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RELIGHT  +   1083d ago
Just christ why are we still even having this silly ass debate? Really? 360 and PS3 are both good systems to own. Both have their pros and cons obviously but at the end of the day, like with ANY form of entertainment, it's up to the individual user to decide. I don't really see the point in going back and forth anymore with this 7 year old debate.
Triggytrolls  +   1083d ago
Better Exclusives? They turned FORZA in to a yearly milk, and then we have GOW, HALO, DR, FABLE.. Rinse and repeat for 7 years. Yawn.

Instead of making great exclusives MS decided to turn the xbox in to a media hub and go after the casual market with kinect lols.
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Nephesh  +   1083d ago
I own both. After many years of owning both. I would not recommend xbox over the PS3. I have had to replace 4 xbox 360s and only one pS3. Plus, the online subscription for xbox Live is a JOKE!! Why would anyone pay 50+ per year to play online? I don't on the PS3 or my PC. Oh, I am sorry, Xbox fanboys, I forgot, I'ts just so much better then the free service provided by Sony. Why was that? Again. :)
ajax17  +   1083d ago
There are a lot of "if's" there. If you like shooters, if you live in the U.S. the 360 controller is mostly subjective. I don't like the uneven stick layout.
Jason143  +   1083d ago
Any true gamer owns all
lionxkami  +   1083d ago
i have 360 ps3 wii and wii u and this guy has no idea about games just like so many other people in the industry. its sad how many people r blind and only play shooters. my 360 is a paper wait like it was created to b.
HorrorGod  +   1083d ago
If you read the article at the bottom, you would see he mentions that this was a "companion piece" he wrote to go along with his "6 Reasons to buy a PlayStation 3 instead of a XBOX 360." They're opinion pieces, guys. Just giving pros and cons to each console. All that matters is what YOU think of your console(s). Don't get insulted just because somebody else doesn't like your choice. I own a PS3, 360, and Wii. They all have their own exclusives I love. I love video games -- Not just Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo -- GAMES!
DeltaCanuckian  +   1083d ago
I love how two of his six points effectively have an asterik next to it saying *IF YOU ONLY PLAY SHOOTERS. Also, I think integration with Windows 8 might be more of a reason to stay away from the Xbox lol.
rapidturtle  +   1083d ago
I've had both systems. I now have a PS3, but have an Xbox coming for Xmas. I really missed Halo. IMHO it is the best multiplayer shooter out there.
Sony could have won this war by making an online shooter to rival Halo. I loved the single player of Killzone, but the multiplayer didn't hold a candle to Halo.
Sony also should have redesigned the controller. I know some Sony fans like the dualshock, but I really feel those are just the fan boys who can't admit that their controller is inferior. When holding both of them, the dualshock just feels awkward, and is uncomfortable compared to the 360's controller.
In the end, I really feel both consoles are awesome. I love Sony's exclusives, and Microsofts shooters. If the PS4 does a few things right, like making it easier to program for, and giving us that great shooter, they might just be able to win over the United States.
unicronic  +   1083d ago
Really? Is it 2007 again?
RickHiggity  +   1083d ago
unneeded fanboy bait IMO. & years into the "console war", I think everyone's made their choice by now.
edgeofsins  +   1083d ago
It wasn't a month-long hack.. They shut down the servers for over a month to completely redo the whole network. Live is not any more secure then PSN. It has had dozens of reported hacks and many have targeted and hacked into microsoft employee accounts. I hate the 360 controller. Why is the analog asymmetrical and It feels to bulky even though I have big hands. Even technically speaking the PS3 controller has far more sensitive analogs for more precise aiming.

Even on his article saying 6 reasons to buy a ps3 over a 360 he mentions "sometimes the PSN goes down or is taken down by hackers, a problem Microsoft has done a better job avoiding". Oh cool you have one instance to report on and repeatedly use it to insult playstation. One of his reasons to chose ps3 is because the xbox has kinect. He couldn't think of Move or 3D or something for that discussion? His last reason isn't even a reason. It is him questioning if the Vita is a real gaming device. That was supposed to be reasons for getting a PS3 over a 360. Absolutely terrible journalism.
JustV  +   1083d ago
Who the heck wrote this? I can probably write you 100 other reasons why PS3 is better and you can only give me 6?
Whoever wrote this must a a little kid. haha Xbox controller is better...only an idiot would use that to compare. I could plug in any damn controller on the PS3 you idiot...
Feldman9000  +   1083d ago
it's clear that someone from Forbes wrote this article
Getowned  +   1083d ago
PC + Steam + Friends + steam sales = Best.
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Tiqila  +   1082d ago
i agree, but imo a ps3 (or 360) is still a good addition (which i doesnt want to miss).

i mean uncharted, lbp, gran turismo 5, metal gear solid 4, infamous, just to name a few are some of the major reasons pro consoles.
Getowned  +   1082d ago
good games indeed, but PC has a lot of PC only games as well that are worth getting. I have enjoyed my PS3 and I still play it now and than. I guess my main reason for playing so much pc games is because steam sales are whicked and make games more afordable that both me and my girl friend can play games togeather. I just don't know what we should get next. Dead Island,Borderlands 2 or something else, we just picked up L4D2 and Portal 2 from the steam sales, great and much needed break from mmos but I still need to get her a game for christmas and steam just makes it so easy.
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Adaminy  +   1083d ago
this guy's about 5 years too late for this article lol
HonestDragon  +   1083d ago
This article seems to be one big love letter to the Xbox 360. Most of the reasons given won't even apply to most people and are hardly effective at convincing those who don't own a console to rush out to the nearest electronics store to buy a 360. Let's have a look at his list.

