
coolmaster  +   1080d ago
This will probably be a cool machine. Can't wait to see what it's capable of. Don't want to get my hopes up too much though.
pennywhyz  +   1080d ago
Now console gamers will have real idea of what next gen is about and see what real hardware power is if its done right and put down out dated consoles this gen and next
Bolts  +   1080d ago
This PC console or whatever it's called is doomed to fail. Valve have a lot competitors in the PC space who will simply refuse to play ball. You can basically play Battlefield 4 on this thing over EAs dead body and they're not the only one.

Also I find it rather ironic that Gabe bitches about Windows 8 then he turn around and pull this stunt. A champion of PC gaming my ass. This is clearly an attempt by Valve to choke the PC's open market.
metroid32  +   1080d ago
Wiiu has dx 11 comparable graphics and tons of edram im sure that will do most people Metroid/Zelda/Smash/Mariokart/ Beyonetta/Monster hunter/Fzero/Mario/ect its games that sell consoles and Nintendo will have plenty of games now they have power.
potedude  +   1080d ago
I want to buy an xbox 8?
Xian  +   1080d ago
To really replace a console though, they are going to have to address multiple users. All your games are tied to a single Steam account, so what happens when the rest of the family wants to play and get their own achievements and such?

This has already made us buy several titles on consoles instead of the PC. For instance there are 3 gamers in my family, each with their own PC, so if I had bought Borderlands 2 on Steam it would have cost $180 for each of us to have it on our own account. We bought it on the 360 and all of us can play with the single purchase on 3 separate accounts on that platform.
Father Murder X  +   1080d ago
Valve is messing up. I think that this is proof that the pc gaming sector is dying. I am an avid pc gamer myself but you guys give valve too much credit. Half Life 3 maybe their ace up the sleeve but they can't compete with the Halos, Uncharteds, MSGs, BAttlefields, etc. EA will not allow their games on steam and you just know that Sony and M$ will do whatever they can to squeeze them out. They just need to stick to what they do best. They are trying to compete with the big boys and they don't have the resources to do it. They cater to people like us (the hardcore gamers) and that isn't enough to survive as a company. Hell if you now who Valve is chances are you already have a PC.
Schawk  +   1080d ago
Ps4/720 destroyer?

Hmmm! i think so
lfclee  +   1080d ago
A games console with direct access to steam i would expect, look out ms, sony and nintendo there's a new player coming which is great.
lfclee  +   1080d ago
Great! It means that ms and sony must up there game with apple and samsung wanting a piece aswell, i will chose the better value for money.
Garrison  +   1080d ago
LIKE OMG!!! VALVE IS releasing a steam box this is going to be amazing!!! You can play PC Games on your living room. This is going to end all.
-Looks at my current PC-
-Takes HDMI Cable and connects PC to TV-

LIKE..... OMFG!!!!!!

I have it already!!!!!!

Seriously Valve? GTFO

No I am not buying some POS PC to play steam games.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   1080d ago
You have to remeber Valve has Steam and Half life and a few other stakes in ventures, yes its market value is a little less than half of Sony's, about 4 billion but you have to remember Sony and Microsofts assests are valued in the trillions. Valve only has a loyal fan-base and Steam. Microsoft has Windows and Sony has its Entertainment and Electronics sectors.If Valve don't do well they risk loosing a hell of alot.
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porkChop  +   1080d ago
So they lied to us. Nice.
BX81  +   1080d ago
Can some one help me out here. What will make valve's version a console and not a pc? The lines are starting to get blurry if you can up grade their version. I can only assume that's what pc gamers would like. I don't know crap about pc's so I like that I don't have to upgrade just to play certain games on the PS3/360. Thanks for anyones help.
5eriously  +   1080d ago
So it's not a console but a PC optimized for Valve!


Yet more interesting is this comment

["Newell says the PCs will compete with the Xbox 8 and the PS4"]

What does Newell know that we don't?
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