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Nyxus  +   1160d ago | Funny
"Better exclusives..."


"...if you like shooters"

Abash  +   1160d ago | Well said
I feel when you buy a console you shouldnt just look at the games that are out now, but the ones that are upcoming in the future. And the PS3 is *still* going strong with exclusive games like Ni No Kuni, Sly 4, God f War: Ascension, The Last of Us, Puppeteer, Beyond: Two Souls, and so on all releasing in the first half of 2013.
pangitkqb  +   1160d ago
I own and love both a PS3 and an Xbox 360. I was expecting better arguments out of a piece that appears on Forbes.
MAJ0R  +   1160d ago
It would be best to buy a PC over both an Xbox 360 and PS3 as these two console life cycles are almost over, and they will most likely drop in price once next gen consoles come out.
darthv72  +   1160d ago
No doubt
when these first release it is understandable to pick a side. Time has progressed to the point where you can get both for pretty much the same cost as the initial release.

Sony is continuing to release new titles on the PS3 because they believe in their 10 year cycle and want to ensure there is sufficient content available even after it has hit the 7 year mark.

MS, on the other hand, perhaps the lack of a flood of new content is evidence that their resources are working on content for their follow-up system. MS made the 360 a 3rd party platform so it isnt like the 360 will be lacking in content up until they release their next system.

MS could be making some exclusive titles for their next release while the 3rd parties are taking care of the 360 to the end. Then that cycle will start over. Unless....MS experiences the same tradition all other console companies have been privy to with their 3rd release.
Hellsvacancy  +   1160d ago
Did you even read the article title? no PC mentioned!

On topic: Metal Gear Solid 4 ALONE is reason enough to choose a PS3 over a 360
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MariaHelFutura  +   1160d ago
The time to buy an Xbox 360 was 5-6 years ago. Right now, the PS3 is the system to have. IMO anyway.
knowyourstuff  +   1160d ago
Well hey, Forbes has its fanboys too, don't expect any objective journalism out of that dying magazine.
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pixelsword  +   1160d ago
The 360 is far from dead; that being said, to choose one over is a personal preference at this point and I don't think any reasoning or unreasoning will change too many people's minds.
Raoh  +   1160d ago
@ pangitkqb

That's because its not actually a Forbes article.

He is a Contributor. So think more like the fanboy blogs that are posted on N4G but instead of some jackazz teenager with his first computer its an adult jackazz that went to college and thinks himself of a writer. And gets an actual check for it.
starchild  +   1160d ago
I feel that the 360 is a good console in general. It has a few nice exclusives and is a great console for multiplatform games. But the PS3 kicks its butt in terms of exclusives.

I think the 360 and PS3 both have a lot to offer. It comes down to personal preference. I prefer to own both consoles (in addition to my gaming PC), but if I could only own one console for some reason, it would have to be the PS3 for the fantastic exclusives.
sdplisken  +   1160d ago
theBAWSE  +   1160d ago
Click on the plus sign next to the website address and just mark it down instead of commenting

wtf dont people gt this simple concept?

that way we ban trash fanboy websites..all of you giving the website traffic is exactly what pays its bills ....sheesus where has common sense gone these days
MikeMyers  +   1159d ago
1. Xbox Live is more secure than PSN

How many people had their information compromised? Haven't heard of any yet. Meanwhile on Xbox Live there are many phishing scams.

2. The Xbox 360 controller is better, especially for shooters

I do prefer the Xbox 360 controller. It just feels better. The Dualshock has analog buttons and a better d-pad but overall I still prefer the 360's controller.

3. Better exclusives if you like shooters

Not a good list and it's really stretching the list to 6. The PS3 simply has a more diverse and larger catalog of exclusives that are aimed at gamers of all types.

4. Cross-platform games have more problems on PS3

This is true but the differences now are for the most part not a big concern.

5. In the US, your friends are more likely to have an Xbox 360

True, but not true in most other places in the world.

6. Integration with Windows and Windows 8

Sony also integrates on Android and the Vita. Microsoft does have the upper hand in owning Windows. The trick is how well they integrate it all together.

All in all a pretty meaningless list. What isn't surprising is how popular this topic is on N4G.
BattleAxe  +   1159d ago
I own both consoles, and while I think the 360 is a good console, I like my PS3 much better. Regardless of what anyone says, I know from from my own experience from playing a few Halo games, and from Playing Gears of War 1&2, that those exclusive games are way overrated.

- I've got a 500GB HDD in my PS3
- I can play Blu-Ray movies on my PS3
- Its a free online service
- PS+ is the best value that gaming has to offer next to Steam
- Its got a web browser
- It has produced some of the best looking games this generation
- Its quiet compared to my 360
- Its got the strongest line of exclusive games of any console

On the business side of things, its amazing to see that Sony has sold just as many consoles this generation as Microsoft has, but did it while releasing one year after the 360. I will be honest and say that I bought my 360 Slim used for $100.00 in perfect condition. Like I said at the beginning I like the 360, but I can't justify renewing my Gold subscription when I get the same thing free on my PS3, and there are practically no exclusive games that are worth any of my time that are coming out for the 360.

I was thinking of selling my 360, but I've also been playing with the idea of gutting it, and putting together some computer components and turning it into a gaming capable PC. In fact, if anyone has any recommendations on which parts to use, some advise would be appreciated. Nvidia has some pretty small graphics cards out that I could get to fit nicely inside of a 360 case, and I should be able to find a smaller motherboard like a Micro ATX.
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blackbeld  +   1159d ago
6 reasons?
I give you one reason why not to buy 360 or any Xbox.

Xbox live is a RIPOFF . Playing online should be for free.
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ChrisW  +   1159d ago
Did anyone click on the “6 Reasons To Buy A PlayStation 3 Instead of an Xbox 360” article?

