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rataranian  +   1160d ago
Sad. But maybe it's in a better place. What kind of life would it have grown up to live with these 2 as it's parents?
lionxkami  +   1160d ago
gaming can b bad for kids but u gotta remember, kids r having babies now. blame MTV for showing that its ok to have kids@ 16. those r the fools that r pretty much doing it. ima gamer but yes games can drive u to doing things like that. not force u but drive u to doing it
dizeestl  +   1160d ago
No surprise here, just your typical Obama supporters.
Firebird360  +   1160d ago
Hope he gets punched in the face then anally violated by somebody bigger than him. Prisons a bitch have fun!
Fatty  +   1160d ago
What a worthless piece of shit. I hope he enjoys getting fisted in prison.
GraveLord  +   1160d ago
aww what a cute couple.
BananaEatingSquid  +   1160d ago
... I can't even convey how upset this makes me.

EDIT: Thank god they took the other kid away from these "parents."
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Dogswithguns  +   1160d ago
Mental problems, blaming on gaming.. a baby never had the chance to have a life.
Unztayble  +   1160d ago
Evil motherfucker. You WILL get what you deserve and more.
isyourhouseonfire  +   1160d ago
After gaming ALL NIGHT, it's safe to assume his mind was not normal. It would be valid to say he was insane at the time he commited the crime, even if he is not insane overall.

At the most, he's guilty of manslaughter.

The mom, more than anyone, should be punished for not keeping the baby away while the father gamed.
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cardgenius  +   1160d ago
Poor baby. Only 2 weeks old. Makes me sad just thinking about that.
Bonerboy  +   1160d ago
WHOOOO-WEEEEEE!!! Just get look at these two slim-witted dumb-fucks. I cant tell which one has more hair on their lip, Chico or Bertha? A romantic night out for these two would be dinner at the gas station. People (and in this case I use the term 'people' loosely) like this should just be forcibly sterilized to ensure the human race has a chance to evolve on the up scale...or, shot through the neck, doesn't matter to me which, but a choice between the two should be made.
Damn, humans are a disgusting and pathetic species.

and @ "isyourhouseonfire" ...include yourself in the above.
"It would be valid to say" you're a Fucking Moron!
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bigtrucknd  +   1160d ago
Video games is the DEVIL
jonli76  +   1160d ago
I think right now we should pray for the baby. Im a proud parent of three kids and to see people hurting other especially baby my GOD BABY'S is just sick all because of a game. Is time realize that games r just games that it the real prize is becoming a parent that no game can never overtake
if any of u our proud parent i know u understand what im saying but for this person who killed the baby i got only one thing to say I hope u suffer when u go to Jail periodddddddd.
talisker  +   1160d ago
How is this GAMING news?
Adolph Fitler  +   1159d ago
Yes, I agree with others to leave religion out of this, as we want discussion based on reality, not quoting some fictional fairytale called The Holy Bible that stupid/gullible people believe is some powerful truth.
This guy should be either straight up killed to 1000% ensure he never gets a chance to take life away again...& for you sym-pathetic, new age hippy do-gooder dopes that think this poor guy deserves another chance because he was hopped up on drugs, or mental, or whatever other excuse, I'd like to see your dumb ass opinion on the matter if this guy was released in 5-10yrs on good behaviour & got into your house & killed your kid, or wife, husband, mum, dad or any other loved one, simply because they were in his way when he was robbing your joint.
F%$k this human filth, he forfeited the right to breathe when he took an innocents life, & not only an innocent, but the most innocent of all....a f&%king baby, HIS f%^king baby for christ sake.....

Now, of this cochroach could exterminate his own, (just born) babies life as easy as for interrupting his videogame, then imagine what he could do to you, or your baby brother, your child or parents or such, that aren't his relation.
You believers God ain't doing shit about these scum, otherwise he would have made this garbage get electrocuted as soon as the thought of even so much as raising his voice at a bub this young, let alone hurting or killing it. D
Disgusting pile of shit & indefendable, the both of them. Give her 120years, & send him to Texas & bring ol' sparky outta retirement. If not, put the c%$ksucker in general pop. with a sign around his neck stating his exact offence. Something like, "Killed my own 4mth old baby 4 disturbing my gaming, so eyez tuff, don't screw with me", then on the back of the sign, "Early parole for the inmate that shanks this weak pr%$k TO DEATH".
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