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OCEANGROWNKUSH  +   1161d ago
im osorry but this headset is nowhere near a 7.8... i bought one on black friday for like $30, used it for an hour and returned it.. Extremely irratating that the sound either is 90% in the left ear or 90% in the right ear. Its really distracting and disorienting, hurting more than helping gameplay.
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farhad2k8  +   1161d ago
I strongly disagree, you must have picked up a faulty one one or your wires must have been messed up, because I've owned one for a year and it's been a delight to use. Sound is perfect to me, right amount of bass, clarity and the chat volume allows you to hear people better. Honestly a great purchase for someone like me who needs a headset that can swap from PC to PS3 with ease, but doesn't want to spend as much as a brand new console!
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OCEANGROWNKUSH  +   1161d ago
Let me clarify... No, it wasn't faulty, the headset was fine. It's just the nature of an analog stereo headset, there is only data for right and left channels coming in, so that is all it can project to it's user. The ambient sound is even in both speakers, but when it attempts to project directional sound (player movement, gunfire, explosions, etc) is where it falls flat on it's face.

I have been using the Tritton AX720's for the past few years, so i am used to having dolby digital with virtual surround, rich sound, and nice round (not too deep) bass. The sound from the P11 is tinny in comparison, with mostly mid's and high's being represented.

Going from the 720's to the P11's is just a HUGE drop off in sound quality, and sound projection. I picked up my 720's for $60 3 years ago, so when i saw the PX11's for $30 i thought it might be a good pick up, but after an hour i came to the conclusion that (in my opinion) it wasn't worth the $30, and that my aging 720's blew these things out of the water.

I would say the Tritton 720's are a 7.5/10, Astro A50's are a 9.5/10, and the TB P11's are more like a 5/10... It's an ok headset if its all you can afford, but for anybody coming from a better headset it really is a tremendous drop off in the overall experience. I would suggest to anybody with the means, to save up a little bit more cash and pick up a better headset. I could get over the tinny sound but i just cannot deal with the 1 dimensional stereo sound, it defeats the purpose of having a headset to begin with.
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farhad2k8  +   1161d ago
I guess it's because I've never spent alot of money on a headset, and never really used anything more than 2.1?
Maybe this headset will only be good to you if you were in my situation? I used to play with my crappy speakers that were installed in my TV, and when I got this headset it felt like every game had changed. I bet I would get blown away if I used a 5.1/7.1 headset lol
OCEANGROWNKUSH  +   1160d ago
Yes the headset isn't terrible by any means, i found it disorienting that the sound is so directional. Good starter headset i suppose. I just disagreed with the rating they gave it as you have to rate it against every headset.

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