It's equally, if not more, stupid!
ExCest  +   1159d ago

Cross-Platform barely (I don't even think it does because of i-don't-want-it-b/c-i-am-m s) exists on Xbox. Saw it in the article and wanted to correct that. He's talking about multiplats. Cross-platform is Portal 2 PC with PS3.
jadenkorri  +   1159d ago
@ Raoh

actually its just sad that someone has to write an article of why to buy a product instead of another product. I hope he's being paid by MS for this, otherwise its just a sad endeavor.
DOMination-  +   1159d ago
Of course this is popular on n4g. Every single comment here is trashing the article or even talking about marking it as fanboy spam?! Its obviously an opinion piece. Not one i really agree with but why get so upset about it?

We all know today there will bea 6 reasons to buy a ps3 article and Im willing to bet that the attitudes in the comments will suddenly be full of praise for Forbes.
SilentNegotiator  +   1159d ago
What's with Forbes and all of the weird opinionated Ps3/360 articles lately?
andibandit  +   1159d ago

Obviously you dont have a xbox, otherwise you would know the xbox has a browser too.
Ares84HU  +   1159d ago
Wow, I thought we were over this.

What exclusive shooter does the 360 have?? Gears of War and Halo??? Anything else???

If you like games you do not take articles like this seriously.
Old McGroin  +   1159d ago
In fairness, he has another article that argues why you should buy a PS3 instead of an Xbox 360 here:
killcycle  +   1159d ago
"though the Killzone games on PS3 are decent shooters, there’s just not anything equivalent to the big dogs on Xbox 360"

I Lol'ed

Killzone 2 & 3 have great online, thousands of hardcore Killzone fans still play both of these games and i don't see the numbers dropping any time soon.
nerdkiller  +   1159d ago
im guessing the multi plat are the only reason to choose it over ps3. for me i went with the ps3 because of the blueray and god of war
jeseth  +   1159d ago
Reasons to buy a 360 over a PS3 ...

-Still getting a healthy lineup of quality exclusive games introducing new IPs annually, not the same franchises over and over!
-Built in Blu Ray player!
-Built in 3D Blu Ray Player!
-free online play!
-large, upgradable HDD using any laptop SATA HDD!

.... oh, wait. Thats right. None of that is on the 360, its all on the PS3.
Quisp  +   1159d ago
I agree with panitkqb.
I own both so Im a fan of both consoles. The article appeared to be written by a 12 year old--no offense to 12 years olds.
dedicatedtogamers  +   1160d ago
At this point of the console cycle, you can buy a PS3 and a 360 for the same price as one of those consoles when they launched.

However, I don't see the point of this article. If you like Halo, Gears, Fable, and Forza, then you already own a 360 and those are the sort of games you'll get. If you don't like what 360 has thus far offered over the past few years, there isn't a single thing coming out for 360 that's gonna change your mind.
nukeitall  +   1160d ago
What about Kinect games?
NeverEnding1989  +   1160d ago
Microsoft has 13 unannounced Xbox 360 exclusives (non-Kinect) slated for release in 2013 or possibly 2014.

Sony on the other hand appears to have 3...

It's looking pretty obvious that Sony cannot wait to put this generation of gaming behind them and move on. From 1st to 3rd? Who can blame them? They're most likely done with the PS3 after 2013 and will be focusing on the PS4.
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RGB  +   1160d ago
Wiki as a source, good start! /s

Pretty sure Sony has plenty of titles coming to PS3 next year, it's been a slow year (unusually) for Sony. To say Sony have only 3 titles in the next 2 years is naive and dumb. They have the most 1st party studios out of the 3 and I could name you 6 titles coming next year off the top of my head.

The Last of Us, The Last Guardian, Beyond: Two Souls, Sly 4, GoW: Ascension, Until Dawn, Puppeteer. <--- 7 actually, probably more also!

You're also naive to think Sony will dump the PS3 after PS4 launch. Sony has never done that, doubt they'll start now. PS2 didn't stop till 2010ish.

Finally, last time I heard, PS3 was level with 360 with sales and judging by the last 5 years, PS3 will sell a lot more in a fiscal year so expect 360 3rd before this generation is truly over.
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Alderney  +   1160d ago

lol, I know you're not big on Wikipedia, but viewing the links would have made you look a lot more intelligent.

Go count those first party studios.


Some of those games are probably in development for Xbox 720.
moparful99  +   1159d ago
As a PS3 owner since launch and as of last month a 360 owner I can say without bias that I like both, however I lean towards the PS3.. Reasons being the ps3 having more exclusive content that I personally enjoy, more new IP's, free online, and I prefer the Dualshock controller.. I've been playing the 360 alot lately though too.. For me both PSN and Live are on par with one another.. The PSN is slightly behind in overall quality but the fact that it's free makes up for that.. I'm sure that with the launch of the PS4 that Sony will have PSN alot higher in quality and social connectivity.
League_of_Draven  +   1160d ago
Even then it still doesn't make sense. I mean how many exclusives does Microsoft even have these days? 2? Gears & Halo are both shooters but at the same time Sony still has more shooters and better ones at that. For me Killzone is better than Halo (as it is now; Halo was better to me during Halo 2 but that's the best Halo they've made and it's also the last good Halo they made) and Uncharted is better than Gears.
oORafzOo  +   1160d ago
well.. xbox has left4dead, forza and crackdown wich in my opinion are better exclusives than the sony ones
nukeitall  +   1160d ago

You also left out Fable and Forza, but you can always create new IPs.


It is pretty much a personal taste if you prefer Sony exclusives or Xbox 360, but I prefer to play shooters online and for that the Xbox 360 rocks.
Kurt Russell  +   1159d ago
Nooooo way do you think Sony's shooters are better... you gotta be deaf dumb and blind to think that.

