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isyourhouseonfire  +   1159d ago
Im sick of these articles. Yes, we know the PS3 is a developer's nightmare and therefore nothing runs as well on it as on X360. Blah blah blah. Old news. Its why I play everything on X360 and use my PS3 for exclusives and blu-ray. Its the same story millions of gamers have.

Sony has learned its lesson. The PS4 will be a true competitor's to Microsoft's console, and as gamers we will be the ones benefitting from it.

So stop writing these articles.
Sokol  +   1159d ago
Maybe I had been playing the wrong version then since my PS3 ME1 is running great with smooth framerates and excellent textures quality.
Not only that, I'm able to switch from R2 and L2 controls to traditional PS3 L1 and R1 for aiming and shooting.

This isn't a simple port, Edge of Reality did a fantastic job bringing the game to PS3. it runs and looks fantastic...
Very unprofessional article that is aiming for nothing more then hits... gaming journalism at its fines
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Soldierone  +   1159d ago
Does this include the download version? was literally about to buy it, its sitting in the cart lol
Sokol  +   1159d ago
I got the PSN digital version yea.
Soldierone  +   1159d ago
Based on your other comment, I'm buying it still :P
dkgshiz  +   1159d ago
So its the same as the 360 version?
ajax17  +   1159d ago
Well BioWare pretty much lied to all of our faces when they said the technical issues were fixed for the PS3 version. Then again that wouldn't be the first time BioWare lied to all of us...
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P_Bomb  +   1159d ago
Consensus on forums, from NeoGaf to BioWare, seem to be that the port is of better quality.

Word is the frames are apparently smoother although it still slows on the Citadel at times, tearing is gone due to vsync and the pop-in and textures seem to be better. Colin apparently doesn't have a 360 so he's got nothing to compare it to, especially if it's his first time playing the game. We'll need further analysis on this from DigitalFoundry or whoever.
lilbroRx  +   1159d ago
So, using the logic that people use with the Wii U, I guess that means that the PS3 is weaker than the 360.
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