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Ttam  +   860d ago
Of course with every game having a online pass there is no reason to save the money just to turn around and spend it on the pass..
2pacalypsenow  +   860d ago
trading in my wwe 13 tomorow . but seriously $20 for hitman blood money thats impressive
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WiiUsauce  +   860d ago
Best Buy is always doing 100% back bonus trade in deals. say a game is worth 20 bucks, sometimes if they have the promotion running, they give you 40. right now they have a 60% bonus trade in running, and they have these all the time.
DarkSavior  +   860d ago
Many of you lead sad lives if you reserve your hate for a store. A store people. Also I love how people bitch that they get $20 for a game then they turn it around for $50. It's called profit people. GameStop or any other store isn't a charity. They need to make profit, not break even. Best buy sells more than games, and that's why you will see lower prices. Not to mention Best Buy is in big trouble right now. Probably due to lack of profits..... Wait until you trade in a vehicle. It's called depreciation kids.
ApolloTheBoss  +   860d ago
It's a trap!
oNIXo  +   860d ago
lol, "crazy amounts"
dkeat  +   860d ago
This is great. I've been done w/ the Sly Collection for a while now and I think I even paid $20 for it, so a trade-in for $25 store credit is a no brainer.
J86blum  +   860d ago
Well I traded in Capcom vs Marvel 3 ultimate edition, and Hitman absolution and only got 20.00 dollers lol first trade in ive done in years. and my last.
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