It has damn good exclusives... but its shooters define average.
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Anon1974  +   1160d ago | Well said
Ok. I'll bite. Let's have a look, shall we?

XBL is more secure: Says who? Because Sony revealed when they were hacked and encrypted data was stolen? There have been a number of times security companies have sounded the warning on XBL over the years, a breach with Bungie and with MS anywhere and XBL accounts, all the Fifa problems and Microsoft's response has been "We'll look into it." What evidence does the author have that XBL is more secure? Does he have a security report somewhere that shows the amount of hacking attempts and successful hacking attempts, or would we even know if XBL was breached? Back it up, Forbes.

360 controller is better: That's just personal preference for this guy. And is that D-pad fixed? I know mine aren't. Nice try, Forbes.

Better shooters: Again, personal preference. You might like Gears and Halo more than Uncharted, Resistance and Killzone, but with the multitude of other shooters on the market, does it matter? And who sales don't mean better games. It's simply opinion.

Cross Platform problems: So Skyrim has an issue for the first month on the PS3, then it's patched so you should go with the 360. Borderlands 2 is still broken on the 360 after hacking problems, save game corruption and freezing issues that get worse the longer you play and not worth a mention? For every issue with a PS3 port, you can find a 360 port with issues. It's a wash and to pretend otherwise is dishonest.

Xbox friends in the US: Dead on. More 360's in the US. If your friends are all playing the 360, you most likely play where your friends are. For me, I don't know anyone with a 360 anymore and all my friends game on the PS3, so I tend to game on my PS3 more than my 360. That's not a reflection on the PS3 or 360, that's just a reflection of my immediate social circle. I have no idea how this is a point in favor for the 360.

Networking: So it's hard to network the PS3 to your PC? I turn on my home network with Windows 7 and my PS3 sees my shared files. I don't think I even needed to do anything on my PS3. My computer just popped up on the XMB. What was so hard about that? Again, this guy just doesn't seem to know what he's talking about.

All in all, a completely worthless read. Thanks Forbes! Now I'm off to set my sights on what I'm sure will be a ridiculous "Why the PS3 is better" article from Forbes.

Edit: Oh wait, I can't. That article was failed. Go figure. If anyone is curious about his flip side, PSN is free, Blu-Ray, PS3 controller is rechargeable - those are all valid points. He then veers off and says exclusives are better (his opinion, and easily debatable), Kinect isn't so hot (again, opinion and not sure what that has to do with anything), and Hey, the Vita is cool! Again, not sure what that on earth that has to do with the PS3 vs 360 debate.

Thanks Forbes. I bit and you wasted my time. Shame on me.
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HammadTheBeast  +   1160d ago
Thank you for saving me time. Also, nice points.
crusadernm   1160d ago | Spam
morganfell  +   1160d ago
Wholly agree. Not sure where the author has been as regards networking. Also consider all the initial 360s where MS felt wireless was not needed. How times change.

I have little issue printing from my PS3 across the network either. This includes straight documents as well as photos.

Four words - PS3 Java Media Server. The PS3 automatically becomes the greatest media streaming device in the world.
Eyeco  +   1160d ago
@ darkride66
excellent comment, and to add to your point regarding the controller

You can buy tack on triggers for like $1 on amazon and if that's not enough, there are actually 3rd party controllers shaped like the 360 controller which you can buy, the PS3 controller really isn't an issue, or a con, totally laughable how it's even brought up as an argument.
Are_The_MaDNess  +   1160d ago
@Four words - PS3 Java Media Server. The PS3 automatically becomes the greatest media streaming device in the world.

Try Plex Media Server for a change,
You can Run it on your PC, HTPC, MAC and with DLNA it can run on the PS3,360, iOS, Andriod and Windows Phone 7

its way easier to manage and share (yes i said share, with friends around the world (if you can spare the bandwidth)
DarthJay  +   1160d ago
Borderlands 2 is not broken on the 360. I have almost 300 hours in and have never experienced a single problem.
Tetsujin  +   1159d ago

I gave you a bubble, you saved me from giving that site a hit over a biased article.
JoGam  +   1159d ago
Dude thanks so much. you spoke for a lot of us.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   1160d ago

Majority of PS3 exclusives/franchises are shooters as well.

Jax & Dexter
Ratchet & Clank

Actually, Sony has MORE shooter exclusives then MS does.

MS only has

Splinter Cell
Perfect Dark
Steel Battalion (kinect title)
Ace Combat
Too Human
Guilty Gear
Over G fighters.

I think the reason why you think the 360 is only a shooter console is because that is where people go to to play a shooter title because of the better controller for shooters, XBL, Halo and the early DLC for the CoD franchise.
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The_Infected  +   1160d ago
Because PS3 has more than just shooters like God of War, Infamous, Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, Agent, The Last Guardian, Ni No Kuni, etc.
crazysammy  +   1160d ago
You seem to be counting any game that has shooting. So by your own rules you missed Alan Wake, Crackdown 1 and 2, Fable, and Dead Rising and that is just off the top of my head.

Dumb argument about shooters.
DA_SHREDDER  +   1160d ago
people give the 360 too much credit. It's a third party machine that you have to pay monthly for even though most of the games are on other platforms that you can play for free on. WTF is wrong with people in this world? I guess cross game chat is worth the money every month if your a child, i have not only a home phone and internet bill, but also me and my wife's cell phone bill. I find it outrageous that people justify this crap.
Sephiroushin  +   1160d ago
Where is Okami, Disgaea 3 and 4, Valkyria Chronicles, demon souls, tales of graces f, tales of xillia, tox2, cross edge, atelier series, ar tonelico, folkore, mugen souls, ni no kuni and I can still go on ... i mentioned only RPGs, some of them arent good but oh well PS3 has many exclusives and most of them ARE NOT shooters, it have more shotters than Xbox indeed because PS3 has many more exclusives over every genre ...

