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Sarobi  +   997d ago
Not surprising at all.. I mean with like 3 (or possibly 4) Android based consoles coming next year.. I don't see why they wouldn't try to attempt going for something like this
jjb1981  +   997d ago
I'm getting one, I love their tear-free source engine, now I know where half life 3 is going and why it hasn't been announced.
Godchild1020  +   997d ago
So there will (possibly) be 5 or 6 next generation home consoles out next year. Sony's next console, Microsoft's next console, The WiiU, The Ouya (Android) and the Value Box.

With a slight chance of Apple making a home console for their App Store. Next year will not be forgotten.
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biRdy  +   997d ago
Garry lol
PirateThom  +   997d ago
What's the point?
akaakaaka  +   997d ago
you are right, I think is wrong timing .
This will have been great if it launch las holiday or by march of thia year, and only if was easy to use, cheap price, 1080p with 60fps on games like crysis-bf3-fc3 flawless online servers.
But in 2013 when the ps4 is going to launch seem useless for me.
animegamingnerd  +   996d ago
it will probably be a cheaper pretty powerful
8bitHero  +   997d ago
i can see that working. now the question is what OS will it run? a pc/console w/ windows 8 would work very nicely because of the metro and how simplified it looks(i dont own it but used it at best buy) + it could switch to the classic windows look, at least from what ive heard. BUUUUUUUUUUUT in the end i dont think ill buy it. i already bought me a gaming PC like last week.(spent $780). but who knows, as much as i hate to admit it im a complete sucker for new things.
DomceM  +   997d ago
it will probably use some version of linux I would think. Would explain Gabes sudden huge interest in developing games for linux. Its the only platform that would give Valve independence.
8bitHero  +   997d ago
im not trolling(truly im not) but what is so great about linux? ive never used it nor know anyone with it so i dont know much about it or how it looks. the only thing i know about it is that that it previously able to run on the ps3 and that supposedly android is a heavily modified linux.
SkullBlade169  +   997d ago
Choice is the main good thing about Linux. You can set up your installation of it to be exactly how you want. There are lots of different GUI's to choose from so different versions of it may look completely different.

It also runs much faster than Windows, not entirely sure of the reason but I've always found it to perform much faster, the startup time is pretty much nothing... a few seconds at most.

There's also the fact that you don't get viruses on it, it's a very secure OS by design. Part of this could simply be because there aren't enough people who use it for virus developers to bother making them for it though.

It is hard to learn though, and not many games run on it (This is changing since Steam is on it now) so it's a good OS to try but it does have its problems.

(Posting this from a Linux-running PC)

Anyway Windows 8 is what pushed me to move... I still have Windows 7 installed on another partition which I use for the Windows-only games, but I'm not going to use that crappy UI in Windows 8 that's designed for tablets, which is what made me start to switch.
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cee773  +   996d ago
the great thing about linux is its a free os. windows would add to manufacturing costs because valve would need to pay a license fee for each console to microsoft and have you seen the things gabe have been saying about windows 8 not good.

This console will just bring better sales for games and such on psn and xbox live this.

but who exactly is this console for exactly for pc gamers to extend gaming to other areas idk it sure as hell isnt directed at console buyers we have 3 established consoles already it will have to be crazy sales and im sure the new pslive will compete with those sales especially ps+ v.2
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Kennytaur  +   996d ago
I doubt Microsoft will allow a a competing console to use their OS, Linux is most likely.
DomceM  +   997d ago
i submitted a story about this 1 hour before this one was submitted...

Also, this is gonna be awesome.
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Triggytrolls  +   997d ago
I would buy one over next gen.
MeatAbstract  +   997d ago
I've thought Valve as a business have rarely stepped wrong, they've always done very well, possibly to the point where money is hardly an issue thanks to Steam.

But this doesn't feel right to me. Reading Gabe's reveal of it, it's a console. It will compete with the next Sony and MS console. It can't be upgraded. Why do this? There is nothing wrong with consoles, plug and play - hey presto, it's what I love about them. And what I love about PC's is being able to change the hardware when you wanna upgrade or just tinker about with it and doing things like overclocking.

So I don't understand where this new SteamBox is going to fit. It's a PC you can't really upgrade. I guess they're trying to bring Steam to the console masses but consoles have a pretty solid user base now already looking ahead to their next purchase of the Next box or the PS4. PC users aren't really going to buy since they can do everything the SteamBox can and more.

I dunno, it just doesn't sit right with me. But who knows? It could release to massive popularity.
8bitHero  +   997d ago
well if its priced lower then the next PS & xbox it could have a chance. it could use the money from steam to make up for loses.
Alos88  +   997d ago
I hope it's shaped like a companion cube.
krazeecain  +   997d ago
This is amazing, if it turns out to be based on linux and Valve does this properly, this could be the best thing that's ever happened to both gaming and linux in a long time.

It could potentially make consoles irrelevant and force a switch to cheap, standardized gaming PC's (no more console exclusives forcing you to buy new hardware just to play that one game you want). It would also remove one of the biggest hurdles impeding the adoption of linux. If I could play all my games on linux, I would've thrown away windows a long time ago.
Soldierone  +   997d ago
Would have just preferred them keep working with Sony on the PS3 cross platform play....

Honestly, one game does it and thats all we get? It had potential. Sony already has PSN, the fanbase, the install base, the games, and instead you decide to go your own route? Rather dumb. All over the fact you cant send out annoying updates every day?

