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Belking  +   1164d ago
Tomorrow there will be an article on six reasons to buy PS3 instead of xbox360.
deno  +   1164d ago
Sadly xbox has nothing left. I played halo 4, I played forza 4 and what else?
Belking  +   1164d ago
there is plenty more. Look harder but first take off the sony glasses.
deno  +   1164d ago
Thanks for the wise advice.
MoveTheGlow  +   1164d ago
Because now that the prices are so low on these consoles, readers of Forbes Magazine can afford them!

...wait, what? Timely?
ForgottenProphecy  +   1164d ago
The controller I disagree with it. Human beings usually love things to be symmetric, and it's really geeky to break the xbox controller down to that, but it's just awkward. The playstation controller has been perfect since the duelshock 1.
Kingthrash360  +   1164d ago
I own both, love both, and very satisfied with both. Sup with the fan boi enraging article, Time wasting article .... For shame.
KingKevo  +   1164d ago
Ooooooohhh.... ok, uhm, here we go:

1: Not after the hack last year, or do you think Sony wants all that to happen again. They probably have the securest network now. That's the good thing about such an incident, it forces both you and your competetors to upgrade the security mechanisms. So both PSN and XBL should be running more secure than last year.

2: Just no. It's personal preference here. 'especially for shooters' ok, if you think so, and now let us ask the Beat'em up people what they think. That point is just stpid.

3: Again, stupid stupid stupid. Better exclusives are on the PS3. but the 'if you like shooters thing' relativises that right?! NO, it's just a stupid point. Ok, you Americans like Halo, but still, Killzone and Resistance are great games as well, they just don't have the big name like Halo does.

4: 'Cross platform games' .... mhhh... I'm sure he wanted to say multi-platform games, because cross platform would be PS§ and vita or PS3 and PC. Anyways, that might be ture, but it comes form the developers who don't put enough work into their games. There are enough exaples of PS3 games looking better and if there are games like Skyrim you should blame the developer who had to do it and who wanted to get the money. But I'll give you that point, it is a problem for just very few games though.

5: Omg, see, here we are with stupid arguments again, even though it's kinda true. I always hated the cosnloe war and had the general opinion that you should buy the console that does what you need it for, like playing Blu-rays or playing a certain game like Halo but also that you should probably buy the console your friends have. And 360 sales are higher in the US, so it is in fact more likely that your friends have a 360, but there are enough people and probably friends with a PS3 as well.

6: I'm just not gonna write my opinion on that last point because I'd have to write a lot, but let's just say that this point is not a good point at all. Anyways, I'm sure well see the 720 having Windows 8 for the get-go and we'll have to wait and see how good it is and works, but the integration on the 360 isn't something that is making it better.

Conclusion: The guy spent some time and thought on writing this article, but most of his arguments are pretty biased and, well, not very logical. In the end, buy whatever console you want. Heck, you can even get a Wii U for Xmas, idc.

Edit: At least his summary is good. Looks like he was struggeling to find some good arguments for the article, so he kind of created a few that are pretty farfetched, like the 'FPS' stuff (2 and 3). He comes to the right conclusion in the end, but in all honesty, you could have written a much better article about what you said there than you did with the '6 reason' crap. I'm sorry.
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Omnislash  +   1164d ago
"Xbox live is more secure"

Nothing happpened to me financially when PSN went down, in fact the only thing that happened was we killed Bin Laden. So PSN going down meant more security for us.
PS3-1 Xbox-0

"Xbox live controller is better especially for shooters"

I will always prefer the dualshock, its been good for the past 3 gens and I dont even play shooters and if I did I think the controller does the job, and the dualshock is better for fighting games anyway, that is if you use a controller.

"Better exclusives if you like shooters"


Meh... Id rather play the PS3 exclusives which are better as far as reviews go.

"Cross-Platform games have more problems on PS3"

Just because Bethesda sucks at doing their job it doesnt mean all games are like that. I could easily say something like the Xbox uses 2 discs while the PS3 uses one. Stupid argument and very 2006.

"In the Us your friends are more likely to have a 360"

So what? Theyre also more likely to be call of Duty fans and Im not. Doesnt mean my console is not better.