PS3 has guilty gear, ace combat and spliter cell eh? ...
Septic  +   1160d ago
Lol Haze
xtremeimport  +   1160d ago
I hear about xbl accounts being hacked and stolen all the time.
playstation, basically they had 1 big fallout since its been out, and its more secure.

okay then.
Alderney  +   1160d ago
Xbox Live has never been hacked. XBL accounts are sometimes victims of phishing scams, 100% different than a hack.

So yes, but that logic XBL is clearly more secure.
Reverent  +   1160d ago
@Alderney, so maybe it's not so much that PSN is more secure, but that Xbox players are total morons for constantly falling for phishing scams? Well, that's essentially what you're saying.
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ALLWRONG  +   1159d ago
Phishing scams are done on PC and get people to volunteer their passwords. That isn't hacking. Live has never been hacked like PSN. Live is the most secure online gaming network in the world.
xtremeimport  +   1159d ago
yet,accounts get stolen all the time.

so yeah, super secure!
showtimefolks  +   1160d ago
ok call me crazy but this late into this gen why can't you buy both?

buy a xbox360 if you like shooters,halo,gears,COD with many games getting exclusive dlc for a limited time before its available on pc,ps3

buy a ps3 to play all the great 3rd party games like xbox360 but with a lot more exclusives and a lot of verity in the exclusives so everything isn't with a shooter

psn gets a lot of great small titles so does xblive
psn:plus us a great value for discounts,and free games to play till you keep uop your membership

pary chat is only available on xblive
xblive is same price as psn:plus but with any discounts,game trails,or free games

both have their pros and cons but both are worth owning
doogiebear  +   1160d ago
Because xbox is still a rip off at that price. Barely any exclusives to separate it from my PS3 multiplats, plus I have to pay for online, just to play a $60 multiplat game that I could've gotten on ps3 instead (which has free internet)? HELL NO.

Ps3 in the last 3 years > xbox in it's entire lifespan.

Sony sure knows how to make a comeback. In 6 months they will have tied 360 in worldwide sales. Xbox had a HUGE lead, but their stupid catering to casuals, kinect, ads, no exclusives, paid net, etc. Is why they can't keep that lead anymore.

My beef isn't with xbox, it's with M$.
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DigitalRaptor  +   1159d ago
@ Donbear

Well said. My beef is not with Xbox either. I like its games. I just won't own one because of Microsoft and their habits throughout this gen and the way in which they remove consumer choice. Having a PC/PS3 combo brings back the choice MS don't give you.

It's why I implore people to stand up to the XBL bullcrap that people only pay for because they have to even though they claim it's worth it otherwise or break it down to "it's only a certain amount per month". In reality, you're being forced to pay for basic connectivity to your entire catalogue of multiplayer gaming, and in some cases you're paying a yearly fee for free apps too. And this is whether or not you think the rest of the more advanced features justify that cost you're paying.

Notice this is against MS policies, not the Xbox. Things need to change if consumer standards are to improve, because as has been made very clear, Xbox seems to own more mindshare as far as consumers are concerned.

I'll admit the variety of PS3 exclusives is a major reason as to why I prefer the console. I love variety. The support for niche content at retail such as Heavy Rain, Folklore, Ni no Kuni etc. is something else.
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showtimefolks  +   1159d ago

that's why i said both have its pros and cons.

I think it will hurt MS big time going into next gen that they have a paid online service and how they handled the last 2-3 years. when Wii slowed down MS saw the casual market and totally forgot about the core fans that made xbox360 a success in the 1st place

i have asked the question before when psn gets the cross game chat with ps4 than what will be the excuse for paying xblive fee?

if ps4 and next xbox launches at the same time and if sony starts out with a friendly price point i expect xbox to suffer some. with wii-u early both sony and ms are gonna loose some fans.

one company has 12 development teams working for them, and that's not counting 2nd party developers like incomniac,read at dawn and QD.

Nintendo has a long history of great exclusives

MS has halo and forza and what else? they don't own the alan wake IP, they have a killer IP in crackdown but they treat it as crap when the game actually has huge potential. and epic's deal with MS was for 3 gears of war games and now its over so any future games may come out on other systems.

last time MS got a early start without any competition but this time they will have to earn it sales. but i also believe that when competition was high between xbox360-ps3 both companies were delivering great games so hopefully that's where we will go back to. both sony and ms fighting it out for consumer dollar while gamers win
Mounce  +   1160d ago
This Blog/article is complete bullshit in more than just THAT.

MORE SECURE THAN PSN? It's like everyone completely forgets about the times XBL was taken down and hacked, though PSN got it hard and it lasted longer, it's because the blunt nature that Sony just wasn't used to dealing with online hacker issues and security exploits to that size and people were deliberately aiming to take Sony down. Where there's a will with hackers, there's a way, Unstoppable, to say a service is more secure than another is just idiotic. If enough force came together, any service will go down. Just Microsofts' been getting hacked since Windows OS and internet first came to be -.-

"The Xbox 360 controller is -Better-" I love when people speak as if their opinion is fact, they never once include a 'in my opinion-' but state things in an implication that it's factual - Because- .... and so on.

Better if you love shooters? Lol. Wait wait....I got it....PC!!! ... GOSH! :O

Shooters? PC > 360 > PS3 > Mac > Wii lol. And I say Mac, only thanks to Valve with Steam with their efforts of supporting Mac.

Cross-platform games have more problems on PS3 .... And he only uses Skyrim as a fucking example. . . . True, the newest COD also had issues. Those are the 2 only real problematic 'multiplatform' games though as of recent beyond the Launch-ports of 2006-2007.

