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sdozzo  +   897d ago
What! I'm frothing at the mouth. Thumbs up for everyone. The first two were games of my life.
Xof  +   897d ago
I hope there's a PC version. I absolutely love playing it on my PC, it loads so much faster than on PS3 I can do speed-runs on a whim.
Saleem101  +   897d ago
Demon souls/dark souls is my alltime favorite game!!! Im very happy right now....
ghostrider32  +   897d ago
2013 is gonna be an amazing year of gaming. This, Last of Us, Gears of War:Judgment, Castlavania: Lords of Shadows 2, GTAV, etc. I'm gonna enjoy 2013 regardless of platform. F*** a console war.
Chug  +   897d ago
OMFG!!! This right here, is why I'm still gaming.
Swiggins  +   897d ago
*foams at the mouth in happiness and falls over unconcious*
Sticky__Rice  +   897d ago
Can I just get demons souls 2 as well?
Sure Dark Souls was amazing, but I misss the Nexus and the Black Maiden. World Tendency, & Online was great! Either way this is a day one for me. I just really miss the lore of demons souls.
YoungPlex  +   897d ago
I agree 100% but Sony owns the trademark and Fromsoftware wanted it to go multi-plat to reach a broader audience.
Sticky__Rice  +   897d ago
Ohh that makes a lot more sense now! i was'nt aware of that. Well.. Hopefully Sony can do something with the IP or make a deal. Bubble ups to you!
YoungPlex  +   897d ago
I just creamed all over myself! Since it's multiplat I hope the Wii U gets it seeing as my Wii U ID is DarkSouls! I'd be so happy!
DivineAssault  +   896d ago
Its not going to wii u.. If it ever does, itl be waaaaaay down the line after its release but still doubtful.. Few M rated multiplats from devs make it to nintendo systems beyond capcom, Ubi, & EA..
Cueil  +   896d ago
would depend on Wii U sales in Japan I would think... also the Wii U's not that much different form the 360 so you have a little more portability then you'd think... I just hope for a PC version it's seriously the best version with some of the user mods that are out.
YoungPlex  +   896d ago
Dark Souls: II (U Will DIE edition)! Could happen, never say never... It's up to Japan and how well they do, not the US or UK! Stranger things have come about, like Bayonetta 2 a Wii U EXCLUSIVE!
sdplisken  +   896d ago
my fav new ip this gen by far
day one rite here

i only wish sony would make demon's souls 2 for ps4
PurpHerbison  +   896d ago
Did anybody else find the FPS issues in Dark Souls to be a little too much? With that said, anybody scared that they won't iron out the FPS problems with Dark Souls II? Skeptical.
Omnislash  +   896d ago
Demons Souls = Platinumed.

Dark Souls = Platinumed.

Dark Souls 2 = Bring it on!

I will own this game too, I will make this game my b*tch just like I made the first two...
Gimmemorebubblez  +   896d ago
SAE  +   896d ago
Jump here !
bloodybutcher  +   896d ago
one more game i have to buy next year!
Denethor_II  +   896d ago
I've never used an abbreviation but, OMFGICBTIH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aghashie  +   896d ago
haha! yea baby! now I am hyped! I haven't feel this way since... uh... since dark souls was announced. I already platinum that game, but suddenly, I feel a compulsion to load the game on my ps3 and waste my whole weekend killing undeads (or being killed by them). awesome news!
Mister_G  +   896d ago
WANT!! Must remember to NOT watch every single gameplay vid released before launch, don't want any spoilers at all.
easthastings  +   896d ago
So happy to hear this great news
g-nome  +   896d ago
Awesome - Dark Souls , the only game I ever spent more than 100 hours on, and felt like going back to for more. Not sure how they are going to top the first one though.
Frodosmugins  +   896d ago
Heard the news this morning and Im still smiling.. cant wait..

If this is out October then Next gen consoles wont be out till either Xmas or 2014 imo!
Ethereal  +   896d ago
This took me by surprise. I thought it was dragon age 3 or something. Awesome news! I need to play the first one still, its sitting on my shelf =(
Playstation1984  +   896d ago
really pleased, was just researching on a sequel the other day and here it is.
Sikct9a  +   896d ago
Darkmoon cov security guard at your service!
Cueil  +   896d ago
Immanent Game Purchase Ahead!!!
ChemicalWorld  +   896d ago
Honestly this has made my day. I only just played Dark Souls this year for the first time since buying it over a year ago and it restored my faith in gaming. Long may FROM Software continue their reign of gaming majesty.

Praise the Sun!

Agrees incoming for everyone btw :)
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landog  +   896d ago describe....the joy


souls games are a class of their own!
Run_bare  +   896d ago
Wow, just wow, I have another reason to be happy for 2013. It took me 13 months journey to get platinum for Dark Soul and also Demon Soul. Soo happy.
Sketchy_Galore  +   896d ago
Really liked Demon's souls. LOVED Dark souls. Still not sure I can justify buying this one because I've yet to complete either of the previous games after wussing out when things get tough. In my defence I made it pretty far in Dark souls. I killed the dragon slayer thingy and his fat buddy then met Mrs Booby giant lady but after that gave up. Who knows, maybe I might make it all the way to the end this time.
Neko_Mega  +   896d ago
I like the Dark Souls and Demon's Souls games. Far more harder then Skyrim and far less buggy.

I just hope this one we can edit how tall are characters can be, plus alot more weapons and spells then Dark Souls.

I like to see more bigger spell and ones that can be cast fast, but cost alot.
Young_ART  +   896d ago
will this be on last gen consoles like the WiiU?
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