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Benjaminkno  +   1162d ago
There doesn't need to be a new age of consoles, because they're just going to do what Nintendo is doing. Duh!

No but seriously, I would be very unhappy if the one of the big three opted out of the industry. I 'want' MS to keep their consoles from breaking down, and make their Xbox live service free. I 'want' Sony to get a hold of their internet service, and come out with another console that is more valuable than how much I pay for it. I 'want' Nintendo to take the adult gamers market seriously, lure more third party support, and stop being so stupid about console account transfers.

What I 'want' right now is to have a serious discussion about what a Ps4/720 transition is going to offer us. Let's see a new controller! or a freaking headset with an eye screen or some shit! Give me a vest that will shock me or pinch me when I get shot in COD! ...I've gone too far.
gamern4g  +   1162d ago
That is so wrong. We need new consoles! I did try to play AC3 using my Xbox360 but its allmost impossible. Why? Xbox360 hardware is so old and less powerfull than PS3, so theres a huge and long loading times in this game. It aint all, also theres a huge framerate drop while playing AC3 on Xbox360, you can notice it with your own eye, it makes gameplay rubbish. This aint happening with my PS3, its still going like a rock, but its like 7 years old console. So, we need new consoles and now! I have been waiting new consoles since 2011, but nothing, this is a big disappointment.
black911  +   1162d ago
Show me 5 games that visually look better than Beyond Two Souls?
PS3 graphics get better and better. I'll wait for someone to name 5 and show me 5 and why we need next gen now.
annus  +   1162d ago
The last 5 games that were released on PC.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1162d ago
For CONSOLE games Im really pretty happy with where games are now... Halo 4 looks AMAZING on 360, Last of Us looks to be AMAZING, Beyond 2 Souls looks AMAZING, the new MGS for PS3 looks Amazing, Far Cry 3 and Bioshock Infinate look AMAZING for Multiplat titles!

I like the jist that NOW damn near EVERY developer has their head wrapped around the tech they have at hand and NOW we are getting the games that this gen was always supposed to be about!

I'd be comfortable with 2 more years of the finest games like we have now/coming out soon!

The best has just been getting better to just move on now!
nintendoland  +   1161d ago
we don't need so advanced graphics. We need innovation and wii u just does that
PhantomT1412  +   1161d ago
I don't completely agee with the author: sure, if you look exclusively at launch titles, you're not going to find many new IPs just like the WiiU is getting more ports of already released games and sequels than new IPs right now. But if you look at 2007 (2 years after the Xbox 360 release and a year after the PS3's), you'll see a good bunch of new IPs introduced to this generation: Uncharted, Assassin's Creed, Bioshock, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (not really a new IP but it brought many changes in gameplay and setting)...
And some of these IPs wouldn't have been so good if it was released on the older generation, and I'm not only talking about the graphics: for instance, the crowd tech of Assassin's Creed wouldn't have worked so well on Xbox or PlayStation 2 (the crowd in Assassin's Creed is denser than any GTA of the 6th generation).
But I agree that there were and still are a lot of sequels but it's just that old IP doesn't disappear...
novcze  +   1161d ago
We want them, they are like one year late actually
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Dungus  +   1161d ago
Then why am I worried about going out and buying Far Cry 3 for my PS3 knowing it might look and play absolutely pump? Why am I worried that GTAV will be a jaggy, frame-rate exploding mess? Why do I want to lay a turd inside my Skyrim case and send it back to Bethesda? Why do I have to check out comparison videos to know I'm not getting shafted? Why am I jealous of PC gamers who can afford to keep their games playing the way they were intended to be played? Get bent. The next generation should have come out THIS Christmas.
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acktionjackson  +   1161d ago
Who the hell is (WE) anyways? Speak for yourself. The only people who don't a more powerful console are Nintendo fans. When I play Far Cry 3 and see ton's of screen tearing and frame rate issues on both consoles and then look at PC version on just Medium setting it's like night and day. I'm not PC gamer though and I want to play on Console and still have a big game like that play well, look nice, and have solid frame rate. But these consoles are out dated and developers are constantly having to make trade off that affect the end product us users and I'm tired of it. So piss off loser!!!
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