In the US, your friends are more likely to have an Xbox 360....Oh well, Jee, the world doesn't exist and then it does. The article name isn't "6 Reasons To Buy An Xbox 360 Instead Of A PlayStation 3 In America" It's to be taken globally...So, they insert a U.S.-only fact? EU And Japan don't exist or any other region that sells PS3's inbetween...Shhhhh.

Integration with Windows and Windows 8 - Do I really need to say anything? 6 Reasons to buy a 360 over PS3, and he brings up fcking Windows? You can't bring up Windows and games without Games for Windows Live, the abysmal piece of shit that it is.


This article is shit, if it's going to be Opinion based, beyond what it is flagged as at N4G, they should emphasize it on their own website, article/blog especially imho.
baodeus  +   1159d ago
There is only one reason, preference. If u like game and can afford it, why not all 3? if not then just buy what ever u prefer. Done, simple and no more stupid bickering.

This is almost like a religion thing where people try to convert u.
SheenuTheLegend  +   1159d ago
6 reasons to ignore this article...
Believe me their are way more reasons
1. Xbox Live is more secure than PSN. the write thinks they have drones n whoever will try to hack will get attacked.

2.The Xbox 360 controller is better, n it doesnt even have battery in it and the analogs are out of the city lolz

3.Better exclusives, like uncharted, killzone, god of war, beyond two souls, last of us.
Uncharted is also a shooter n if he thinks that kratos can't shoot then he is coming to show the destruction of the writer.

4.Cross-platform games have more problems on PS3, just like mass effect 1 have seen significant improvements on PS3

5.In the US, your friends are more likely to have an Xbox 360, so u must follow the sheeps.

6. Integration with Windows and Windows 8, n everybody knows that 8 sucks, blu ray is not important but windows 8 is lolz like he can install ms office in his XBox

the bonus one, YOu will play halo and gears in 2013,
YOu will play halo and gears in 2014,
YOu will play halo and gears in 2015,
YOu will play halo and gears in 2016.
Your math can count the coming years

Someone stated in the article the fact that ps3 uses bluetooth connectivity, bluetooth keyboards, mice, and headsets can connect to it, the controller comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, the hdd can be upgraded with any normal laptop hdd, the survival rate of ps3s are better (no RRD in its histoy.

There are million more reasons n i can keep posting articles like this forever
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lilbrat23  +   1159d ago
Unfortunately those are the WORSE 6 reasons to get an xbox. Better yet there are no good reasons to get an xbox. If you like to play games just buy both systems. FFS
ALLWRONG  +   1159d ago
"...if you like shooters" funny considering Sony actually has more shooters. MS has Gears, Halo, Perfect Dark, Alan Wake and Crackdown. Sony has Uncharted, SOCOM, Resistance, Killzone, MAG, Haze, Warhawk, and Infamous.
Snookies12  +   1160d ago
How about getting both? Hmm? Stupid console wars make no sense to me. Not saying you have to get both right away if money is tight though... Just grab the one with the exclusives you want to play first, then go for the other later on.
JKelloggs  +   1160d ago
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The_Infected  +   1160d ago
I think some of it comes down to not being able to afford both and the other reasons are fanboys.
MetalProxy  +   1160d ago
dont forget about time. Its really hard to find time for all the consoles and the cool games on them when I have a full time job.
ColinZeal  +   1160d ago


Jinkies  +   1160d ago
"Xbox Live is more secure than PSN"

Knew that one was coming...obviously

"The Xbox 360 controller is better, especially for shooters"

Sorry but I feel like the DS controler is better, it's an all rounder controler which is good for all genres. The 360s controler is only better for shooters, but even then the PS3 one isn't that bad with them.

"Better exclusives if you like shooters"

Whaaa...PS3 has shooters aswell, Resistance, Uncharted, Killzone....theres still shooters at the end of the day

"4. Cross-platform games have more problems on PS3"

Come on....were past this whole "PS3 is harder to developer for", it's 2012, not 2006.

"In the US, your friends are more likely to have an Xbox 360"

Not really a good reason is it...

"Integration with Windows and Windows 8"

Not saying it's better or the same but PS3 fans have the PS3 and the PSV.

"All that being said, I think the “console wars” are silly"

So why do articles like this....thats like saying I hate fires while pouring fuel onto one.
#3 (Edited 1160d ago ) | Agree(45) | Disagree(15) | Report | Reply
Dante112  +   1160d ago
Lol, maybe I will approve this just for the laughs. XBL "IS NOT" more secure and unhackable, how does the author explain the Xbox Live account hacking that not only happened with that Fifa game (There's even a site that sells XBL accounts because of this), but with a few newer games as well? MS still can't find out how they're doing it. The exclusive rant had my laughing hard as well and the guy seemed like he was really reaching with the "In the US, your friends are more likely to have an Xbox 360 so buy one".

Edit: For the disagrees (All you had to do was search on Google)

#3.1 (Edited 1160d ago ) | Agree(28) | Disagree(14) | Report | Reply
Lvl_up_gamer  +   1160d ago
XBL has NOT been hacked. People have a hard time differentiating what a "hack" is to what a "phishing/Jacking" scam is.

The information to his account was obtained allowing scammers to access the account. Accessing the account only leads to purchases that are associated to the account. Nothing can be taken from the account. Like for example the story that you provided. Jacker went into the account and purchased FIFA DLC which the jacker can't do anything with other then to put it towards the game. Jackers can't access Credit card info nor can they continuously access the account if the user changes the password. This has been stated over and over again. Why you STILL think that XBL has been hacked is beyond me.

Maybe you got the disagrees because you yourself don't know how to do a google search.

