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Kingthrash360  +   1163d ago
I'm just excited the next gen is upon us... Wondering what will launch with these new systems.... I just hope they won't ask for 700$ this time around.
@ thepcz shaddup nobody even mentioned the wiiU, you did you ass.... The wiiU is nice ok dam. Stay on topic
sniperxx  +   1163d ago
just a rumor - doubt it will be anything special, if they want to come in at 400 bucks, there is no way it will be that much ahead of what the Wii U is offering. Unless I am wrong and they come in at 1000 dollars.
Deku-Johnny  +   1163d ago
So it has everything a Wii U has but just a bit better?
wishingW3L  +   1162d ago
how do you know it's a bit better when we still don't even know how many cores have the GPU on the Wii U? And this article doesn't mention any architectures (x86 is the rumored but from another article), no frequency, no core count, no anything... You can't really tell anything from this so how do you know is a bit better? What makes you think that?
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ChickeyCantor  +   1162d ago
And yet. And yet we have people claiming the PS4 is going to be the best.

It's double standards all the way.
I don't care, but I just thought I point it out.
glennco  +   1163d ago
GPGPU and tessalation are a given not news. If AMD or NVIDIA are making the chip, it is a given.

nothing in this article is news to anyone who has a clue
dani25pr  +   1163d ago
the wii u has a GPGPU AMD and supports DirectX 11
Fakdafakinfakerz  +   1162d ago
MasterCornholio  +   1162d ago
But it doesn´t have Playstation Plus or Sony franchises which is why some people might get a PS4 (or a 720) over a Wii U. If the rumors are true than even people who are not interested in the Wii U controller and Nintendo franchises might get a PS4 due to superior multiplatform games.

But like i said many times before we all know that the PS4 and the 720 will be here soon but what we dont know is how powerful or innovative (hopefully they don't ditch the standard controller) those systems will be.
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KiLLUMiNATi_89  +   1162d ago
Someone needs to educate me when it comes to stuff like( processors) .. I Grasp a bit but not much!!!
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coolmaster  +   1162d ago
How about analyse all the new tech and processors tonight?
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Neurotoxin  +   1162d ago
Hmmmmmm If all this tech ends up stuffed inside the PS4 I guess I'd better start saving now as the £425 for PS3 is gonna seem like mere pocket change in comparison.
Bladesfist  +   1162d ago
I doubt it, none of the information we have so far suggests cutting edge or expensive.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   1162d ago
Man what a misleading title, a blowout consists of factual info. This is all speculation still until Sony acknowledges it.
Allowen  +   1162d ago
If the PS4 will be much more powerfull then its competitors and if the WiiU continues to recive all multi plataform games then this might be a problem to Sony.

On this gen with Ps3 and Xbox360 they had multi plat games looked like the same or the games were a bit better( in most cases) on the 360.
And this was not because the PS3 could not do better.

Now the Story might repeat it self but the console that will be holding up the progress now on 3rd party games will be the wiiU.
Bad Nintendo ,Bad.

I will wish that both new xbox and PS4 will be much more powerfull then the wiiU and so the devs will consider it another Wii, an outcast, from the major top 3rd party games.

Now lets wait and see what s going to happen.
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ATi_Elite  +   1162d ago
Looks like Sony is going for ONE powerful System on Chip GPGPU processor instead of the Cell....sounds GOOD but I hope it has enough CPu power to run high end A.I. trees!

Also Sony will be using OpenGL 4.? instead of DirecxtX

(Microsoft owns DirectX and openGL is NOT owned by MS but does the same stuff as DirectX but just slightly differently)
gamern4g  +   1162d ago
I truly hope thats true, it shall be amazing gaming console!
SAE  +   1162d ago
All im expecting is 3x more powerful , which means to me , improvements in :