Steam is cool, but come on. Now we have a fourth console that will be attempting to get "timed exclusives" and competing for money. We don't need that. I guess its better than stupid Apple jumping in, so thats a good thing.

Just hope Portal 3 comes to PS4 or Xbox, other than that I don't really care.
FanMan  +   997d ago
i dont think i would need this if i have a capable pc already
capox  +   997d ago
The box looks pretty decent!
TXIDarkAvenger  +   997d ago
I was thinking instant buy when I read this but I already have a gaming PC and can always hook it up to my big TV and use a controller to play just like a console.

My only question is this console will be a PC, so how will it be able to handle games, medium, high or ultra. Possibly 3 versions of the system priced differently.
chukamachine  +   997d ago
I already have a PC.

I don't give a toss about portal, or L4D. Much better zombie games out already. HL3 never gets a mention. Their own engine is old. Needs a massive upgrade.

As for steam, it's ok. Origin is the same thing, more or less. Then you got PSN,XBLIVE.

Fuk I wish they would all get together and it's just one platform.

It's also about time, PS3/PS4 users should be able to play 360/720 players in multiplat games.

But no I won't be buying.

I'll give my PC a new GPU when needed. quad core is plenty for any game cpu wise.
capox  +   997d ago
No its not here is proof
AngelicIceDiamond  +   997d ago
2013 is the year for new technology, should be a crazy year then
spektical  +   997d ago
i'll skip out. I dont think it will do well.

Unless the specs are utterly amazing.. thats the only way to convince me from not getting a ps4
baldulf  +   997d ago
That's nice but what is going to happen when after two years most of the new games start running poorly due to low specs or not running at all?

You don't have that kind of problem on consoles.
drewseny  +   997d ago
Realistically a good gaming pc doesnt need more then an i3 processor or the AMD equivalent. A good graphics card is all it needs, probably in a year a 7950 will be perfect. I can't imagine the console would cost more then 500, and about that much to build (take a loss to get it going, all console companies do it when they first release it).

But whats interesting is the sales steam is able to do and how much that will impact everything. Would you get a new xbox/playstation with games being 35-45 bucks each a few months after release? or would you get a steam console where you can get the exact same games but get 10 of them for 50 bucks in one of their sales. Plus the sequel to game of the decade, half life 3, will likely be exclusive.
peowpeow  +   996d ago
What's even better is sometimes sites like GMG have games (old/new) even cheaper, and are activatable on steam! Recent Humble THQ Bundle comes to mind.. $1 for 8 games!

OT I know majority of my friends intimidated to build a PC would be all over this
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kB0  +   997d ago
Wow so I can finally play my steam games on the big screen with minimal hassle?

Honestly this should kill off the consoles...which saddens me because I love a lot of console games!

The only reason I'm saying that it will kill of the consoles is because Steam games are DIRT and I mean DIRT CHEAP!

I mean some Steam sales even makes App store games look expensive....

Already we can get batman Arkham city for 7$ which is minimum 20$ on sale in stores for consoles...

This, if done properly should put Steam at the top and Revive PC gaming to its former glory.

Now all we have to see is...price.
WeskerChildReborned  +   997d ago
I'll buy it if it has every game from steam available to purchase.
DarkBlood  +   997d ago
damn unfortunately this would have to be the last thing i get beside already obtaining the wiiu i still have to get ps4 and 720
Ulf  +   997d ago
This won't go over well.

Keyboards, mice, and the livingroom don't go together. Besides, the whole point of PC gaming is being upgradable. Valve would have to sell an enormous number of unmodifiable PCs to get devs to make games targetted as directly at their hardware as consoles.

That's just not gonna happen. The Wii U, 720, and PS4 will trounce it, if it tries to compete with them. I honestly don't think Valve intends to release anything more than a custom PC for the livingroom, and I would hope they don't plan on selling all that many. If they sell 1 million, it'll be a landslide victory, IMO.
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drewseny  +   996d ago
And that is why steam has added a new controller friendly interface/improving games for controllers. Old news really.
Lucreto  +   997d ago
I would be interested in this.

Valve won't put their name to it unless it's quality
turgore  +   997d ago
So an HTPC mini pc ?
the new king 74  +   996d ago
barb_wire  +   996d ago
I don't get it - why are PC gamers happy for this.. let's say (hypothetically) that Valve do indeed release this and HL3 as a launch game..

Why would Valve release HL3 on the PC? Sorry, wouldn't Valve want to keep HL3 as an exclusive for it's machine and not the PC? Why throw away their money (R&D etc) if they just release it to the PC and their 'console' gets ignored in the market.
Dlacy13g  +   996d ago
HL3 would be a Steam Exclussive, I am guessing it will have settings specifically for the valve box but the question is... would games exclusive to the valve box be PC compatible or ...are the truly valve box exclusive.

Consider that can of worms opened for any "exclusive" they try and posture.
drewseny  +   996d ago
The point is their new console WILL be a pc, just a linux based one thats primarily for gaming.
Dlacy13g  +   996d ago
If form factor is the only differentiator between it and a pc I don't believe the valve box will hold much value with audience it would be geared toward.
Dlacy13g  +   996d ago
Its a bold move for Valve but not totally unexpected given the direction they have been going and all the rumors. Valve as good as they have been are stepping into a world I am not 100% sure they are ready for but time will tell I guess.
KenKaz  +   996d ago
So valve is going to be the one who replaces Sony in the next gen.

I figured someone would.
Jinkies  +   996d ago
I'd rather they replace MS to be be honest, they are the ones not giving us much these days
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