"Integration with windows 8"

uhhh why dont I just buy a PC instead? Why doesnt MS release Halo 4 on PC? Why? because there would be no point in buying a 360 at all.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1164d ago
xbox is best.
MYSTERIO360  +   1164d ago
6 reasons huh, well i can name 10 reason why to get a PS3.
SolidGear3  +   1164d ago
I love both consoles and think real gamers should judge Both equally but the fact remains that PS3 has better exclusives..

Heavy Rain
Metal Gear Solid 4
The Last of Us
Grand Turismo 5
Killzone (series)
Beyond: Two Souls
Uncharted (series)
Resistance (series)
Yakuza (series)
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   1164d ago
I heartily recommend the XBox 360 to anyone who already has the PS3. It just gives you more options if not necessarily games. (It does that too!) You can buy the 360 version if you have to play Skyrim and still have Kratos in your Mortal Kombat.
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Romudeth  +   1164d ago
2006 has been a great year for gaming.


It's 2012?

But this is a 360 vs PS3 article. It HAS to be 2006...
SOULJER  +   1164d ago
At this point they should give that shit away.
Kingthrash360  +   1164d ago
Ps+..... Tops all reasons
Denethor_II  +   1164d ago
6 reasons to buy a SNES over a Genesis.
BrianC6234  +   1164d ago
That security issue is way in the past. PSN is just as secure as Xbox Live. Did he forget Microsoft had security issues for years? Maybe he should bring that up too. No site is 100% secure really but PSN being less secure than Xbox Live just isn't true anymore. And the other reasons really aren't much of a reason. I prefer most of Sony's games. And I don't care about Halo or Gears of War or FPS games even.
vork77  +   1164d ago
i wanna get a 360 so i get the red ring of death
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   1164d ago
6 reasons:

95% of the time the better 3rd party game.

Halo, Forza (the highest ranked racing sim this generation), gears, perfect dark(durango title) and more exclusives with kinect...

Xbox Live with party chat and the better and non credit card hacked online structure.

the better COD, and that's a big 15 million buyers of said game each time it comes out.

Kinect is better than move and a wii mote.. (not to mention that the new xbox controller with it's screen in the middle of it will be better overall than nintendos.. yes, you heard that from me here first.)

it's American. nuff said.
Orionsangel  +   1164d ago
Regardless of sales numbers and exclusives. The Xbox 360 defined this generation. The party is on Xbox 360. Pro-gamers use the 360. It's the hardcore gamer system to play on. There's no way around it unless you live in a bubble.
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memots  +   1164d ago
In your case it's "living on one bubble"
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frankiebeans  +   1164d ago
I can only think of 3 reasons....if you want to play gears or halo which are not really anything to brag about anymore and xboxlive. to be honest I buy all my games on 360 because all my friends have it but i buy all my exclusives on ps3 because they're much better games than anything out on any system.
Adolph Fitler  +   1164d ago
If you can only find 6 reasons to buy a console over another console, it may be time to look at the 56 reasons to get the other. Basically the "supposed" advantage of MS's Live "PAID" Live service has been WELL & TRULY cancelled out by PSN+ masses of free games & content & to a lesser extent discounted games & content. And the fact is that all the Xbot fanboys that claim Live is just some ZEN-like ultimate online experience as opposed to Sony's, are fulla crap, as lag & all the usual other online complications are prevalent in MS's service, if not as much as Sony's, moreso, due to Sony having games like Resistance, MAG, Socom, Killzone, Motorstorm, GT, Unchartered & many other PS exclusives that simply do not suffer lag at all (as in Resistances case), or very minimally, if at all. Sure MS has Halo, PGR, Gears & Forza, but anything beyond that has you straining to come up with anything substantial & fact is that even those cancel each other out due to the fact that they are VERY similar, meaning Forza & PGR are pretty much the exact same type of game in both type of racing & there GT wannabe but failed hybrid sim/arcade gameplay (and neither will leave the legacy for console racers that GT has), then we have the 2 shooters, that in there online state are both really sci-fi based run'n'gun shooters (I do love both mind you, but would rather Unchartered, Resistance & Killzone anyday, if the stupid unrealistic question is posed).