XBL has NOT been hacked yet. Please do your research and stop spreading lies to other weak minded individuals that take what you say as truth.
#3.1.1 (Edited 1160d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(11) | Report
crazysammy  +   1160d ago

Ok, so now you are splitting hairs between terminology. No problem. However you think after PSN was breached that they didn't beef up security?

To say XBL is more secure is not true. If you want to say XBL was never breached that is valid. But to say that TODAY XBL is more secure because PSN was hacked over a year ago is silly.
bunt-custardly  +   1160d ago
"All that being said, I think the “console wars” are silly"

So why do articles like this....thats like saying I hate fires while pouring fuel onto one.

Made me chuckle.
Snookies12  +   1160d ago
Xbox controller is better | This is opinion!

Better exclusives if you like shooters | Opinion!

Two of those shot down right there...

As for friends in US more likely to have a 360, I have 7 friends I ACTUALLY know on my PS3 friend list. On my 360 I had three friends, one of which used the same system as my other friend.
BigStef71  +   1160d ago
Both are great controllers I used to think the 360 one was better but then I got a ps3 and it definitely took some time to get used to the DS3. The DS3 fits perfectly in your hands and is so light compared to the 360 one but the only downside of the DS3 are the triggers which such but I would suggest buying the trigger add on grips which makes the experience better in shooters:D
Lvl_up_gamer  +   1160d ago
"Xbox controller is better | This is opinion!"

- yes and no. Yes if it feels better to the user, however, the 360 controller IS ergonomically correct while the PS3 controller is not. So even though you may "think" that it's more comfortable in your hands, you are actually applying constriction to your finger and thumb joints and forcing your hands to be in a position that they are not ment to be in for long periods of time.

This is why we see more and more 3rd party controller makers creating PS3 controllers more in line with the look and feel of the 360 controller. Just take a look at Nintendo's WiiU Pro Controller. Even Nintendo knows that the 360 controller is more ergonomically correct which is why they have adopted the 360 look.

The rest in what you stated I agree with.
#3.3.2 (Edited 1160d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(6) | Report
Anzil  +   1160d ago
The Xbox controllers have more deadzone in the analog sticks so therefore this is a lie. You have less precision
DiRtY  +   1160d ago
Hahaha you actually tried to equalize a Windows 8 integration with a dead console like the PS Vita. :D

And the multiplat argument is as fresh as ever. Look at CoD Black Ops 2, Skyrim or Mass Effect. These are arguably the biggest games of this gen and are all way superior on 360.
Snookies12  +   1160d ago
Wow, Vita being dead, that statement is just brimming with brilliance...

Yep, something can be declared dead that hasn't even had a full year to really show what it can do.

Ah trolls...
#3.4.1 (Edited 1160d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report
HammadTheBeast  +   1160d ago
Borderlands 2 runs like crap on 360. Also, we get Mass Effect Trilogy exactly the same as the 360 one.
superterabyte  +   1160d ago
@DiRtY Lol windows 8 is more of a dead platform than PS Vita IMO
Reverent  +   1160d ago
I also find it funny how much Microsoft is trying to push their Windows integration with their line of Windows Phones... I mean, really, trying to compete with Google and Apple in the smartphone market? There is a reason the Zune died... Literally nobody uses them. This whole integration nonsense isn't helping.
#3.4.4 (Edited 1160d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
TheLyonKing  +   1160d ago
In balance their exclusives are the same metric wise so hardly better

Online experience the ps3 is now I would say on par with the 360 a part from chat.
Plus there is more choice and diversity with ps3 I feel.

Though am loving playing halo 4 atm it really just another gun game.

People who say the 360 is better now and then say sales are delusional the 360 is a great system but ps3 is better and has been for a while.

The only down side are COD and Skyrim being messed up :/
majiebeast  +   1160d ago
*Grabs popcorn*

aiBreeze  +   1160d ago
Lol people flock to these articles like drug addicts looking for a quick fix. Let it die fanboys of all consoles.. this argument has came around so much that these sort of things are designed for nothing but free hits and a not so subtle form of trolling.
superterabyte  +   1160d ago
Don't compare this to a drug addiction that's a bit over stretching it.
ape007  +   1160d ago
even in near 2013 this stuff exits, this console war is Legendary

I_am_Batman  +   1160d ago
Probably won't get better with the launch of next gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft.
kneon  +   1160d ago
Putting on my tin foil hat and checking out the window for black helicopters...

It's all government propaganda, they are trying to convince you that American companies make the best products. Look at how the US media fawns over anything Apple, no matter how lame the upgrade or how over priced it is. And every new Apple feature is a "great innovation" despite the fact that most such innovations have been around for years before Apple deigned to make it available to their flock.

It's the same thing with the Xbox and US media. They always play down the PS3 and make up reasons why the 360 is better.

Now I'd better go make sure the bunker is well stocked :)
#7.2 (Edited 1160d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
rpd123  +   1160d ago
Circa 2006

Related image(s)
antbolton89  +   1160d ago
Seriously, 2012 and we're still getting these stupid articles
#8 (Edited 1160d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
mi_titan27  +   1160d ago
i bet bill gates owns FORBES
SmokingMonkey  +   1160d ago
Last of Us > anything on XB360, WiiU, or PC.
Dlacy13g  +   1160d ago
ahh.... got it. Game not out yet, never played and not reviewed by anyone is better than everything else? How are those bias tinted goggles fitting?
SmokingMonkey  +   1160d ago
My goggles fit fine, they spot quality and BS from miles away!
execution17  +   1160d ago
lol lovely comeback
ArmrdChaos  +   1160d ago
If IMO != FACT then
IMO = 0 and Statement is NULL 'Fixed
#10.1.3 (Edited 1160d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report
Bladesfist  +   1159d ago
is that Visual Basic. *Pukes a little*
cpayne93  +   1160d ago
Yeah I have to agree with Dlacy13g here. I might think the same thing when I play it, but how can it be your opinion that it is better when you haven't played any of it or have seen the full game?

