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Crazyglues  +   1037d ago

This sucks, I mean wow I hate hearing the game keeps getting pushed back but I guess if it's going to have better polish - you would think ok fine..

-but you already said that last time... so I think at this point I'm starting to get a little worried..

when games like this start delaying and delaying that's never a good sign... (means things were not thought out right from the beginning)

we had a year wait for GT5 for them to add crash damage that no one even cares about 3 months after the game came out because it was overkill- we just want to see some damage on the cars when they crash, -like need for speed- or burnout paradise, not real time effect damage that would take over a year to get done. (that's just silly)

Don't Overkill here.. Please - I just hope it's polish and not Over doing it. March 26 is already a bad move for B3 because you are now after Crysis 3 and right before GTA 5 that's a tough spot to launch in..

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SAE  +   1037d ago
It amaze me why people care about sales , don't worry about them , just worry about the time you are waiting for the game , we all know it's going to be great , the longer it takes to release the better for us , gt5 proved that , imagine if they released gt5 in 2006 , you think it will have all these content ?. or that realistic gameplay ?..

Gt5 crash damage can be improved , it's like having a baby , it will improve in the coming sequels , so i don't think that's a waste of time ^^ , what really matters for gt5 is the gameplay , not the graphics , because it's a sim , it doesn't need these stuff but they are trying to evolve , reviews and people were harsh on it , it deserve more for what it became , it's underrated game , complaining about smoke or sound engine or damage is just stupid unless you mean to improve the game , but not underrate it for these stupid reasons , do you know how hard to make a game challenging ?.. gt5 needs real skills , not any game offer that .

think of gt5 as a prologue to gt6 , they will take advantage of every feature ....
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Crazyglues  +   1037d ago
@ IDeath489

- I'm sorry but I have to Disagree..

You know it probably seems crazy that a consumer would be worried about sales, but I do - and the reason is because I want the company to do well.

If I buy the game I would like to know that the company makes enough money that they can afford to fix problems and be around to support the game.

Especially if I end up loving the game, I would like to know they are working on DLC because it did well and that they might make another because this one was a huge success.

So while it seems crazy, I think it's not outrageous to see why gamers are also concerned about weather or not a game they choose to buy does well or not. -you can say we gamers have an invested interest.

XXXL  +   1037d ago
Man this is pissing me off.
ApolloTheBoss  +   1037d ago
Better to have them polish it up then have a buggy mess when it comes out.
majiebeast  +   1037d ago
Props to Ken Levine for not shipping his game till he thinks its worth our money something a lot of developers can learn from. The delay hurts but we will get by.
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XXXL  +   1037d ago
At least give us a kick-ass trailer tonight at the VGA's. That'll help tide me over a bit
Certz  +   1037d ago
Why must you tease us! Oh well its just a month. :(
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   1037d ago
then comes another delay :(
Certz  +   1037d ago
Oh gawd, then they will never hear the end of it.
Lucreto  +   1037d ago
It is kind of a blessing for me. There are so any other games in the first 3 months of next year.

Ni no Kuni will take a good while to complete and I have far cry and assassin's creed 3 still in its plastic.
SAE  +   1037d ago
Already completed these games xd , platinum too lol
InTheLab  +   1037d ago
If this was a Bugthesda game it would have shipped 3 weeks ago...

Good job on taking your time and getting it right, Irrational /cheers.
NYC_Gamer  +   1037d ago
I'm happy at least Bioshock;Infinite will ship complete
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CaptCalvin  +   1037d ago
Can't rush a good game.
Reaper9937  +   1037d ago
March is going to rape my wallet two ways from Sunday, Monster Hunter U, GoWA, GeOWJ, Tomb Raider, SC2 HotS, and now BI...Oh and I think there are a couple of 3DS and Vita games also releasing in March...I am officially broke.
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FarCryLover182  +   1037d ago
I think that you could wait for Tomb Raider. Game will be on sale fast. GeOWJ will be $9.99 by November, so I'd wait.
Reaper9937  +   1037d ago
Unfortunately I always order Collector's editions of every games where applicable, so TR might go on sale fast, but here in South Africa there is no guarantee that there will be any Collector's editions available long after launch.

So they safest option is to buy on launch day...thank God for credit cards. My wallet has to just take it like a man.
DigitalRaptor  +   1037d ago
What the heck man???

Now I've got to cut down on my spending in that month with God of War Ascension and Tomb Raider.

Hey, at least Ken Levine is a humble guy and actually gave a reasonable explanation.
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ceballos77mx  +   1037d ago
Damn I have preordered the collectors on both those game and I wanted the songbird edition.....Its going to be a hard time on the wallet.
DJ  +   1037d ago
Thank god! I need some time for my wallet to recover. I can't even get Far Cry 3 until next month.
SAE  +   1037d ago
You have to get it , sell a game or something , it worth it ..
Norrison  +   1037d ago
Wait for steam winter sale, 45$- guaranteed.
noxeven  +   1037d ago
Another delay! If this game isn't near perfect by the time its out I gonna be uber pissed. I expect over 15 hours of gameplay now for sure.
MidnytRain  +   1037d ago
Maybe their patching the box art.

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