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roblef  +   968d ago
I typically found one model of each type of gun I liked, and kept it as long as possible, until it was no longer powerful enough for the baddies I encountered. It's more playstyle than invalidation.
sdozzo  +   968d ago
After a while with these types of games I just keep picking and selling guns. Eventually, it's more of the same and too hard to cycle ten guns. Roll with two guns and enjoy the game.
dubt72  +   968d ago
Any conference call shotty with the bee shield = ridic.
Megaton  +   968d ago
Not anymore on PC, and not for long on consoles. The unnecessary nerf patch will hit you guys soon.
antz1104  +   967d ago
Im level 35 and I still use a level 19 Torgue assault rifle. Coupled with GAIGE'S stackable increasable gun damage its a beast.

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