) loadings
) easy and fast development which means more power for AAA games
) graphics
) frame rate and resolution
) A.I and less limit

it's not that hard sony :D , old pc's can do these stuff :) , im not expecting games like the new engines that the companies showed us , just better results in current games , the last of us could be twice better , it could be even an open world with that graphics and gameplay , it just needs a console that doesn't limit it , if developers seen the tools of next generation they will take their words back '' they say consoles doesnt limit their work but when you look at pc versions it looks and plays 10x better then console versions , it's just sales thing ...
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coconut2013  +   1162d ago
the ps4 will be the ultimate gaming system of next year if it comes out in time otherwise it will be 2014. i have the ultra ps3 slim, 2 bad the ps4 wouldn't come out when the gta5 comes out, that would be badass, i mean they should have been making gta5 for ps4 and x720 or w/e it's going to be called, why make another gta and have it on the old systems when the new systems are coming out like what, fricken 7-8 months after the game?. i could wait for the game to be soo bad ass your mouth would drool.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1162d ago
If PS4 LAUNCHES with a new Uncharted game... Im going to be there at launch for sure!
josephayal  +   1162d ago
Powerful Than any Gaming PC ever made
spinbot_lv1  +   1162d ago
this article is generic with speculations . Multiple sources affirm that the third devkit (near to the ps4 final devkit) is based on : non specified A10 (possibly 5800k......k means that the apu is unlocked for overclocking)+ customized gpu (early version of) hd8770 and the system is based on GCN architecture.
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pennywhyz  +   1162d ago
@ josephayal. LOL then u woke up and realized that their still 2 gen behind pc hardware.when consoles get get dx11 pc will have dx14. dont even compare gpu or cpu because there is none. Now hurry up get to class 7th grade bus leaves in 15 min.
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zero_cool  +   1162d ago
Sony always build hybrid architectures for their gaming machines & have been ever since the original playstation & i don't see that changing anytime soon.

P.S.That's a quality i like about sony that they always go above & beyond others expectations & surprise even the toughest of skeptics out there.

Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!

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krazykombatant  +   1162d ago
I was just about to say ohhh wow those are some great.... oh wait a rumor/opinion piece.
Mkai28  +   1162d ago
Seems to be the reason why Nintendo is having to use this way of architexture. Having a weak CPU but having a strong GPU. Does this mean Sony will have a weak CPU as well, I mean what is the point of using GPGPU if you have a powerful CPU? Because it results in better all a round performance, stronger the CPU/GPGPU is the better games will be. Sadly, the WiiU will have to rely heavily on this just to help out the CPU.
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DivineAssault  +   1162d ago
i dont give a damn whats in it.. as long as i get great games & it can do multiplats just as good as the comp, im fine.. & by comp i mean competition, not computer... It would be nice tho
Cam977  +   1162d ago
It sounds like an absolute beast, a GPGPU sounds insane!
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dani25pr  +   1162d ago
I nose but ps4 to have good games graphically it has to come with more gb of ram as the wiiu that comes with 2gb of ram I have three platforms wii or, ps3, xbox 360 and black ups 2 one sees much better than the current platforms. Your ps3 and xbox360 in his first days of his exit were the games of entry graphically impressing??
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OniXRuleZ  +   1162d ago
@ blackbeld..... sorry but the frist XBOX was 3 times more powerfull... 3 times mo powerfull than PS 2....
StitchJones  +   1162d ago
Sony is not the name it used to be. It is going to be a uphill struggle for buyers after the stick of the PS3 that still continues to haunt them. Honestly, Sony needs to bow out of the market.
ziggurcat  +   1162d ago
"With the PS4 probably coming out next year..."

it won't.
sjaakiejj  +   1162d ago
"That’s why it’s important to hear that Sony are working on an equivalent API if they plan on competing graphically with whatever Microsoft brings out."

That API is called OpenGL <_<. Hardware Tessellation has been in the OpenGL API since OpenGL4.0, which released in March 2010, a whole 5 months after DirectX 11. It's also better than DirectX:
hivycox  +   1162d ago
next gen consoles will be equally powerful!!!
Now the title says everything...

I think its gonna be like this:

NextBox > PS4 >= Wii U

The next gen of gaming doesn't bother with tech...

obviously people doesn't get it by now...but thank god console devs get it!
gamernova  +   1162d ago
*smirks and the Ps and xbox fan boys fighting it out*

-Via PC gaming machine :P
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