That seems pretty fanboyish to me.
SmokingMonkey  +   1160d ago
It's a good point, I haven't played TLOU yet.
But that's why I include the letters 'IMO'...

and IMO, Naughty Dog has become the best developer this gen.

one more time, so we can understand how this goes.

In my opinion, the idea of The Last of Us is greater than anything (game, gimmick or otherwise) on any other system.

th3n00bg4m3r  +   1160d ago
Actually, that is a fact.
Urusernamesucks  +   1160d ago
perhaps for you. But to me Halo4 Feels like tghe best fps experience than any of those out thetre.

theres a stuborn opinion now arent we similar.
ape007  +   1160d ago
when i see comments like this, i can't help but feel sorry for you man
TheRealHeisenberg  +   1160d ago
Hold on people. IMO, he is from the future and therefore knows what he is talking about.

Will my show be renewed for a few more seasons?
FarCryLover182  +   1160d ago
Don't buy either if you haven't yet. Save your cash for the new hotness next fall.
stage88  +   1160d ago
I wouldn't recommend that. Think about all the great PS3 exclusives coming out next year. They look awesome!
FarCryLover182  +   1160d ago
But then they could play it next year on the PS4 and the games will probably be on sale and cheaper.
ItsTrue  +   1160d ago
I doubt there is a single person here who doesn't own a console of some sort.
Bladesfist  +   1159d ago
I don't. I only game on PC.
Persistantthug  +   1160d ago
@FarCryLover182......There's a bit of a problem.....
No one knows that the PS4 will make a holiday 2013 release.
#11.3 (Edited 1160d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
FarCryLover182  +   1160d ago
Thats quite true. Sure, it may not but I don't see Sony releasing a console 2 years after the competition releases a "next-gen" console. I think theyll go head to head with Microsoft and release at the same time.
Dlacy13g  +   1160d ago
THESE articles drive me nuts. I don't care what system its trying to promote I find it ridiculous. Conusmers are not reading these...they merely get made to generate hits for sits and spark flame / fanboy wars.

Get the console or computer system that will play the game(s) you are most interested in and go from there.
Jonmau5  +   1160d ago
We commented something similar. Scrolled up and seen a familiar logo!

Your right though, these articles drive me crazy too. Who cares which is better...
yesmynameissumo  +   1160d ago
"All that being said, I think the “console wars” are silly. This piece is a companion piece to my earlier post “6 Reasons To Buy A PlayStation 3 Instead of an Xbox 360.” It’s not that I’ve changed my mind. Truth be told, there’s many reasons to buy either one of these consoles. They both have many wonderful qualities and many shortcomings.

The number one reason to go with either the PS3 or Xbox 360 is the exclusive titles, and that really boils down to a matter of taste. There are many great exclusives on both systems, but gamers will never agree on which are the best."

Read the full article (as well as his 6 Reasons to buy a PS3 instead of a 360) and see this has nothing to do with a flame/fanboy war. That's what readers are doing, not the author.
Dlacy13g  +   1160d ago
So I saw your response and went back and gave it a full read... and my biggest issue with this article is the same reason for my comment above.... most of this article is just HIS opinion:

His 6 reasons:
1. Xbox Live is more secure than PSN - OPINION NOT FACT
2. The Xbox 360 controller is better, especially for shooters - OPINION NOT FACT
3. Better exclusives if you like shooters - OPINION NOT FACT
4. Cross-platform games have more problems on PS3 - While this might be true overall, most of the "problems" tend to be minimal in reality.
5. In the US, your friends are more likely to have an Xbox 360 - more likely doesn't mean they can this be a reason unless your all your friends DO own a 360?
6. Integration with Windows and Windows 8 - How is this a reason for the 360 when that integration is minimal at best overall? Integration of the PS3 and Vita seem just as good imo.

I just feel this article is less about facts and more about this authors own personal choices.
yesmynameissumo  +   1160d ago
It's an opinion piece, so it would be his opinion. While both articles have opinions presented in a "matter of fact" way, they aren't completely off the mark.
Phoenix76  +   1160d ago
well said Dlacy13g
fresh2death93  +   1160d ago
1. I dont use credit cards so that's not a factor for me , and of course its more secure you PAY FOR IT
2.Yea i kinda agree , but not a big deal to me
3.I like shooters , but ps3 definitely has better exclusives than the 360, that's not even debatable
4.Never really ran into huge issues with my games so far
5.Most my friends have a ps3 (Canada)
6.Couldn't care less
ziggurcat  +   1160d ago
ahhh yes.... article comes out with someone saying they're going to skip the next xbox, then this little gem of a doom and gloom article appears. why am i not surprised?
Dlacy13g  +   1160d ago
dumb articles elicit dumb counter articles.
Silly gameAr  +   1160d ago
This guy sounds like he spends to much time on 360 fanboy sites. Seriously, how generic can an article get?
Shadonic  +   1160d ago
and the battle begins.
Jonmau5  +   1160d ago
I've had both an Xbox 360 and PS3 and they are both good. I don't care to side with one over the other.

Sony has some awesome exclusive games with the likes of Uncharted and Resistance.

Microsoft has some great exclusive games with the likes of Gears of War and Halo.

The Xbox does some things better than the PS3 and the PS3 does some things better than the Xbox.

This silly 'console war' will wage on until the end of time (and I'm not talking about that made up end of time, which is apparently when the Mayan calendar ends in a few weeks)

Which console is better? Who cares? Choose the one you want to buy or play. Play it, love it, enjoy it. Don't rant about it.
Dfooster  +   1160d ago
When ps1 and ps2 were out the Japanese were the king of the world when it came to making quality games. Now the USA have the best game studios so ill stick with Microsoft into next gen too I think. I just feel like my western tastes are more catered for on the Xbox. Sure some ps3 exclusives like uncharted look cool but ill live without it to be able to play forza, gears etc and of course tomb raider in multi platform is going to give drake a run for his money anyway.

