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TheCagyDies  +   1082d ago
They named their children Kane and Khan???
jjb1981  +   1082d ago
I have an 8 month old son and I love him more than anything. Reading this made me sick to my stomach. It's not the gaming in question but rather his unstable emotions and inability to manage his anger that caused this. He is a f*uckin scumbag.
ventilator  +   1082d ago
Exactly and i hope he burns in hell
Hanuman  +   1082d ago
FUS RO DAH!! Usually does the trick for me...
SITH  +   1082d ago
That poor child was in trouble before the alleged game interruption.
sdozzo  +   1082d ago
Awful. Stories like this shouldn't be on this website. We all bitch and moan about games and crap, but leave this to the "local news at 5PM."

Keep it positive N4G
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FreshRevenge  +   1082d ago
It is irrelevant of how old the guy was when he had this child. The issue is that he wasn't mature enough to handle having a child. Maybe his own childhood screwed him up so he wouldn't be able to handle the responsibility of raising a child?

Again saying gaming makes violent people is absurd as usual. We had Christian Crusaders who made their share in violence without the use of videogames. I can name off a lot instantses that we had much more violence before video games arrived at the scene. So for one that says if people plays videogames makes a person violent needs to get a mental evaluation themselves! So this article is useless and pathetic!
LAZL0-Panaflex  +   1082d ago
Rot in hell mother fucker. We better not share the same jail cell.
Williamson  +   1082d ago
Wow wtf! I really hope this guy suffers for the rest of his life or just be executed.
shammgod  +   1082d ago
Guarantee he was playing COD BLOPS2. It's just the majority of CODs fan base. Ignorant, dirty, young white kids
Ambraer  +   1082d ago
Lots of murderers in this forum, you guys are no better than him. Prison exists for a reason. whats the point of giving him a free death ticket yet he could live a life in death within prison. Few know what true justice is, not everyone is called to law school.
FreshRevenge  +   1082d ago
why should I pay for a killer to have three meals a day and roof over their head? I shouldn't. Yet hard American tax dollars go to make this criminal life a bit easier? I call that insane. When we could use those tax dollar to help feed homeless people in our country!
dafegamer  +   1082d ago
wow i feel like crying now. How could anyone do this to such an innocent child. I hope that he pays hard for this,the world doesnt need such people
enkeixpress  +   1082d ago
The prisoners will have alot of fun with this one, I'm sure. Don't drop the soap ya sick mofo
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NoobJobz  +   1082d ago
Not surprised. Just look at their picture.

We need to start controlling the population. Examine people as they grow older and people like this cut off their genitals so that they may never reproduce.

I say it jokingly but kind of serious at the same time. Some people do not need to reproduce and obviously are not fit to be parents.
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Kidmyst  +   1082d ago
Wow, real tough guy he is taking it out on a baby. Waste of space on this planet. Looking forward to the day I intruduce my 2 Yr Old son to my collection and let him play some classics I grew up playing. Good clean fun games they were.
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OrangeStar  +   1082d ago
Wow man that's just awful. One of the worst things in life is that all you need to have a kid is working sex organs.
dubal-e  +   1082d ago
What an idiot.
isyourhouseonfire   1082d ago | Offensive
taquito  +   1082d ago
neuter and spay the poor and stupid!

seriously though, you need to obtain a liscence to go fishing or have a garage sale, but any putrid wretch of society can shit out a kid, neuter all humans at birth, only reverse the process for people deemed worthy!
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Themba76  +   1082d ago
someone should grab him by the throat and punch him in the face see how that feels.
brado  +   1082d ago
Maybe all you bleeding hearts should put your money where your mouths are. It will cost on average just over $25,000 a year to feed and board this human garbage. If his life is so valuable maybe it's time you got out your checkbooks. Barring that I'm happy to contribute $2.50 for the electricity it would take to fry this trash from the inside out. I just don't understand how anyone can think that paying for this guy to have 3 hot meals a day, a bed, a roof, cable television and access to a library full of reading materials is "justice". Sounds like he's going to be living better on the inside than he was on the outside. Obviously everyone has to do their due diligence paying taxes to support the penal system, but I would LOVE to see the government amend a single point:

Every year taxpayers get to choose whether they are
A) In favor of housing convicted killers or
B) Executing convicted killers in a expedited fashion

Everyone in the A group can have their taxes adjusted upwards to cover the entirety of the cost of their beliefs while everyone in the B group gets their taxes adjusted downwards by no longer being compelled to contribute monetarily to a system they find offensive. I would be VERY interested to see the value of human life when when the pious have a choice of whether or not to contribute...
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brado  +   1082d ago
When a dumb animal kills someone because it's their nature to do so, we hunt it down and kill it. Man is arguably the smartest animal on the planet. Why should this guy NOT be put down for doing what is clearly in his nature? Why does his humanity (or lack of)give him a free pass. Animals who are considered a real threat to the safety of others need to be put down, not caged and fed.

Here's an idea:

Take all this money spent to feed, clothe and house convicted killers and send it to Africa to feed, clothe and house poverty stricken children like the one this guy killed. If you're going to save a life, at least save an innocent one.

Is THAT sympathetic enough for all the bleeding hearts?
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OneAboveAll  +   1082d ago
You can always tell who's a criminal by the way they look.
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TongkatAli  +   1082d ago
This online obession of playing games, I know he is a disgusting human being, but ask yourself this do you think he would have killed the baby if he was playing Mario or Persona ? Hell to the no, it's online games that make the childish crazy loser into a psycho murderer cause he is getting beat on a online game and he took it out on a poor defenseless baby, sick.
FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   1082d ago
What a load of shit... gaming had nothing to do with it... this guy is nuts... talk about evil...

Hey killed the baby because he is mental insane and ass hat...

They need to take people like this and sting them up... show it too...

Murder someone and the penalty is just that... death..
Rahim92  +   1082d ago
What a dick. That's all I can say.
chukamachine  +   1082d ago
Hang the scum
ghostrider32  +   1082d ago
Smh the world is really coming to a end.
zgoldenlionz  +   1082d ago
I feel sad for the baby.
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