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OCEANGROWNKUSH  +   1157d ago
ShadowKingx  +   1157d ago
i have both consoles and both has theres advantages, but i do play my 360 more because of the party chat feature and that feature alone. if both consoles had party chat than i would probably buy most of my games for the PS3. i use the party feature for everything even when i play online games for Wii like monster hunter tri which does not have voice chat (well it does the wii chat sucks.

But like someone stated above both consoles are pretty much the same with the exceptions of a few things for each console. you defiantly want to your research though before buying a console. you should not let anyone influence you on what console to buy.

-Look at what kind of games you like to play
- the biggest thing for PS3 is that people also want to own a blu-ray player so most people go with PS3. Do you also want to do this?
-Are their better exclusives you think you enjoy that are coming out soon?

There are a lot of things to weigh in before purchasing a console now a days. Both console offer great incentives and its best to look at all these options before purchasing.Most people just go with someones opinion instead their own wants.
Tzuno  +   1157d ago
Well the wonder box hits hard no? Mwuahahahahhh!!!
zodiac909  +   1157d ago
Woah these articles still exist?
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