1. Xbox Live is More Secure Than PSN: Yet almost on a bimonthly basis do we see articles about hackers on Xbox Live stealing accounts, hackers plaguing popular first person shooters, and Xbox Live's management team getting flamed for not doing enough or banning hacker accounts. Do any of these examples lead Xbox Live sounding "secure" to you? As for the PSN hacker fiasco, Sony owned up to the fact that they were hacked and the perpetrators admitted it took a team of them to do it. Meanwhile, some snot-nosed, turd-for-brains lowlife on XBL can hack Black Ops at his leisure.

2. The Xbox 360 Controller is Better, Especially for Shooters: This is just personal preference. I've used both the 360 and PS3 controllers. To be honest, I never really cared. Having a Playstation and PS2 for a long time, it felt weird for me trying the 360 controller, but I got used to it. At this point, I could care less which controller I use.

3. Better Exclusives if you Like Shooters: Okay, so he lists Halo and Gears of War for this reason, but then mentions that cross-platforming games are also better because of the online community. Isn't the title for the reason misleading? He said "better exclusives if you like shooters". Yet he only lists two actual exclusives and mentions that multiplatform games are better because of online backing. This doesn't seem to be a well thought out reason.

4. Cross-Platform Games Have More Problems on PS3: I'm not going twist your arm because for quite a few games that's true, but the 360 has just as many problems. With the plethora of games I played this year, I noticed more bugs and glitches and experienced freezes on the 360 more so than the PS3 (excluding freezes). I'm not sure it's a console problem as opposed to a developer problem because a game may have been shipped too soon or they just put their arms in the air and said, "This is good enough".

5. In the US, Your Friends are More Likely to Have an Xbox 360: Maybe your friends, but not most of mine. Most of my friends have the PS3 and Wii. This isn't so much as a positive reason considering that myself and most of my friends prefer the PS3 and Wii. So this reason doesn't even apply to me.

6. Integration With Windows and Windows 8: Who cares? Because I sure don't. Networking everything together for the sake of what? Sharing that you got achievements for Left 4 Dead? Posting music from one platform to another? Yeah, that's worth my time...
MartinB105  +   1083d ago
6 Counter Arguments.

1. PSN is secure enough. I don't know anyone who's lost their accounts or money on PSN. I can't say the same for XBLA.

2. This is opinion. For me, the DS3 is better.

3. I don't care much about shooters, with the exception of Sharpshooter enabled games like Resistance 3 and Killzone 3.

4. OK, I can't really argue with this one. It's never caused me such major problems that I wish I had a 360 though. Bayonetta was probably the worst affected for me due to noticeably lower framerate, but it was still perfectly playable.

5. I'm in Europe, so my friends are more likely to own a PS3 (and they do - I only know one person with a 360).

6. Windows sucks. I run Linux on my PC.

There we go. Guaranteed to disagree with everyone on something. :)
TheBatman_Fanatic  +   1083d ago
IMO, these types of articles are pointless this far into the generation. Everyone should have the console of choice at this point.
cliffyboy21  +   1083d ago
more exclusives??? cough cough on that one lol
Balcrist  +   1083d ago
Right now, you should buy neither, but wait until next year when the next generation of consoles come out.
black911  +   1083d ago
LMAO @ 3&6.
Tiqila  +   1082d ago
1 reason to buy a ps3 instead of an xbox360:
coconut2013  +   1082d ago
yeah buy x360 if u like halo that's for kids.
detroit2cali  +   1082d ago
Lol the xbox controller is better? the analogs are terrible compared to ps3 analogs. Wireless controllers have a huge battery pack on the back (Got play wired). All the casual gamers that think they know what they are talking about make me lol
gamern4g  +   1082d ago
I have them both and much better is offcourse Playstation 3.
zahdab  +   1082d ago
woooohoooow there's entire 6 reasons !! not 7 ?!? if only they were 7 i would have gone for it ! too bad :/
emartini  +   1082d ago
Guys just remember this is all based on opinion as far as which system you like better or think is better. No one can really be right here. I have a 360 and a PS3. I spend most my time on my 360 for all cross platformers. I have PS3 strictly for its 1st party exclusives cause thats how amazing they are. If Sony didn't have any 1st party exclusives there would be no reason to own one. As far as shooters I guess I am the weird one out of the bunch I prefer killzone over halo. I also thought Resistance 3 was amazing campaign wise. However I like the 360 controller better.
OniXRuleZ  +   1082d ago
So many Pas fanboys it makes me lag... Every time some one goes 5reasons why PS rules every body goes yaaaaa TRUE, but every times some one goes Xboxbox rules they go nooooo! !!! Kids they never learn !! I hate fanboys
carlocgc  +   1082d ago
FREE ONLINE GAMING nuff said Xbox is a rip off pay for something EVERYONE else gets for free what a bunch of sillies :D
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