And I'm really not being a fanboy here, just as a 35+ yr old gamer I have been there & playing many of Sony's still going IP's since the year dot (PS1), & even if certain IP's have either fizzled out, or just not been remade, there developers have still continued on with awesome new IP's. Developers like ND are just unreal, as I love the fact that they are not forced into the tired old Myamoto syndrome of churning out not only the same genre of game time & time again, but also the same frigging IP, because there mother company is too gutless to take a risk. I mean, I read how at a show Myamoto rushed off to see Watch Dogs at a recent I ask, is Myamoto envious of making such a game that deals with more mature content & realistic artstyle & design, or is he happy being Nintendo's puppet & churning out the same cartoony, more kiddy friendly sequels. Surely, just like Bungie & many others that are very creative people, the poor bastard would love to try dabble in something different & innovate in another genre, as once you been making Mario games for that long, there is your career highpoint (Mario64), & then it just becomes an insurmountable hilltop, due to boredom. WOW, way off topic, but it was fun.
Anyhow, the real only advantage 360 has over PS3 is the X-game chat features on Live......but I mean, the more & varied genre exclusives on PS3 outweighs that for me 1000 fold, as I bought my PS3, 360 & Wii & every other & future console for games, not for communication purposes. I'll go on FB, Twitter or any other social media site if I want to be a social butterfly.....but I don't, I want to play my games as an insociable twat....I'm on to play games, not find a gay lover (cause lets face it, the minority of girls who play games, ain't playing online, ain't splitting skulls in COD, KZ3, Halo, & if they are, are more likely to look like +++ size wilderbeasts that would either turn you gay upon 1st sighting, or just more prone to obsesive compulsive self satisfying exercises).
So, look at nothing else but the games & your personal gaming tastes & preferences for a choice....don't just blindly follow your mates or media BS (like the constant PS3 bashing both well before & years after it's release).
dkgshiz  +   1164d ago
Get a 360 if you like shooters and only shooters-end of article. Welp that was a waste of my time and life. Never going to click on a Forbes article ever again. Everything on there was subjective. Terrible author, terrible has been magazine. These journalist keep posting more and more trash. Its also puzzling why the fuck he posted this article so late in the generation. By next year Sony/MS will most likely have moved on to their next gen consoles. Eh, oh well. Shit article, shit author, shit, shit,shit, and more shit. Fuck everyone.
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Kamikaze  +   1164d ago
just seems like a 360 fanboy article
Felonycarclub8  +   1164d ago
I tought this articles would have been over, I was expecting more articles like 6 reasons to buy a ps3/360 over wii u. Lol guess not
WeskerChildReborned  +   1164d ago
The only exclusives i would like to try from 360 is L4D and Halo, maybe Gears too but yea, i use to own an Xbox but i switched to PS3, right now contemplating whether i should get a 360 soon though.
chukamachine  +   1164d ago
The PS3 also sold like hotcakes as well.

750 VS 525 For black Friday in USA.

I don't trust vgchartz, they don't update enough. And the untracking is awful on that site.

Shame as anyone with a brain knows, PS3 already passed 70million.

360/PS3 are neck and neck.

But 360 will finish 3rd this gen. But they have done well.
tonynguyen06  +   1164d ago
One of the main reasons I chose a a 360 instead of a ps3 is the controller. The ps3 controller is made for small baby hands.
InTheZoneAC  +   1164d ago
Ever since I owned a dualshock for playstation it has been my favorite.

It's not too small or too large.

If you're able to palm a basketball, the controller would be a tad bit on the smaller side. If you can't palm a basketball, you are lying about it being too small.
sdplisken  +   1164d ago
nice trolling forbes
InTheZoneAC  +   1164d ago
3 Reasons for PS3 over 360:

-PS+ cost the same as Live, only that you get so much more stuff with PS+
-And you don't get to support Microsoft who will gladly sell you any kind of cheap quality product, knowing you WILL return for more
ChipChipperson  +   1164d ago
Does the author think we're living in 2007-8 again or something?
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