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shiningpen   1161d ago | Spam
Unztayble  +   1161d ago
I don't need shit. But I have enough disposable income for a PS4 though. This gen doesn't surprise me anymore. I'm ready bro.
ziggurcat  +   1161d ago

when did people come to the conclusion that we'll be seeing the next xbox/playstation in 2013?

it's *NOT* coming next year. we won't see either new system until spring 2014 at the very earliest... but more likely the holiday season 2014.
MacDonagh  +   1161d ago
If you want new graphics, make your own gaming rig. PC really is where it's at for intensive graphics etc.
punisher99  +   1161d ago
"If you want new graphics, make your own gaming rig. PC really is where it's at for intensive graphics etc."

Unfortunately the PC platform doesnt have the big name great exclusives like Gears Of War 3, Uncharted franchise, the Metal Gear Solid franchise and the Super mario franchise just to name a few.
MacDonagh  +   1160d ago
True enough, but there are thousands of games on there. So many to choose from.
JoelJD14  +   1161d ago
I will respectfully disagree.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   1161d ago
Eh, maybe we don't need them but we WANT them. This gen has being going for quite a long time, though that's not necessarily a bad thing. For me personally, there is a lot of games I want to get through that came out this generation so I really don't mind waiting another year or two.
Relientk77  +   1161d ago
Well I want a PS4, Omni, or whatever Sony is naming it
punisher99  +   1161d ago
I say its time for next gen consoles. This gen is getting stale. Do you guy realize there were at least 16 call of duty titles released during this gen alone?? This gen is stale and developers need new platforms that will hopefully refresh their innovation in making games.
ziratul  +   1161d ago

IT DIED long ago.

COD, FIFA, COD, FIFA policy is reality.

New consoles will only bring 1080p@60fps nothing else.

IMHO they could only double current arch (2xcell & 6x Xenon) and name it PS3+ XBOX360+
TheBatman_Fanatic  +   1161d ago
New platforms for more CoD.... great >_>
Dragonopolis  +   1161d ago
Tomshardware just finished another round of system builders....... It was only judging hardware costs not software and capped the Hardware cost at $500. Was able to build a gaming rig for that price.... Used a AMD 7850 with 1GB of Vram with a dual core Sandy bridge Pentium and 8GBs of Ram...... In BF3, was able to achieve over 100 fps on BF3 at 720p at medium settings. At Ultra-settings was still able to play over 45 fps at 1080p......Rarely dipping into the low 20-30fps (which is common fps for current consoles now).... once you factor in the os and little tweaks to hardware your looking at a $600 to $800 dollar PC gaming rig right now that will blow the doors off current consoles. That's building a PC with off-the-shelf pc parts available to the public. Just imagine what Sony or Microsoft can do business wise to bring that cost down into a small console form factor by 2014...... It definitely doable to create 60 fps game console with increase settings (AA, AF, etc...) and hardware specs (more memory better processor) by 2014.

Cant wait to see what Sony and Microsoft have up their sleeve for the next gen consoles.... but I admit it is a desire not a need...... and I still enjoy my games at 30 -50 fps vs 100 fps so I know I don't need 60 fps to enjoy my games ..... I don't need 8xAA or 16xAF to enjoy my games...... but it sure doesnt hurt......

Its like toppings on Ice Cream..... Don't need them to enjoy the flavor of my Ice Cream but oh do I want my toppings,...... lol
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NeoTribe  +   1161d ago
These people need to speak for themselves. Im tired of console open world games having heavy limitations and jaggies. For those who keep pushing to keep this gen alive, you do realizs nobody would be forcing you to buy the new gen console right? You can gladly keep your outdated console, they will still make inferior versions for it. Let us people who have jobs and money to upgrade our gaming experience.
madjedi  +   1161d ago
So why are people acting, like as soon as the ps4/720 release all developers will drop ps3/360 support. If the dev cost are that fucking high third parties can still release ps3/360 games, since short of 1st party exclusives the launch games won't be anything astounding.

This gen has gone on long enough, if we had a gig of memory in these systems 2015 might be reasonable, but we don't and despite what some fools claim the graphics aren't good enough.

And to the people crying for innovative games, if you can't describe in detail what is innovative about a particular game or why it needs innovation. Then stfu, because all your doing is throwing around useless buzzwords and degrading it's meaning even further.

You want innovative games, look for them in the psn and live marketplaces, because those cost alot less to dev than full retail games.

I have to wonder how many people that bemoan the lack of new ips or "innovative games" on the ps3/360, but then snatch up the latest mario game and are happy it hasn't changed in 10-20 yrs.
punisher99  +   1161d ago

"You want innovative games, look for them in the psn and live marketplaces, because those cost alot less to dev than full retail games."

Why should we just settle for cheap innovative 10$ games? Why shouldn't we push for more 60$ innovative games? Last gen was a very successful generation of gaming and it didn't take 16 Call Of Duty titles to get there.
madjedi  +   1161d ago
"Why should we just settle for cheap innovative 10$ games?"

It's very simple economics, the few innovative or different retail titles don't sell enough to cover expenses for a sequel.

Hence the more reasonable expectation of it moving to dl games.

