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vlonjati77  +   1161d ago

Off topic.Can anyone plz tell me If i can buy a European Psn Card and buy stuff of ps store through my EU account?I live in Canada and have a PS3 that I bought in Canada.I called Sony Us/Can and they told me they are not sure.If anyone of you has had the same situation and have resolved it with success let me know thanks.
taquito  +   1161d ago

1080p @ 30 fps with dx11 sets ZERO bars

thats ps4 trying to catch up to a 3 year old mid-spec pc and failing because the pc would do 30-60 frames

next gen consoles will blow no ones minds except those that have only ever sen last gen ps3/360 games

to a pc gamer it will be a downgrade in every possible way!
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solidt12  +   1161d ago
The PS4 outperforms the Atari 2600 and the Sega Master System hands down!
JonnyBigBoss  +   1161d ago
What a fabulous article.
gamern4g  +   1160d ago
Waiting for it.
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