And yes the controller isn't just slightly better on Xbox it's a million times better than the lightweight cheap feel of the ps3 pad. How anyone puts up with that is beyond me.
ILive  +   1160d ago
I don't like your comment.
Hicken  +   1159d ago
I like your comment about not liking his comment.
kaozgamer  +   1159d ago
uncharted, killzone, gran turismo, infamous, resistance, msg 4...

tbh i hate the heavy, big xbox controller
camel_toad  +   1160d ago
Buy both. They each have some must-haves.
#19 (Edited 1160d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
aquamala  +   1160d ago
Both consoles are so cheap by now, just get both
Picnic  +   1160d ago
7. If you like Rare's games. Yes they were best on the N64 but that doesn't necessarily mean that they'd have been better on the Wii. They'd have probably been worse because they'd have made the same games (plus something like 'Diddy Kong Wii') only they'd have had worse graphics and a pure platformer Banjo Threeie would probably still have come up short against the N64 game. Rare thrive on having some of the best technology, not having their games sat alongside shovelware. Nuts and Bolts, for its annoyances, was probably the most interesting thing that they could have done with the series, for one game anyway. But they surely need to make Conker's Bad Fur Day 2 for the NextBox.

8. If you like the Kinect which I think I do in short doses.

9. Some like Alan Wake.
#21 (Edited 1160d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Riderz1337  +   1160d ago
Well, thanks for making me laugh.
Silly gameAr  +   1160d ago
To much tops shuffling. I don't think they can figure out which one of the negative articles they want at the top. This is like the 5th time the top stories has changed in 5 minutes.
kudakadere  +   1160d ago
easy , just list exclusives . Here's 3 reasons
1. Halo 4 and Halo games
2.Forza Horizon and Forza games Gears and gears games
but hey , this works visa versa , 3 reasons to get a ps3 instead
1.Uncharted series
2.Heavy rain
3.The Last of us

The thing is if you have the xbox get a ps3 , if you have a ps3 get an xbox , if neither then it's the only reason you should be looking for to choose one over the other reasons . All i can say is you're missing out on great games if you're a fanboy .
#24 (Edited 1160d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Clarence  +   1160d ago
Another one these articles. The PS3 must have truly passed the 360
32froshes  +   1160d ago
Because your last 360 broke...
ItsTrue  +   1160d ago
Old comment is old. You do realise that problem is done and dusted right?
Eyeco  +   1160d ago
yeah it is old but Microsoft will never lose the legacy of RROD ever, the fact that it was a problem for so long and arguably the biggest hardware failure rate in history alone warrants that.
LKHGFDSA  +   1159d ago
they started it with the psn hack thing.
MizTv  +   1160d ago
Once I played mgs4 I mAde my choice
And kz2 is my favorite game of all time do yeah ill take that's over my 360 if I had to
ape007  +   1160d ago
kz2 was awesome, kz3....not :(
MizTv  +   1160d ago
I couldn't agree more dude!
Kz3 was a knife in my heart
24 players after 32
I did not like any of the weapons they tied to classes
Like the nasty hg assault rife you can only use as the sniper!
And the maps sucked
I pray the kz4 mp is more like kz2
MizTv  +   1160d ago
ILive  +   1160d ago
I actually liked killzone 3 more because it actually helped me played kill one 2 better. I feel that 3 is more accessable, while it still requires some skill and strategy to play it. I liked 2 but it wasn't new player friendly from my perspective.
Ben_Grimm  +   1160d ago
I have both and yes I do play my 360 more but having both really does have its benifits especially when it comes to gamefly.

I can put the same game for both systems in my que and which ever one gets released first is the system i play it for. Of course this is for multiplat games.

But in the end i win!
CLOUD1983  +   1160d ago
Xbox sucks! the only reason to buy an xbox for me is if u r too desperate to play Halo & Gears.. nothing else other than that the console fall short compare to PS3 grand/massive library of triple-A exclusive titles & other than that PS3 it's much more advanced piece of hardware with Blue Ray player on top of anything else what the xbox have to compete? it's not even a competition the article is stupid & the author is a retard & a M$ fanboy or payed by M4 to write this bullsh1t.
stage88  +   1160d ago
I agree that the article is completely biased towards MS and Xbox but your comment makes PS3 owners look like idiots.

On a second note, I love my PS3 and have never had a reason to purchase an Xbox 360, not even now.
kma2k  +   1160d ago
while not system sellers, i personally loved the Fables, Alan Wake, & The Witcher (granted thats also on pc) Now as for ps3 exclusives Infamous, Uncharted, & God of War were my personal favorites.

Truth is both systems are very very similar & both have great games. I used to be a sony fanboy but after i finally gave the 360 a chance i saw how foolish being a fanboy is.

Unbiased opinion of the two systems summed up real quick:

PS3 is the superior system when it comes to media hands down bluray player & the ability to store media directly to the hdd is its biggest plus.

360 is a better GUI & handles gaming aspects like friends & communication better.

But after you start a game there is virtually no difference to say otherwise is really really reaching!
Rageanitus  +   1159d ago
I owned all 3 consoles... and I agree with you Gears and Halo....

the rest can be found on ps3 and PC .

I for one do not like the halo universe.
kma2k  +   1160d ago
i have both systems & ill be honest there 95% the same thing
ape007  +   1160d ago
absolutely 100% correct, they are the SAME
DeltaCanuckian  +   1159d ago
Yeah pretty much, lol
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