"Last gen was a very successful generation of gaming and it didn't take 16 Call Of Duty titles to get there." And your point is what again, cod is the easiest example of a stagnant series.

Not every series is as bland as it it, other than a significant drop off of jrpgs this gen is basically similar to last gen in quirky titles.

If your not a shooter fan, play rpgs ect. This gen has seen many new ips invented and grown. Rpgs were dominant last gen this gen it shooters.

General rule people that go on and on about the lack of innovation, without explaining anything in detail about why or how it's innovative are fools spamming a popular buzzword.

Look at this gens catalogue it does have some different/nifty titles, but that would require effort on gamers part.
MRMagoo123  +   1161d ago
I just want some info on next gen, some official tech about it and pictures or something, and price so i can start saving would be good
LUKENBACHER  +   1161d ago
I agree and disagree at the same time...
momthemeatloaf  +   1161d ago
I have a feeling transitioning to next-gen is going to be slow.

I remember toward the end of last gen there was a reason to move to next gen, which was HD. HDTV's were starting to blow up and consoles capitalized on it.

We can even go back to the gen before that. The major reason that next gen was forced to move forward was because of online gaming. Again, online/internet was blowing up and consoles capitalized on it.

What is the drive for next-gen? It's surely not Blu ray. I just don't see where consoles can capitalize, the move looks more like a move to next gen for the sake of moving instead of a reason.

This is why the transition will be extremely slow. People won't see a reason to rush out and get consoles.
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FlyShootRaceSims  +   1161d ago
Sony and MS should keep the current gen for the author and his ilk then usher in the next gen for gamers that just want to advance and move on. People don't mind paying for a new iPhone, iThis, or iThat every couple of years; I'm sure gamers won't mind paying for a new console every six years or so.
bayonetta  +   1161d ago
Fix it
I Don't Need The Xbox 720 and Playstation 4
cause we want it
PhunnyJesta  +   1161d ago
With a lot of console games running in 720p and an unstable frame rate capped at 30fps....its time for a new console.
Omnislash  +   1161d ago
I honestly dont see how much games can improve in the next gen. I think that the PS3 has at least 3 years left in it....

Xbox not really... We do need a new Xbox, I mean ffs they still have to swap discs...
TXIDarkAvenger  +   1161d ago
Is it really a bothersome to swap disks?

I mean, sure its easy to have everything on one disk but so many people are seriously pissed about having more than 1 disk on Xbox. Devs could have easily done what 343 did with Halo 4. They had two disks, the 2nd disk installs the multiplayer and you never have to use that disk ever again.

That being said, I don't mind having new consoles but that is a stupid reason for wanting a new Xbox. All MS has to do is upgrade the size of disks, graphical update, make online free, and buy more developers to make some first party exclusive games.
punisher99  +   1161d ago
"Is it really a bothersome to swap disks?"

Technically there is nothing wrong with it. But its just so primitive. Especially since its almost 2013.

"All MS has to do is upgrade the size of disks, graphical update, make online free, and buy more developers to make some first party exclusive games."

MS doesn't care about games. MS care most about outselling its direct competition and making the biggest profit possible. They will never have their 1st party studios creating multiple exclusives.
harrry  +   1161d ago
because 4 discs is acceptable in 2012. next gen is way overdue
kickerz  +   1161d ago
Said no one ever
PS4isKing_82  +   1161d ago
It's actually the industry that needs new consoles. Sales are way down from years prior. We need new consoles and new ways of gameplay to help sustain interest. Plus the devs really need it since alot of their games are not selling the numbers they need. Ppl are getting bored of the same graphics and games being released every year. Honestly, how many more cods, assassins creeds, and just dances do we need? We need something new. It's time to move on.
Droid Control  +   1161d ago
''We don't need the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4''

GuruStarr78  +   1161d ago
Honestly, I'm pretty content with what I've got at the moment.... I've got 360, PS3 and Wii U.. I really don't feel like spending another 4 or 5 hundred dollars on a new console.. Personally, I can wait 2 or 3 more years...

I'm so backed up now with all the games that came out in the last month, I'll be good for the next year, not to mention what's still coming out in 2013..

Don't get me wrong.. I'd love to have PS4 or a '720', but I'm good with what I've got... developers have really learned how to develop for the consoles we've got..
cedaridge  +   1161d ago
Bring on the next xbox & ps4 ASAP!
Gamerita  +   1161d ago
i bloody need the PS4 or i will cry. :)

seriously though it's any genuine gamer's dream to have one ASAP.
ajax17  +   1161d ago
Didn't read the article because I know it would make me mad. All I have to say is; why would a video game website say we don't need the PS4 or the next Xbox?
glennco  +   1161d ago
i don't read bullshit disguised as articles.
B-radical  +   1161d ago
If consoles wanna compete with stupid tablets and whatnot then yes we do need new ones
Dfooster  +   1161d ago
simply put, when you compare those launch titles mentioned to the games we are playing now like far cry 3 that justifies the next gen 100%. Can you imagine far cry 3 running on ps2? No neither can I, so this to me is a very narrow minded article that doesn't make much sense.
TheBatman_Fanatic  +   1161d ago
My PS3 is doing just fine! I don't understand the rush for PS3 owners.
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